Wake up His Church

Monday, October 30, 2023-Solitude

The Christian journey and Christian life is essentially an effort to understand and then do our part according to God's will.  We must understand that everything is from Him (John 15:5).  However, we must also understand that it is equally true that we have a part to play.  This understanding and clarity is impossible without The Spirit.  Our part is dynamic.  He defines it, He reveals it, He clarifies it, and we respond in obedience.  This is only possible through the most intimate of relationship.  It is never "final" but is always progressing.  The sensitivity grows as the relationship grows (matures).  Our Faith grows alongside the relationship (which is also a gift of The Spirit).

At what point, and how we determined that we could walk this journey (the way) of Christianity without intimate interaction with The Spirit seems to be the question of the Ages! The Lord told us in Micah 6:5 what He requires of us, and we have seemingly simply ignored Him-even with Jesus through HIs death providing everything we need to follow Him.

Monday, August 1, 2022

The Lord has been giving me an urgency to post writings from my Solitude Journal for some time.  I have been working on them for quite a while.  In order to ensure obedience, I will be posting the entire Solitude Journal going back to February 2022.  They will be posted in "raw form," with essentially no editing.  I will post them in a book format: which is to say chapter by chapter.  There will be a total of (14) Chapters (currently).

As a preface or introduction to the writings, I want to post the entry from July 13, 2022 (following):

Solitude Journal Entry July 13, 2022

The Lord told me that the writings in my Journal-namely the portion that I am currently recording-provides a blueprint of my journey for others.  While there are parts that are personal, and there may be parts that seem to me to be meaningless for the benefit of others, He told me not to look at it that way.  It is documentation that will provide a roadmap for someone that truly wants to see the path to a relationship with The Lord.

He told me (reminded me) that He drew the lines for me of where to begin the writing, and where to end.

Solitude Journal Entry July 13, 2022

The Lord said, "Understand that the things (blessings) that come are not rewards for faithfulness, but rather are really a product of faithfulness."  The Lord told me that BIG CHANGE is coming-we are on the cusp of this change.  The change will be astonishing.

Sunday, February 19, 2023 (From Yesterday)

The Lord talked to me (during our Solitude time) about Asbury and what is happening there.  After our solitude time, The Spirit expanded on what The Lord had said.

I believe what began at Asbury and is now spreading to surrounding areas (and other campuses) is the beginning of what many of us have been praying about for some time.  I believe it will continue to spread and grow.  There seems to be a genuineness that I believe displays the Fingerprint of The Lord.  He told me it is the example to be used to evaluate other such movements.  He said all will not be identical, but through The Spirit's discernment, the same Fingerprint will be seen.

Here is where The Lord's Word of caution begins.  Many of us have been praying for Revival for many years-some much longer than me.  However powerful, and however wonderful the initial move of The Spirit is, we must understand that His outpouring is a new beginning for the Church, for the Nation, and for the World.  We are on the cusp of the greatest move of God the world has ever seen.  Yet, it must not be viewed as the culmination.  It must not be seen as the destination.  In 2016, The Lord began a journey for me-teaching me about His Church (2020 Vision Mission).  The first part of that lesson was largely personal in that He engaged in teaching me true Christianity and Sanctifying me toward that end.  Next, He began revealing to me in much greater depth the condition of His Church, Finally, The Lord has spent the last couple of years teaching me His expectations for His Church.  I don't intend to go into details regarding any of these in this particular writing, although I believe one can gather a sense of it through my previous writings.

Here is the central point of this writing.  The goal for the Church is to be a pure, white, spotless, unblemished Bride of Jesus Christ.  Nothing less!! 

This outpouring of The Spirit is the beginning of that journey for The Lord's Church.  It must not be touched (and therefore obstructed) by the hand of man.  While I have not visited Asbury, it seems that the theme I hear is Repentance.  Repentance is the beginning-personal, genuine repentance.

Within what we see as the current (American) Church, two groups will form.  One group will embrace the move of The Spirit, and all that comes along with His outpouring.  The second group will reject and criticize the move, or simply become casual observers.

The first group is who I am addressing in this post.

The repentance must bring commitment to begin a new journey.  This journey may be referred to as "Walking in The Spirit."  It is best described as dedicating oneself to living a life in personal relationship with Jesus Christ as our Master, Lord and Saviour by means of guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit through absolute SURRENDER.  THE DESTINATION OF THAT GOAL IS PERFECTION, HOLINESS, AND FULL MATURITY OF "CHRIST IN ME."

As individuals we cannot determine (and are not meant to) the direction of or the destination of the Church as a whole.  But the Church is a collection of the individuals, and the direction we go as individuals is our choice. The Lord will lead us through His Spirit, but we MUST follow-this choice is personal.

The move of God through the outpouring of His Spirit is not the culmination of answered prayer, but rather is the beginning of something that may seem new, but is actually very Biblical.  It is a new era for the Church.

There is no place in the Church for a lukewarm heart, complacency, apathy, half-hearted surrender, comfort, security, self centeredness, or any of the other attributes that characterize today's typical American church-goer.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Following, I am going to post entries from my solitude journal from four days earlier this week.  The first (November 8) is not drastically different from most if the things The Lord gives me, but the next three are quite different than what He shares with me in solitude.  This morning, The Lord talked to me about believing.  He told me that He wants me (and therefore I encourage you as well) not only to believe in what He is telling me and its imminent fulfillment but believe also that its fulfillment is "at hand."  He wants me to believe the time for these things quickly approaches.


Saturday, February 19, 2022

A few days ago, while reading John Chapter 20 (verses 1-10), a couple of things stood out to me.  First, there seemed to be a clear distinction regarding the linen that wrapped Jesus body.  The distinction was made between the wrapping of the head, and that of the body.  This had never really stood out before.  I may address some speculation on this in a later writing.

Second, Scripture tells us that "at first look" JOHN BELIEVED.  This was a personal testimony of John-the writer.  I don't think we can overstate the importance of belief that John outlines throughout the book.

Belief is key to everything.  It takes different criteria for each of us to believe, but ultimately, we MUST believe.

I want to point out something that is very important.  We must be seeking (Him) to have growth in our belief.  This is completely a work of The Spirit.

The Lord-when we are truly seeking-goes to great lengths to help us believe-personally and individually.  This is an incredible act of His grace.

As humans, we simply are not inclined to believe.  However, it goes deeper.  The Spirit conveyed to me (in my quiet time) that when we walk with Him, He is continually expanding what we believe.

He pushes the limits of our beliefs, and then-if we are teachable (have ears to hear), He expands our beliefs to the limits He has expanded toward.  Our belief goes deeper and deeper, and He uses Scripture to do so (quite often something The Lord taught to the Apostles).

As we know more, accept more (from The Spirit), believe more-ultimately we trust Him more.  There is an unbreakable (and often indescribable) link between trust and faith.

Faith is seemingly the ultimate goal of our spiritual walk.  Jesus had PERFECT faith which ultimately led Him to the Cross out of obedience to His Father.  Christ "fully formed in me" should have perfect faith.

The reason Paul says that "the greatest of these is love" is because perfect love is an expression of perfect faith.  God is love!  As we believe more and more at the Hands of The Holy Spirit, our faith becomes perfected and we become walking expressions of this love.

Friday, October 21, 2022-(Solitude Journal Entry October 20, 2022)

Revelation of Clarity came during my morning prayer time.

​"Judgement will begin in the House of The Lord."  The Lord is going to show Himself mighty.  One reason for this is for the sake of His people.  He is calling them out from the religious system (man-made) of the Age.  Even now -He is calling them-through His prophets and otherwise.  However, the coming Revival is going to be a mighty display of God's power.  It will begin with the perpetrators of corruption in America that have steadfastly set their faces against God.  This will provide an un-mistakable display of the Hand of God. 

As The Lord shows Himself mighty, which will continue with signs and wonders, His people will be forced into a decision-a choice.  They will either follow Jesus as He is leading His Church and into becoming a Holy people (His unblemished Bride), or they will prefer to stay in the current religious system-at their own peril.

John 3:19:  "and this is the judgment; the light has come into the world, and people loved darkness rather than the light because their works were evil."

James 1:27:  "Pure and un-defiled religion..."

Solitude Journal-Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Lord said, " I am going to destroy Washington; not completely- but there will be some physical destruction.  However, I am going to destroy-to some degree, and in some capacity-those in Washington that have aligned themselves with evil.  This includes those that have interfered in Tuesday's election; those that did so in the 2020 election; those that have perpetrated the lies against President Trump; those that have been involved in the injustice against those that were involved on January 6, and others.  Some will die, but not all.  However, all will be destroyed by being exposed.  The things they have done will not remain hidden as a result of their destruction.  The deeds they have done will be exposed.

This will send shockwaves throughout the nation which will cause many throughout the nation to run or (attempt to) hide."

The Lord said, "I will deal with those that have engaged in the evil and traitorous agenda and the betrayal of the American people for their own selfish purposes."

"A window opened with the 2020 election and closed with Tuesday's election.  The perpetrators of those deeds now face MY judgement.  I am telling you this because I want you to know that it's ME; no matter who takes credit, or no matter who gets blamed-I want you to know it's ME enacting MY judgment.

I will restore.  This action will be devastating to your Nation (remember what I told you in January 2021), but not to MY people.  This is for the sake of MY people; and know that I will restore according to MY will and purpose.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

THE LORD SAID, "Your Bridegroom cometh.  Make yourselves ready!  The Kingdom of God is at hand." (Ref Matt 25:1-13)

Monday, February 14, 2022

I feel led to share something that I have really been spending a great deal of time considering over the last couple of weeks.  On Saturday morning, I wrote this while pondering some things that came to me during the night.  

Christianity and Patriotism (Specifically American patriotism-only because I am an American and don't want to project toward others on this matter).  Is there a link?  I am addressing this question not from man's point of view, but rather should there be a link from God's point of view?

What came very strong to me during the night was consideration of the concept of STEWARDSHIP.  I consider stewardship very important within Christianity and I define it as a responsibility to be good stewards of that which God has entrusted to us. This can really be summed up as good stewards of the Gospel.  Paul addresses this in 1 Thess. 2:4.  

There are questions that arise from this consideration, and I believe they relate to patriotism.  Has America (United States) been entrusted to us-not as Americans, but to the Church?  Do we (as Christians) have a responsibility to protect our nation from evil?  Are we neglectful as stewards?

We can certainly make an idol out of patriotism, or politics, the government or its leadership.  We must be VERY cautious in this regard.  However, what if we have gone too far the other way, and are actually being neglectful?  What if we don't see the link properly (between America and the Gospel), and have not acted and certainly are not acting accordingly in our current time?

This whole philosophy has brewed in me for quite a long time (maybe 2015?).  I have kind of viewed this as a personal choice.  America is not mentioned in Scripture (certainly not by name), and patriotism has always seemed to me to be a personal choice based on our freedom.   However, what if this is a responsibility as an American Christian rather than a personal choice?  What if the United States is God's vehicle for the Gospel to the World?

The other side must also be considered. What if there is no link at all (from God's perspective)?  I must note that I believe The Lord (and His Spirit) have spent a great deal of time with me on this matter.  Would this be so if there was no link?

What is relatively new within me is the possibility of negligence?  The evil, and their aspiration for absolute power is clear (to many and certainly to me).  From a Christian perspective, the desire to withdraw from this arena (calling it politics) seems understandable-as we are called to be citizens of a different Kingdom.  However, what if we are complicit in the evil being perpetrated by our silence?

What is God's view of those that are not perpetrating evil, but sit idly by as evil is being perpetrated?  I believe Scripture would teach us that His perspective on this apathy is not favorable-especially when innocents are being abused (abortion, the elderly, children, etc.)

Perhaps we need to assess where the line that divides the culture or our society and politics really is.  Perhaps there is to be no line at all, but that we have been deceived into thinking-or believing- that Christians must not cross this line.

As I write this, I am mindful of the early Church.  The impact of the early evangelism ultimately led to Christianizing the Roman Empire.  If we were to see it as a river, the flow of the Gospel was from the Church to the Society, and ultimately to the Government.

Today, it seems that the flow is in the opposite direction.  The most frightening thing in this scenario is that we KNOW that what is flowing from the Government is NOT the Gospel!

In summary, I want to add something that I do not take lightly.  I believe I have been walking with The Holy Spirit for some time.  I believe with all of my heart that He is leading me to write this and post this.  In fact, I felt The Lord leading me to post this before I even wrote it.

The questions posed here can only be answered by the Holy Spirit-to each Christian individually.  We must not only seek Him in this regard, but The Lord and His Spirit are calling us to Himself.  If we truly answer this call, the answer to these questions will come clear- including the response our Lord Jesus desires regarding these matters.

Solitude Journal-November 8, 2022

"Those that have steadfastly set their face against God (His people, His Nation, His principles, etc.) will at some point pay a price."

The Lord talked about the "2020 vision" that He began to give me in 2016.  He compared it to Pharoah and the Exodus.  He has allowed His enemies to reveal themselves and has allowed a period of repentance (which most have not done).  The Lord told me that throughout most of history, the enemy and those that have aligned themselves with him, have operated covertly.  But, because of the late hour, they have abandoned the covert and pushed their agenda more boldly (and defiantly).  The Lord said we are now at a tipping point (of iniquity?).  They (the enemy) have set themselves up for a "Day of Judgement" that is at hand.

The Lord told me (repeated from last night) that as He has told me previously "it will begin before the election," has come to pass.  He told me I will see confirmation of this within a few days.  It has (the exposing?) begun.  


Sunday, March 19, 2023-Revelation-Early Morning March 18

"The Delay" Revelation from the night (between 4:44 am and 5:55 am).

This understanding is still developing in me, and I would like a little more confirmation from The Lord.  However, I feel the need to get down on paper what I have so far.   I wanted to share what I have as quickly as possible because of its urgency.  The revelation ties together many thoughts from the past few weeks, so it may be a little confusing (though I hope not).

The essence of it is this; the Church (Corporate American Church) has rejected Revival.  While Revival has become a popular buzz word, our idea of Revival does not CURRENTLY align with The Lord's.  This will change in the coming months.  Currently, the popularity lies in the idea of Revival-not the cost.  True Revival begins with, and springs from sincere, genuine repentance.

The Church has rejected Revival in that its constituents-for the most part-have rejected the need for repentance. On the other hand, The Lord has rejected our desire for Revival on our terms.

Many prophecies have been given regarding a move of God beginning by the end of 2022;  why the seeming "delay?"

We are in a period of repentance as well as testing, purifying, and sanctifying.  The Lord is forming His Army, and simultaneously allowing  time for His enemies-those that have turned from Him or that have set their faces against Him-to repent of their wickedness.  During this time, we must embrace The Spirit's conviction, and respond to Him accordingly.

In a Church that I attended a few weeks ago, I was deeply moved by The Spirit that there was no response to the altar call.  Last night, The Spirit revealed to me that just as He was moving me during that time, He was also convicting others.  This is what He was showing me-conviction, yet no response.

Yesterday, I again was deeply moved by two Scriptures.  First, Isaiah 63:3- "I have trodden the winepress alone."  (I encourage you to read the entire chapter.)  In the current climate of iniquity in our country, The Lord is having trouble finding soldiers to join Him in the Battle that is raging.  He is offering Revival, but His people are rejecting the offer.

In congregations all across this Nation, altar calls are producing no noticeable results in terms of Repentance!

This is nothing short of heartbreaking. 

The second Scripture is the more often referenced Revelation 3:20, "Here I am!  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me."  (I encourage you to read 3:14-22 and then refer back and read John 14:23.)

We need to understand that The Lord is knocking on the door to HIS Church!! This applies both individually and collectively.  HE IS ON THE OUTSIDE!

At this very moment, The Lord is knocking on the door and  offering to Revive His Church, unite us to Himself and each other, and align warriors with Himself for the battle that rages.  The battle is spiritual, but it has manifestations that we see.

Obviously, this post has limited reach.  However, I encourage every person that reads it to heighten their sensitivity to the working of The Holy Spirit within, and then make a determination to respond in obedience to Him-no matter what!  Search our hearts, O Lord.

This window will close.  If I understand The Lord correctly, the window is closing soon, and the next stage will begin.  Our response to Him during this time will have bearing in the next stage!

Lately, the complexity of the tension between The Lord's prompting (including His sovereignty), and our required response through our free will has been stirring in me.  It ties in here.  He is prompting His people, but He is doing so in such a way that He wants a response through more sensitivity (and of course voluntarily.)  It is a matter of the heart.  He can (and I believe He will) prompt us more urgently, but at this time does not desire to do so.  This still falls within the realm of His sovereignty (as everything does) though it is difficult to understand and explain. (See 2 Peter 3:9)

Asbury is an example of response to His prompting.  Rest assured, The Lord is calling, and will raise up a spotless, unblemished Bride "walking in the light (1 John 1:7) alongside Himself.

In solitude, The Lord told me that Chambers' writing today (March 18) provides a good description of His desire for His people.  He told me tp reference this writing and I believe it a good measuring stick for self-evaluation.


Solitude Journal-Wednesday November 9, 2022

The Lord talked to me about the election.  He told me not to be concerned about the election.  He told me (twice) that the numbers cannot be believed.  He told me that the treachery in our elections is far more entrenched than I can imagine.

The Lord told me He is going to shine a light on the deeds (evil) being committed in the darkness.  He said He is going to take the cover off to reveal that which is being done by the evil-doers.  He told me to be patient "for a few days."

Within a few days He will reveal the evil (deceit) being perpetrated.

I asked The Lord about the people. (Background:  As frustrated as I am about those perpetrating the evil upon us, it is the constituent of the American people that seem to be absolutely blind to it that bothers me most.  They seem to vote left with no consideration of the evil impact upon us.)  He told me that many have been "brainwashed" by the barrage of misinformation they have been assaulted with:  so much deceit has led to confusion (and blindness?) that is impossible to comprehend.  The Lord will deal with that.

The Lord (reminded) me that the corruption in our nation is too deep to be fixed through elections.  Even the corruption in our elections is too deep for me to comprehend.  The Lord said He will expose the corruption.  He told me many things will happen between now and the end of the year.



Monday, June 13, 2022

Journal Entry from ​​Saturday, June 11, 2022 – Great Change Is Coming

The following came to me from the spirit during the night of June 10, 2022.
In the coming months, great changes coming. The Lord is issuing a call to his people.  The call is essentially twofold.   First; “Embrace the change.”  Second; “Be the change.” 
We have been in a period of repentance. It is a calling out or separation – consecration if you will. The Lord is asking His people, “Do you want to be consecrated?  Do you want to be a people separated unto only Me?” 

We have entered the time of decision-making. This change I speak of is going to be great change exhibited within the Church which will lead to great change in our nation. As with any great change, it begins with the individual-with a decision. 

Two prominent Scriptures were given:

                1 Peter 4:17:  For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

                Joshua 24:14-15:  Now fear the Lord and serve him with all faithfulness. Throw away the gods your forefathers worshiped beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord. But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you,  then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me in my household, we will serve the Lord.

Revival is coming. Some may say that revival is already here. While this may be true, it has not come in the fullness and magnitude of what’s coming. 

Later, the next morning, The Spirit gave me the passage of Scripture-Joel Chapter 2.  (Please read the entire Chapter)

                Joel 2:28-32:  And afterword, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days. I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be deliverance, as the Lord has said, among the survivors whom the Lord calls.

Monday, October 30, 2023

Solitude/Quiet Time Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Lord has directed me to issue a call from Him.  He told me, "It is time."  He told me to ask His people, "Do you want to be My disciple?"  By and large in the American Church today, we don't understand discipleship.  A disciple is one that has counted the cost, and decided to follow Jesus no matter the cost, and then remains true to Him (the way) along the path of Truth.  A disciple will find true life (which is the ultimate freedom-being whole) IN JESUS.

It occurred to me yesterday that counting the cost as Jesus represented it is actually a business decision.  With business, the profit is estimated at the onset of the project, and to engage the project, the profit must outweigh the cost by a "suitable" margin.  With Jesus, the margin of "Eternal Life" (knowing God) is incalculable (as it is infinite), but cannot be ascertained by human reason (spiritual things are only understood spiritually).

The cost is high, but the reward is immeasurable.  In our Christianity today, rather than present the cost and the gain, we have gone about reducing the cost and watering down the Gospel.  We have cheapened the Gospel to something that the first century Church probably would not even recognize. If the cost of the true Gospel, and the path associated with it sets a high bar, and the watered down Gospel sets a much lower standard, can we say reasonably that we are on the true path-the narrow path?

Sunday, April 2, 2023 (From March 31, 2023)

This is very important!  Please don't read this casually.

Today, I "accidentally" found a sermon by Dr. Stanley from eight years ago on "Walking in The Spirit."

This writing was given to me while listening. (incidentally, on a side note:  I was a bit taken back when I viewed that 10 million people had seen this sermon on you-tube alone.  I wondered how many had actually applied the words of truth that they heard).

Today's American Church seeks intellectual guarantees regarding salvation.  The reality is that there is a difference between being a "Christian" and "Christian Living (living a Christian life)."  For some, "Grace abounds," and the door is wide open.  For others, the fruit (alone) is what provides the evidence.  However, for many or even most of these the fruit equates to works.

The problem with the first group is that Jesus did not teach that the door is wide open.  The problem with the second group lies in how fruit is defined.

At what point (for the sin laden creature that man truly is) does a good enough life equate to Christian Living?

The harsh truth is that both of these are MAN-MADE RELIGION.

Christian Living as defined in The New Testament is a life lived in submission to The Holy Spirit.  The Fruit produced by such a life is the fruit The Spirit produces and flows from the nature of Jesus Christ within us (through The Spirit's indwelling).

The only guarantee of our salvation is by The Spirit.  He alone bears witness to this.  He confirms our salvation with our spirit as we walk with Him.  His goal was clearly outlined in Jesus' prayer(s) in John 17.  There are times when He removes this witness from us (for reasons only clear to Himself).  Does this mean our salvation is also removed?

Let us consider the two groups again.  Are they saved?  Again, a harsh reality is that we simply do not know.  Works cannot be the evidence.  Paul's writings clearly outline that through Faith alone do we obtain salvation, It is a matter of the heart, and Scripture warns us that "the heart is deceptive above all things" (Jeremiah).  However, on the other hand, as we consider ourselves, it would be very prudent to consider the writings of James in relation to works.  It is not within man's capability nor is it his responsibility to determine true salvation -either for himself or for others.  Only The Lord knows.  This is the warning He conveys to us in Matthew Chapter 7, which tells us that even the most extreme of works is no guarantee!    This responsibility solely rests with God.  Only The Spirit Himself can truly be trusted to convey to us this assessment.

It is The Spirit of God within us that accompanies true salvation, and it is His witness to our internal being as we walk with Him in submission and surrender that guarantees our salvation.  Nothing else can be substituted.  I don't think it goes too far to say that any other doctrine is a man-made religion based on a different Gospel.

Referring back to Dr. Stanley's sermon and the number of times it has been viewed.  I truly believe that if every person that heard the sermon had applied its truth our world would today be entirely different.  I am afraid we have become an American Church that is largely constituted of "hearers only, rather than doers of the Word."

I pray this does not apply to you!  If so, I pray that The Spirit of God convicts you without relenting until you respond.  I urge you to read The Lord's assessment and counsel to the Laodicean Church in Revelation Chapter 3, AND APPLY HIS WORDS-TO HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS TO THE CHURCH!

​In summary, I suspect that there are millions upon millions of "Christians" in the American Church that are in this condition-of which I was one for many years.  While my concern for the Church as a whole is deep, my concern for you is greater yet.  Please do not let this warning pass you by without asking The Spirit of God to reveal your condition!  If so moved, I earnestly pray that you REPENT AND SURRENDER.

Please read the following Scriptures: 

     Romans 8:1-17

     1 Corinthians 2:6-14; 3:3-9

    Matthew 7:19-23

    Jeremiah 17:9 (vs 7-10)

​    Revelation 3:14-22

How many will hear the words, "Depart from Me you evildoer, for I never knew you?"

One last note.  Incidentally, I listened to a very similar sermon from Charles H. Spurgeon given about 130 years earlier.  This battle is not a new one.

Solitude Journal-Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Lord told me how important my readings were today (Colossians Chapter 1 and Oswald Chamber's writing), but told me He wanted to talk about the Election.

He told me to pay no attention to the election results being presented.  He said, "They are a mirage."

The Lord told me the enemy is presenting deception (the enemy and those that have aligned themselves with him).  The Lord said they believe they have things under control, but they are mistaken.

The Lord told me that the key to the 2020 election lies in the deception that He will expose regarding the 2022 election.

Again, the enemy thinks they have things under control, but The Lord said He is going to expose their (evil) deeds.

He told me to remember it is a mirage; pay NO attention to it.