Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Obviously, I have spent a great deal of time with The Lord regarding the state of our nation.  I have been disturbed by this year’s presidential primary races, particularly the Republican contest.  It has been many things, but I would call it anything but presidential.

As I spent time with The Lord this morning, I was reading in 2 Chronicles about Josiah and something occurred to me.  The fracture in this year’s Republican primary seems to be a sample or indicator of the Lord’s Church, and perhaps the dissent between the denominations.

The way the primary race has unfolded over the last several months has been particularly alarming to me.  The Lord is sending us on a mission of Revival to our nation, so naturally I was very optimistic about the election.   At the onset, it seemed to be a time for optimism.  God is calling me to travel the country in pursuit of stirring His people to seek Him such that He will pour His Spirit out on our nation and change our spiritual direction.  There were so many qualified candidates.   So many of them were professing  to be Christians. It seemed like such a great opportunity to share ideas with civility and perhaps glorify our God on a political stage.  Instead, it has turned into a bloodbath that has played out in the gutter.

The division, the personal attacks, the lack of respect for each other has been very discouraging.  All in pursuit of votes with the ultimate prize being the power associated with the White House.

Perhaps I am being extreme, but can we not at least make a comparison to the fracture we find in the Church today?   Can we not see a parallel to the division between the denominations?  We see in the political pursuit, as well as in strife between different denominations many things are being driven by personal agenda.

Perhaps, this is what the Lord is trying to show us. If all of the candidates that professed to be Christians had met together, looked to God for guidance and wisdom through his Holy Spirit, and prayed for His anointing, what would’ve happened?  Sadly, we will never know.  It is my belief that the result of such action would have yielded unity. If there had been unity amongst the candidates, coupled with civility in their behavior, perhaps the American people wouldn’t have such division.

People of God must work together through the unity of the Holy Spirit. This is the Lord’s desire for His Church.  There is no other option that will lead to national revival.

We all understand that there is so much more power in unity than there is division.  Yet we seldom unite. Christians may struggle with unity more than any other group, despite clear direction from our Lord Jesus of its importance. Unity can only be brought about through love.  It is a byproduct of love. Hate and discord is a byproduct of our enemy.

I want to issue to all of the Lord’s people to seek unity. I ask you to pray for unity. I urge you to seek unity in your circle of influence. Unity through love is the answer. God’s word provides us the roadmap.

I ask each of you t read 2 Chronicles 34:16-21 to find firsthand the transforming power of God’s Word.  Perhaps we should all begin there.

Friday, February 12, 2016 Post-Daily Journal Entries February 8-February 15, 2015
Sunday, February 8, 2015
The Lord told me today that He wants me to continue to wait on His timing. The last couple of days I have been wondering if I am just procrastinating to suit my own timing. This is a careful balance that I must let the Lord direct.

God said that He is giving me this ambition– this burn to do His work. He said He wants it to be evident in all I do. However, God said He does not want it to be impatient or anxious, but have peace knowing that He will guide me. God said He wants me to trust Him completely to control circumstances to fit His timing and His plan.

The Lord said that He wants me to continue asking Him when I’m not sure. He said He will always answer me. The Lord said He will always give me direction. The Lord asked me, “As you have been patient and continued to seek my direction, have I not worked things out?” The Lord said He will always provide this direction as I seek His guidance and wait for Him.

Monday, February 9, 2015
The Lord spoke to me about knowledge, and humility. God said humility is always something that needs to be tended to – just like selfishness. Pride from knowledge is often a problem. The Lord told me that there is no way to gain His knowledge without Him. Worldly knowledge or wisdom is worthless by spiritual Godly standards, and spiritual knowledge is only possible through the Lord. Therefore, there is no reason to have pride related to knowledge gained to the Lord’s guidance. It is from the Lord. God said to always remember this in order to battle spiritual pride. Whatever I gain is from the Lord.

God said it is the same as the blessing of the restaurant. I know that God has the restaurant in His hands. Any success that we have is from the Lord. God has said that I have been tested to take credit for this through our own hard work, but have deflected that praise to Him – just as I should. However, the Lord says that I know my hard work is required – and expected. The Lord always expects – even demands hard work  and diligence from us.

Yet, I also know that hard work without the Lord is useless. The Lord said, with knowledge and wisdom this is even more true. Even what is gained – whatever success or knowledge is gained or acquired – is worthless by spiritual standards – God’s standards. The Lord told me that His knowledge is always centered around love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
The Lord spoke to me about the importance of self-discipline. God said He outlines the character items, virtues, etc., that are important and through self-discipline I am able to seek and find His help toward achieving them. The Lord said that He is very proud of my commitment to serve Him and being disciplined to stay on course. The Lord said that Paul is my example of absolute commitment to the Lord’s service and discipline to stay that course. The Lord told me not to get sidetracked or derailed from my commitment. Through self-discipline, the Lord said great things will be achieved. The Lord told me to strive to maintain that focus.  The Lord told me to see the prize – the finish line – always keep my site on eternity with Him. Then focus on walking with Him daily. Everything in between will find its place according to God’s will.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Today is a very rough day. I am writing this a day late. Very low point triggered by trouble with one of our kids, followed by a major fight with my wife.  It was an all-out assault from the enemy.  I wavered greatly, but through the Lord’s encouragement,  I did not break. I did not drink. I halfheartedly read my Bible, and forced myself to go to the Lord in solitude.  It was all I could do.

The Lord told me to look at two things regarding the fight with my wife and the events of yesterday:

My selfishness
My pride and inflated self-righteousness.  Allowing my feelings to get hurt

Thursday, February 12, 2015
The Lord told me that the enemy will not attack where it is easy to defend.  God said I will be attacked where it hurts – possibly through people who are able to hurt me. The Lord said it is important that I have worked to develop strength in Him through my daily discipline. He said that sometimes just my daily routine is enough to help me turn to Him at a low point. Sometimes we just have to fight the evil – outside and inside of us. The Lord told me He is proud of me.

The Lord told me He is going to use me as an instrument of revival – wherever I go. He told me to seek His will and His guidance and be obedient. God is with me.

Friday, February 13, 2015
The Lord spoke to me about gifts today. He told me that I know what my gifts are. I have discerned them correctly – wisdom, knowledge, leadership, speaking, healing. The Lord told me that through His Word the gifts will be developed. The Lord told me that it is the same as He told me earlier about wisdom/knowledge – they cannot be obtained without being given by Him, but diligence is how they are developed and matured. Diligence in the ways of the Lord. I believe God is telling me that this is the case with all of the gifts.

The Lord told me that part of the allocating of gifts coincides with how He created us. Partly the gifts fall in line with our personalities. God says all are important, and I need to strive to accept gifts that I don’t understand, but that are for God’s glory and to strengthen others. Because I don’t have the gift or even understand it, is not a reason to doubt or discount the gift.

 Saturday, February 14, 2000.
The Lord talked to me about love today. God said that our spiritual gifts – particularly the Lord was talking about His gift of healing to me – but all of my gifts – are manifested through love.

The Lord said love is inhibited by selfishness. Love is expressed through unselfishness – selflessness. The Lord told me to sharpen my focus to identify  selfishness bring it to Him – just as I have done with desire to drink – just as I have done with anxiety and worry. Turn selfishness over to the Lord.

The Lord said that selfishness and pride are rooted together. For genuine righteous love, selfishness and pride need to be rooted out and overcome.

The Lord told me that these are all intertwined – spiritual gifts implemented through love, obtaining love through overcoming pride and selfishness. I must learn to discern these sins and then bring them to the Lord and He will lead me to overcome them. I must have Faith in the Lord to do this. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
My post today is a passage from God's Word that I read during my Bible study this morning.  Jeremiah 18:7-8 (NIV)

  " If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents if its evil, then I will relent and not inflict disaster I had planned."

     We have become the same misshapen clay that Jeremiah saw.  As a nation we have become marred by sin.  God is giving us an opportunity to be reformed and restored to Himself and become good, useful vessels.  As stated in His Word, we must repent and He will relent from the disaster He has planned.  I pray that we will listen to God's warning.

January 22, 2016 Post-Daily Journal Entries January 26-January 31, 2015
Monday, January 26, 2015
 The Lord talked to me about my passion for Him and it being rooted in my personal relationship with Him and desire to serve and please Him. The Lord told me that this is one reason He has told me that it is critical that I not question this relationship – especially not to question His talking to me during our time in  solitude. This personal relationship is key to our message. It  is what the Lord desires, and I believe it is vital to the source of my passion.

The Lord told me there are many that will seize this opportunity to engage in this relationship with Him. God said many will not, and I am to simply move on – sharing this opportunity.  Share my experience with as many as possible. The Lord said, this is our ministry – to share my personal relationship with Him and present this opportunity through salvation to as many people as possible and then  leave the results to the Lord.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015
The Lord told me to continue to be diligent about seeking growth. The Lord told me to plan and make preparations for our ministry. God said to be patient. He said there is more preparation to do – both spiritually and logistically. The Lord said to continue to seek His will daily.

God said He will work things out. He said He has set me apart for a special purpose, and He will be with me in everything I do. God said that my family will be blessed He told me that our sons recent visit has been good for us.  God told me to turn my attention to matters of the ministry. There is much to do.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
The Lord talked to me about being anxious – especially relating to our ministry beginning. God said that anxiety is not His way. Trusting in Him eliminates anxiety. This is what He desires.

The Lord said He is proud of me for learning patience over the last year, and now He does not want me to be anxious or worry as we move forward. God said He will put things into place – according to His will. This is all His will and His plan. All I need to do is trust Him.

The Lord said it is the prayer that I ask Him every day. Help me to walk in God’s timing – waiting patiently, but also not holding back. The Lord said He has worked on my patience to wait for Him, and now it is time to learn to move forward with Him – trusting Him in the same way.

 I told the Lord that He gave me peace to learn to be patient. God said, because I continued to ask Him for it, and continue to be obedient to Him daily. The Lord said obedience in seeking his guidance and responding to his guidance is critical – crucial.

The Lord told me to continue to ask for Him to put things in place for our ministry. God said to continue to walk in obedience with Him daily and continue asking. God said He will – He is – taking care of the restaurant. The Lord told me He is teaching me and preparing me. He told me there is no reason to be anxious. Trust God.


Thursday, January 29, 2015
The Lord talked to me about Paul today. Paul took every opportunity to proclaim the gospel – to every audience. The Lord told me that when I feel like I am being overzealous or even obsessed with telling people, remember Paul. The Lord said that I should never try to bottle up what I have found.

The Lord talked to me about relating to others. He said to be compassionate, work to improve my listening skills, always strive to connect with people – trying to relate to them. God reminded me that while He wants me to be passionate as I speak to groups, He wants me to be compassionate with people individually.  God said He wants me to connect on a personal level. While speaking to groups, God wants me to convey His judgment,  but on a individual level, He wants me to connect personally. God told me that it is really two different outreaches. The Lord tells me this is important - both messages need to be conveyed through love.


Friday, January 30, 2016
The Lord spoke to me about revival today. God said He is going to perform an incredible work through me and others. The Lord told me that the Holy Spirit is going to move, like in the early Church. God said that people need the truth.

The Lord said that I need to always remember some keys – sincerity, truth, passion, and compassion. Everything through love.

God will bring Revival to bring glory to His Name and his Kingdom. All things in the name of Jesus. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015
The Lord talked to me about my solitude today. I’m changing my routine slightly, and this makes me a little nervous. We have set up our office as my study, so that I can study and research. I have moved my morning Bible study from the bathroom.

 The Lord tells me that routine is not the important part. God says that routine for good things can be useful in establishing habits. This can make it easier to continue to do things regularly. However, the Lord says our time in solitude is not about routine. It is about being disciplined to always do it, and spend the time – the matter the surroundings.  It is also about my focusing on the Lord. God said it does not matter where I am. He told me this is one of the things He has shown me during our evening solitude, and in His revelations and inspirations throughout the day. He is with me no matter where I am.  I just need to focus on Him.  My time in solitude is always to be set apart as special time listening to Him.

The Lord told me that He is with me. I simply need to find a place and take the time to focus on Him. It’s not about routine.

Monday, February 15, 2016
I am reading 2 Chronicles in my daily Bible study.  The magnificence of the temple that David designed and Solomon built is overwhelming.  So beautiful and so elaborate.  Again, I am in awe to think about The Lord abiding there-with His people.

Then I think about Jesus work here on earth that took the place of the temple, which later was destroyed.  The temple of The Lord became His people.  He now dwells in each of us.  I can't help but ponder, "Do we present ourselves to Him to make us and mold us to the same magnificence of the original temple?"  We are God's dwelling place.  Do we attempt to make ourselves worthy?  The beauty is that we don't need to make ourselves worthy-in fact we can't.  Jesus did that work for us.  He makes us worthy.  We simply must make ourselves available to be in communion with Him, and then let Him purify us to His standards.  In his prayer, Solomon outlines that God stands ready to hear His people-to forgive His people.  He so wants this relationship through forgiveness that He gave His Son for this very purpose!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Following is a typical daily journal entry  from my time in solitude with The Lord.

Daily Journal Entry– Sunday, February 22, 2015
The Lord led me to Zephaniah, chapter 1 today. The Lord told me that this same judgment can be expected for our nation. The Lord told me that his judgment will come – it is not for me to worry about. The Lord’s command for me is to deliver the message of His judgment, and to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me for revival of His people.

The Lord said, it is time for His remnant of people in America to identify themselves by their commitment to him, and by the way they live- by spreading the gospel.

The Lord is telling me that this is the time for an opportunity for change through complete commitment of His people to serve and glorify God. This message is what God has called me to deliver. This is what the Lord has been and is continuing to prepare me for.

My focus is not on how or when judgment will come, though I believe God has given me some details. Our message is for each of us to begin living today as if judgment were coming tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
As I continue my Bible study through 2 Chronicles, I must admit that I find the stories of these kings to be brutal reading.  Even those that started by doing right in the eyes of the Lord" seemed to stray over time.  This is very troubling.  God reinforced to me the need to be ever mindful of my relationship with Him.  God reminded me that our relationship is founded and nourished through my time with Him in solitude.  The Lord reminded me of the importance of always being in relationship with Him, such that I don't stray.  He told me He wants me to be ever mindful of these kings, and how they let ambition and pride pull them away from their desire for Him.  Over and over again, we see the examples of how straying from the Lord always has catastrophic consequences.  

Thursday, December 31, 2015
Today's post is a little different than most of my posts.  I want to provide something to contemplate as we head into 2016.  The Lord has told me that He is beginning a magnificent work this year as we continue to experience His period of grace.  However, as you will see from His words to me during my solitude that this period will come to an end, and we must seize the opportunity God is providing us.

I first want to provide a passage written by Stephen Hill quoted from a devotional book published in 1999 that has meant so much to me this year.  The book is entitled "Daily Awakenings."  I will follow his Word from The Lord with the Words God spoke to me this morning.

Stephen Hill-

       The Lord spoke this word to me and it must be shared with you.  These are serious days.  He's calling us closer.

             Live unsettled. Don't sink too deep into the soil of this earth. Keep your head up and your feet moving. Stay alert. Be sober.  

             I'm coming. The day of my return is at hand. Loose yourself of any ties that bind. If you don't loose yourself, I'll help loose you. I want no obstacles. I will return for a "pilgrim people." My final work is at hand. My Spirit's wooing is about to cease. No one will grieve Me anymore. No one will quench My Spirit anymore. No one will resist Me anymore. Their days will be over.

            My warm season of grace and mercy will soon turn to a chilling winter of judgment and wrath. The warm days of My wooing will be exchanged for the fiery days of My vengeance. My pleading for the souls of man, the passionate cry of My faithful harvesters, the unselfish service of My holy servants, all their labor, all their charity, all the pain, all the suffering, it will be over.

            I have heard the groans of nature. I have heard the midnight cries. My Bride has been longing to be with Me. The tree has born forth its fruit. The fertile soil has yielded the harvest. The planting will stop. The laborers will leave. The sickle will rust.

            It's almost over. I'm coming back. I will not delay My coming to you, so don't delay your coming to me.

These are the Words The Lord spoke to me this morning:

     The Lord talked to me about His divine timing.  God told me that everything has led up to this critical juncture according to His timing-it is time.  The Lord told me it is time to put every resource I have into bringing His people into relationship with Him.  God said His plan is to use me to bring His Church into communion with Himself. and turn our nation to Him.

      God told me that all of my preparation has led to this critical point in time.  He told me to treat each day as if it is the last. The Lord told me to approach each day during this period of Grace with the urgency of effort that it requires.  God said that this period of Grace will end, and His judgment will follow.

Sunday, October 25, 2015
I have written a great deal with the motive of inspiring change one person at a time.  I know it is hard to envision the impact of one person repenting and turning to The Lord.  Let me assure you from a personal standpoint, it will be more than worth it to you.  However, we underestimate how God can work with a few-a remnant.  There is no way with our limited understanding for us to know how God can use one person.  We must trust God.  We must each start with revival of our own heart.  As always, I would like to refer to God's Word   God's Word is our authority on all matters, and I find a scripture in Jeremiah to be very pertinent in this matter.  In Jeremiah 5:1 The Lord directed Jeremiah to "Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares.  If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth,  I WILL FORGIVE THIS CITY."  Interesting words directly from God when we consider whether or not one person can make a difference.  America may be Jerusalem and this one person may be you.

Friday, October 30, 2015
          I have written about commitment before, but God has laid the subject on my heart for additional attention.

                Jesus did not mix words in any of His teachings about the level of commitment required by His disciples.  I would like to convey something I have learned firsthand throughout my journey.  There is so much reward that comes with this commitment.  This is personal to me.  I feel the need to convey my personal experience from my journey.  I have spent most of my life as a Christian without true commitment to The Lord.  I have only recently found this incredible relationship with Jesus, and I am fifty years old.  My journey began slightly more than  two years ago, and I can honestly say that I came into it only out of desperation. 

                However, I can personally convey that this relationship is more incredible than anything I ever imagined or experienced before in my life.  I can’t seem to find adequate words to describe how it feels.  With all of my being, I want to help others find what I have found.  I hope to trigger enough curiosity that people I come in contact with will look into it for themselves.  I am convinced and reassured by God that those who do this will find what I have found.

                From the institution of the tent in the desert to the tabernacle to the temple in Jerusalem, God dwelt in the inner chamber.  Then Jesus came to earth, and He was called Immanuel, which means “God with us.”  Now through Jesus work on the cross and His resurrection, Jesus dwells in the hearts of all those who believe in Him.

                I’m an engineer, and have always been one to search for logical solutions to problems, and sensible answers to questions.  At the very root of the question “Why do I believe?” I find the answer in my heart.  I believe because Jesus lives in my heart.  I struggle to find the words to adequately describe what I know to be true, but when The Spirit of our Lord lives in you, there is an indescribable assurance.  While words elude me, the feeling overwhelms me.  All I seem to be able to think about is sharing this feeling with others. 

                The Lord told me this morning that simply saying “it is impossible to describe” is description enough.  It’s supernatural, and I assure you it is real.

We find reference to the very fact that I struggle to describe in Acts chapter 2.  In Acts 2:38 Peter says “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.  And you will receive the gift of The Holy Spirit.”

                I want to close with a challenge.  I challenge you to go to The Lord with a sincere heart and see if you find Him on your own, just as I have.  I challenge you to begin your journey.  Perhaps you have drifted into a luke warm walk with God, and  you desire to be renewed and start again. I challenge you to resume your journey and seek a relationship you never imagined before.  I know you can find it, and I believe that when you do, you will be willing to give up everything to embrace Him.

December 3, 2015 Post-Daily Journal Entries January 7-January 13, 2015

​Wednesday, January 7, 2015
The Lord is talking a great deal about our ministry. God led me to Samuel today. As I read Samuel’s profile, I find many of the things the Lord has told me. The Lord told me today that Samuel is an example of the Lord’s servant. He was willing to serve the Lord fully. Samuel was obedient to the Lord’s direction.

The Lord told me that this is what he wants from me.

The Lord also talked about healing. As Peter performed a healing in acts chapter 3, he used it to outline the message of Jesus salvation, and God was glorified. The Lord told me that he is continuing to teach me the responsibility necessary – all the things necessary in order to properly handle the power that he is going to give me. God told me to spend as much time in his word as possible – seeking to learn.

The Lord told me not to spend much time thinking about the power of healing or any of that – that is all according to His timing. God said for me to just continue to walk with him, and seek growth.

 Thursday, January 8.
The Lord told me to have hunger to learn and a drive for knowledge. He told me to strive for purity and he will continue to purify me. God told me to continue to walk with him and be disciplined.

The Lord told me he is going to perform a great work through me.

God said to continue to remember that my most important time with him is our morning solitude. This is where he teaches me the most. The Lord told me to always beware of discouragement – this is from the enemy.

 Friday, January 9.
Lord is teaching me about the power of the Holy Spirit and the battle ongoing in the spiritual realm God continues to reinforce to me the necessity for purification of my heart and refinement of my character. The Lord tells me he will continue to teach me. God said to continue to be obedient – he is always with me.

The Lord told me again that he is going to perform a great work – in me and through me.

  Saturday, January 10
The Lord told me he is with me. He said he will always be with me. God is teaching me so much. I feel like my learning and clarity has really accelerated the last couple of weeks. The Lord told me he will continue to expand my knowledge and provide deeper clarity and knowledge. The Lord told me to seek his direction in the material I read and reference. He told me to ensure that I reach out to him for guidance. God said that there is material out there written by people he has and is working through. He just told me to be careful and seek his guidance. The Lord said he is going to work through me in such a way. God said he is going to lead me where I need to go, He is going to teach me what I need to know, He is going to work through me. The Lord told me to continue always to diligently seek purity of my heart and display God’s character in everything that I do. God is with me – always!

 Sunday, January 11.
I expressed today to The Lord that I fear persecution or difficulty I have been thinking some about it for some reason – possibly the book I’m reading I have two fears (1) the fear of just going through it, and most importantly (2) the fear I will let the Lord down. There is really no way to know until it is happening, and I don’t see myself is particularly strong.

The Lord told me not to worry. God said it is not something that is under my control. He reminded me that he will always be with me. The Lord said he will give me the strength that I require, and he reminded me of the Scripture that he will not allow us more than we can handle the Lord said he will always provide me the strength I need and provide me necessary protection.

The Lord told me that I need to be concerned with is my daily walk. God said I only need to commit myself to him daily and walk in obedience to him daily. My daily devotion to God equates to taking up my cross daily – submitting to him daily. Seeking his will. The Lord told me that part of this is the growth that I need to seek daily. God said that all of this daily work prepares me for whatever is in store.

The Lord told me that I must always remember that he loves me and he wants a relationship with me. God wants us to commune together, and yet completely submit to him daily.  While He wants me to submit as a servant, our relationship is one of love.  In my Lord Jesus, I find a friend – one who loves me like no other.

Monday, January 12
The Lord talked to me about purity of my heart and motives. I asked the Lord to help me always ensure that I use his power with the proper motives and that I always keep my priorities properly aligned with His purpose. The Lord told me that he has taught me and will continue to teach me proper priorities and principles. God said I simply need to remember these principles and be diligent not to compromise. The Lord said the important step toward maintaining purity is by spending time with him and time in his Word. God said he will keep my motives pure. The Lord told me that if I seek purity, I will find it.  He told me that if I find myself not concerned with my motives, that is a start of a problem. Don’t compromise.

The Lord said he is teaching me about things such as Satanism and non-Christian religion because they are things that I need to know. God said my ministry is not toward Satanism, but I need to understand the power, and I will come across many things during our ministry.

The Lord said our ministry is toward revitalization of believers. God said there are many that are lukewarm. The Lord said our mission is to revive commitment. God said he wants people to take up their cross daily and commit to serving him. Being devoted to him. The Lord wants people to get off the fence and commit to him fully. He wants them to find a relationship with Him-their Lord.
Tuesday, January 13
The Lord told me that I am to do things in the name of Jesus, and through the power of Jesus. The Lord told me that these are powerful statements – not just words.

The Lord told me it is all the more important that I walk closer and closer to him and that I look to the Lord for my motives and direction. It is important that my desires and requests come from absolute purity.

The Lord told me to always have the mindset of bringing glory to my Lord Jesus and his Kingdom. God said that when I say these words I must know that I am calling on my Lord. Be reverent. – be thoughtful – the Lord told me to be prayerful.

The Lord told me he wants me to contemplate what he has told me and give a great consideration throughout the day.

November 27, 2015 Post-Daily Journal Entries January 1-January 7, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015
The Lord told me today that 2015 is going to be an incredible year.  He told me our ministry will begin in 2015. God told me to remember that our ministry will be like all of the things He has been teaching me. It will be guided by diligent continuous growth – not sudden change of direction. The Lord told me that He will lead me as I walk with Him day by day.

The Lord told me not to be anxious about how to begin – He will lead me.  He told me to be attentive, listen to Him, and trust him.

The Lord told me – as He has told me previously – that He will free up financial worries first, then He will free up time for me.  God told me to be studious with both.  Be wise – follow His guidance.  Seek His direction.

I asked God about the ministry – a couple of questions –.  Essentially, God told me that I will have peace in decisions that are in union with His will.  He told me that if I have strife or unrest, don’t force it, but continue to see Him. The Lord also told me that lack of complete understanding is not strife.  The Lord told me that in these situations, He will provide the understanding.  Be patient.

I don’t find it to be a coincidence that the Lord has told me our ministry will begin in 2015, and on the first day. I read Luke chapter 21 about Jesus talk of the end times.

The Lord has previously told me that there will be revival before the end times, and the Lord tells me this is no coincidence.

This past year (2014), I walked with the Lord for the whole year for the first time in my life. What a wonderful year and a wonderful experience. I would hope for this experience for every human being that God has created.


Friday, January 2, 2015
As I read Luke chapter 22, I find myself concerned about my own strength.  I don’t feel strong enough to do with the Lord has called me to do.  I asked the Lord if I’m going to be able to do His work.  I see so many weaknesses – pride, lack of faith, fear, anxiety, lack of knowledge, alcohol, etc.

The Lord tells me that He is my strength.  God tells me-Yes – I can.  He says that I must always seek Him. Spend time with – let the Lord lead me.  Spend time in His word. The Lord told me that I find my strength in being weak enough to submit to Him.  Go forward in the Lord’s strength-not my own.

The Lord tells me this is why He continuously tells me to walk with Him – see Him – listen to Him. This is where my strength come from. The Lord tells me that I can do what He has called me to do – through reliance on Him. My strength is not and will never be in myself. My strength is in the Lord.


Saturday, January 3
The Lord told me to always have a heart devoted to obedience.  God said that He can and will perform great things with a heart that is devoted to Him. The Lord said that He is going to do great things through our ministry.  He told me to always seek His will – continuously.

The Lord told me there will be difficulties, but there will also be great reward. He told me to always remember that He is with me – always.

The Lord told me that He wants me to travel around the country and spread His message. The Kingdom of God is at hand.  He told me we will always have our roots here, but we are to spread His message around the country. The Lord told me not to be anxious or worry – that He will bless our ministry. He said that it is in His hands.

The Lord also said that the restaurant is in His hands. He told me to plan for its operation, but know that He is in control of the restaurant. The Lord told me to focus my attention on the ministry.


Sunday, January 4
The Lord told me that He is going to perform a great work through me. Many will be blessed and God will be glorified.  A great work through His power.

The Lord told me to continue to be diligent, obedient to Him – continue to seek growth.

Faith, diligence, obedience. – A great work. The Lord will work through me.

Monday, January 5
The Lord told me that going through the book of Acts is my initiation into ministry – the inauguration of our ministry. It occurred to me this morning that when I quit drinking, I was reading Acts – that was where I started. When I went to my men’s group, they were also studying Acts. Now the Lord has led me to Acts again.

The Lord said I am a missionary – a messenger – a missionary within our own borders. This is our ministry. The Lord told me that He is going to bestow more and more power on me through the Holy Spirit.  Continue doing what I’m doing.  The Lord told me He wants me to spend more time studying His Word.  God told me He will make more time available, and to use it wisely.

I asked the Lord about a concern I have that I may take His speaking to me for granted. The Lord told me that mye expecting is not taking it for granted.


Tuesday, January 6
The Lord revealed to me today that He wants me to work with local churches in a given community. He wants me to not be tied to a specific denomination, but to essentially scout different churches and reach out as He leads me. God told me that He wants me to gain knowledge on different beliefs and to essentially start with churches of Christian belief. God’s plan is for revival of those who believe but, need fire. This is the starting point.

The Lord told me He does not want me to be completely independent of churches, but to follow His guidance toward churches to work with.  God said not to worry about locations now, but to think about what He has told me. Listen to the Lord’s guidance. Trust Him. God said He will lead me.

The Lord said to think of the revival – the ministry as ever widening circles from a given community. Spreading through the work of The Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
The Lord is talking to me a lot about our ministry.  God led me to Samuel today. As I read Samuel’s profile, I find many of the things the Lord has told me. The Lord told me today that Samuel is an example of His servant.  He was willing to serve the Lord fully. Samuel was devoted to seeking the Lord’s will – continuously.  Samuel was obedient to the Lord’s direction.  The Lord told me that this is what He wants from me.

The Lord also talked about healing. As Peter performed a healing in Acts chapter 3, he used it to outline the message of Jesus salvation, and God was glorified. The Lord told me that He is continuing to teach me the responsibility necessary – all the things necessary in order to properly handle the power that He is going to give me. God told me to spend as much time in His word as possible – seeking to learn.

That the Lord told me not to spend much time thinking about the power of healing or any of that. God said for me to just continue to walk with Him, and seek His growth.

Friday, September 18, 2015

I want to begin by telling a little more about myself.  However, what I want you to see -what I pray you see, is a story that relates the power and majesty of our Lord Jesus.

As you may have read in our background summary, I’m an alcoholic.  I want to make it clear that I am no run-of-the-mill alcoholic, as if there is such a thing.   I was as sick as they get.  Many times I have sat in a church parking lot with a bottle of alcohol in my hand before attending service.  I was in a terrible cycle that my wife described as being on death’s door.

I struggled to quit many, many times and could not find my way out.  I suffered through recovery well over a hundred times, only to find myself drinking again some short time later.  I even sought The Lord for help, but just could not seem to get there.  This went on for several years. 

I still lack many answers about why this time was different, but one thing The Lord has conveyed to me is that this time I realized I was completely broken.  I truly wanted His help.  The Lord has told me that all of the previous times, I was not willing to let go of the alcohol.  I wanted both.   Our God will not share our devotion.  He must be our only God.  There are always two paths, but there is only one choice that leads to freedom and eternal life.  We either choose Jesus, or we choose anything else.

I want to talk about how our Lord delivered me, and continues to deliver and strengthen me.  I only want everyone to understand the miracle our Lord performed on me and continues to perform.

I began this journey almost exactly two years ago with day one being August 15, 2013. I have so much to convey about my relationship with the Lord that I could talk for hours about my journey.  However, I want to outline some key items that I pray will draw your attention – not to me, but hopefully to your own relationship with the Lord. On day five or day six toward sobriety, a Dr. Stanley TV sermon caught my attention.  Through this sermon, The Lord directed me into something I call solitude. This is daily time that I spend with God.  This time with God has drastically changed my life. It is quiet time without interruption, interference, or distraction.   It is a time that I listen to God. It is a time that God talks to me.   God talks, I listen, and then I write down what God has told me.  This is something I do every day. Then I spend time reading His Word, and I listen some more.

As a result of this time, The Lord has rescued me from alcohol.  He has not only taken it from me, but He has miraculously taken away all desire to drink.  The Lord continues to pull me closer to Himself each day, and provides me with direction and growth that is difficult to explain.  I pray for this journey for all of God’s people.  I pray for this relationship for everyone who reads this.

Over the course of this journey, the Lord has given me a message for his people that I intend to deliver to anyone who will listen, and I suppose I will deliver it to many who don’t care to listen.

This is an ongoing message that I will continue to write about.  The Lord talks to me every day, and I simply can’t wait to share His message.  Continue to visit this site, and hopefully you will be encouraged by what you find.  More importantly, please seek The Lord on you own, and begin you own relationship with Jesus.  Perhaps then you can share this with me.

October 23, 2015
I want to continue my discussion this week regarding The Lord’s Church.  One thing that I find clearly lacking in our nation is unity between churches.  I believe this is something we should all pray for on a regular basis.  The Lord looks down and sees one church, not divided churches.  As I have previously talked on this site about the two paths, I believe the same is true of the Church.  The Lord’s churches are not defined by the buildings, or number of members.  Churches are defined by their beliefs about Jesus Christ.  Either a church is The Lord’s church or it is not.  If you are not attending a church that belongs to Jesus, I strongly urge you to find another.  These churches should be united within communities in service to our Lord.  In John 17:21 Jesus prayed “I pray they will all be one.”  This is still His desire.  Let us all-through our Lord Jesus-become one.

I hear much talk of revival and I believe there is great desire for change.  For revival to happen, we must all commit ourselves to revival of our own hearts.  We must commit ourselves to diligently seeking the Lord.  We must seek His righteousness within us.  We must display His character.  We must be at the service of our Lord and be His instruments.

You see, we don’t need to look to our politicians to save our country.  Certainly, we must play our part in the political process, but God is the only One who can change the direction of our country.  God is telling me that if we will turn our hearts to Him, there will be revival.  Are there not enough professing Christians in our nation to change its direction?  I believe we can rest assured that the problem is not the quantity of people professing to be Christians, but in their commitment to The Lord.  God has told me that our nation’s future is in our hands-in the hands of believers and their commitment to Him.

In the book of Revelation, we find our Lord talking about His churches.   As I read Jesus words, I find myself equating the church in America to the church of Laodicea. Revelation chapter 3, verse 20 tells us that Jesus stands at the door and knocks. He is standing at the door to each one of our hearts, and asking to come in.  We must open the door and He will come in and dine with us.  We must give him our hearts-undivided, uncompromising, unadulterated. The Lord wants our hearts – our whole hearts – not just a portion. We must be all in, or we might just as well be all out. 

The Lord also had words for the Church in Sardis.  Jesus said “Wake up!”  The Lord is telling us to wake up.  We must wake up and tend to our individual relationships with God, and then collectively turn our churches back to Him.  Perhaps then our nation stands a fighting chance.

The formula may not be simple in application, but it is straightforward.  Individually, turn our hearts to The Lord through repentance.  Collectively turn our local churches and our Church in this nation back to The Lord.  This is how we turn our nation back to The Lord. God is waiting.  This is His season of mercy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
In 2 Chronicles chapter 33, we read the story about Manasseh, King of Judah. Manasseh led the people of Judah into many detestable practices, including child sacrifice, sorcery, divinity, idol worship, etc. He did great evil in the eyes of the Lord.

We even see in verse 10, the Lord spoke to Manasseh and his people, but they paid no attention.

Manasseh was taken captive, and in verse 12 we read that in his distress, he sought the favor of the Lord. The Lord was moved and listened.

I was moved by this passage. It hit home to me, and stirred me deeply of the Lord’s gracious compassion. Many people, including me in the past, feel a bit ashamed that we only seem to seek the Lord when we need help. This section shows us that the Lord honors this anyway. God heard Manasseh, and was moved. When we humble ourselves, God honors His word to hear us. The circumstances that lead to our humility are irrelevant.

However, we can see from the subsequent actions of Manasseh, that his humility and repentance were heartfelt. His actions revealed a changed heart. This is what God asked for from us. Humble ourselves in the moment of crisis, but then continue to seek Him.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
My thoughts today are brief and direct.  The Lord gave me a message today that He told me to post.  God told me that if His people will earnestly and sincerely seek Him with their heart, He will heal them, and He will heal our nation.  That's what our ministry is all about.  God has called me to take our message on the road throughout our nation.  I am God's example of this healing, and He has called me to deliver this message personally.  I am living proof of the healing that God can and will provide.  The Lord has given us all this promise.  Seek Him and He will heal you.

October 9, 2015

Today I want to talk about our priorities as Christians.  It is time for God’s people to get their priorities aligned according to Jesus teachings and the Word of God.

With Jesus death on the cross, the curtain to the inner sanctuary was torn open.   As believers, we have complete access to the Father through Jesus Christ.   As our High Priest, each believer has this access, which is often called “priesthood of the believer.”  This is an incredible gift, but I also believe it to be a responsibility we must embrace.  We are called to spend time with our High Priest.   The priests of the Old Testament  made daily sacrifices on behalf of the Israelites.  Is it not incumbent upon us as Christians to do the same?  Is it not our obligation to spend time daily with Jesus? This is how we achieve the relationship that our Lord desires. There is no other way.

We find throughout Jesus teachings that few will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  I can think of few passages in Scripture that trouble me more.  My heart sinks when I read Jesus words  “many will call me Lord, Lord, but I will say depart from me, for I never knew you.” (Matt 7:23)

It is clear from scripture that there are only two paths. Either Jesus is our Lord for the pathway to God’s Kingdom, or something else is our lord. God must be our first priority.  When we set Him as our top priority, everything else will fall into its proper place.  Anything that is given priority above God is defined as every other path.  This priority can be career, money, alcohol, drugs or even family. I believe even things such as church attendance can fall into this category.  The desires of the flesh are countless. They are all paths that lead to destruction.

In one of my readings recently, I came across a passage entitled “The four calls of God.” This was written by a gentleman named Stephen Hill.  As you read these classifications, I would like for you to evaluate where you stand in your relationship with the Lord.

The outward call:  This is the voice of the shepherd saying come home. It happens when the Word of God is preached, the arrows of the Lord pierce the heart, and Holy Spirit’s conviction is felt.  The Bible says, for many be called, but few chosen. The truth of the Scripture is that few choose to be chosen.

The inward call:  This is the deeper call.  The first call gets your attention, the second your adoration. The outward call brings men to a profession of Christ, the inward to a possession of Christ. The outward call tells you who He is while the inward call tells you who you are.  I believe the inward call to be lifelong process with continuous daily growth toward the likeness of our Saviour.

The forward call:  Once a person has answered the outward call and obeys the inward call and embarks on his journey, he is ready to put his heart thoughts into action.  The forward call is our call to obedience.  It is one thing to tell the Lord, that we will go wherever He wants us to go, while it is quite another to actually fulfill our commitment.   Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel." This is the forward call-our call to obedience. It is not optional.

The upward call:  This is the final call. Jesus is coming back for His spotless Bride.  This is the final call that the first three are in preparation for.  As Paul wrote to Timothy,” Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.”  (2 timothy 4:8) 

In summary, how many of us are stuck waiting for the upward call and find ourselves in the outward call or the inward call and never engage in our walk with Christ to enter the forward call.  How can we question our nation to be in such a state, when many of us have never proceeded to the forward call. We have never searched for the Lord’s will in our life.  We have never even sought His direction such that we may respond in obedience.

Finally, I would like to point out the following. We are led to salvation through conviction of our heart by the Holy Spirit. This is an act of God that requires a response. We have no control over this work of the Holy Spirit. When we feel this conviction, I believe it is imperative that we respond immediately by accepting Jesus as our Savior. We don’t know if we will ever get that prodding again. To not make a decision for Jesus, to not commit to this relationship, is of itself a decision. It is a decision for one of the other paths that lead to destruction.

In Scripture, we find several examples of those that were moved by the Holy Spirit, but did not respond with repentance. I believe we have examples in Pharaoh, Herod Agrippa, and Felix, just to name a few. You see it’s not enough to understand and to acknowledge, even believe.  We must accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour-then repent and be baptized in accordance with Scripture.  I believe this commitment to the Lord is the first step in a journey that I pray every one of you will begin. This journey is a lifelong pursuit of the Lord’s will for our lives. It is a diligent journey toward fulfilling the Lord purpose for each and every one of us.

The time for response is now.  I urge you to accept Jesus as your Lord.  If you are a Christian, I urge you to dedicate yourself to pursuing the forward call and embark on the most important journey of your life with our Lord.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
As I read Luke Chapter 5 today, I find the message The Lord leads me to convey really boils down to three important steps.  

1.)  We must recognize our need for help.  We must recognize our disease.  The disease is sin and we all have it whether we realize it or not.

2.)  We must come to the understanding that Jesus is the only one who can help us.  There is no second choice.  There is no backup plan.

3.)  When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are called to forsake everything and follow Him.

Our destiny is found in a personal intimate relationship with our Lord.  This is why we are here.  Of all the things that are important or seem important, a relationship with Jesus is of far greater importance than anything.

On March 11, 2016, we shifted our Ministry focus and therefore have not been able to post as frequently.  The Lord has taken us into a new phase as we begin to plan our Nationwide Outreach by traveling from state to state.  On this page, I have included all of my writings previously posted on the Website between September 11, 2015, and March 11, 2016.   As directed by the Lord, we are finalizing a draft of our first book over the next several months.  We greatly appreciate your visits to our site, and we hope you have been blessed by our writings.  We continue to pray for an outpouring of The Holy Spirit like never before, such that God's children will be moved into deep relationship and communion with HIm.  God Bless all of you.  Please feel free to contact me at any time through our contacts page.  I would love to hear from you, and will ensure that I get back with you.

Thursday, October 29, 2015
The Lord has been speaking to me about encouraging others to follow their own curiosity and just come to God and see for yourself.  I believe God has given each of us a taste for Him.  Once we taste the goodness of God, He makes this taste grow such that we crave His presence.  God will take this craving and turn it into a deep relationship with Him if we are only willing.  As we grow with Him, He sharpens our senses for Him.

I encourage you to satisfy your curiosity and follow Jesus to see His work-look for His miracles.  Some came to Jesus to see what He could do, and others He went to and helped.  We always have the invitation to come to Him.  We can look to The Lord and watch-perhaps take a taste of Jesus to satisfy our curiosity.  Perhaps you will find that the first miracle you see is how He changes you.

Saturday, March 5, 2016
A couple of weeks ago, the Lord spoke to me about selfishness. As I’ve been reading about the kings of Judah in 2 Chronicles, it seemed particularly pertinent now. Following is my journal entry from my time of solitude with the Lord.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
The Lord talked to me about selfishness today. Sometime in the night. It occurred to me that I feel like selfishness has been creeping in – especially with my time. God told me that this is good to recognize selfishness early. This is growth. God said selfishness is rooted in our human nature. As long as we are here – in this human form – we are never immune to its assault.

I feel it lurking. Many sins are easy to identify, but selfishness seems to slither around and take root, without much notice. It seems to hide behind worthy aspirations and desires.

God told me it is filthy, defiling, and destructive. He told me that recognizing our enemy is a major step in victory. Apathy or complacency toward this tool of the enemy leads to great problems. The Lord told me to continue to focus on recognition of selfishness. God reminded me of the Samaritan. He told me it is not okay to pass one in need – no matter the destination.​

Monday, January 4, 2016
As I read in John, Chapter 13, I am reminded of an inclination that I have always felt toward caution when I read about Peter and his denial of Jesus.  I have always been uncomfortable when people are firm in their promises that they will "surely do this" or "never do that."  While I often admire the resolve, I have always been cautious do make such statements.  Even as God has delivered me from alcohol, and I have firm belief that He will continue to do so, I am always hesitant to say that I will never drink again.  I don't believe it is a lack of commitment on my part, or certainly not a lack of power by The Lord, but I recognize my frailty, and know that at any moment there is potential that I could fall.  Today, The Lord gave me an insight into this feeling as I was reading about Peter once again.  Peter's denial in the face of crisis reveals to us who we are.  It was only a few hours between the time of Peter's staunch assertion to be loyal to Jesus and his failure to follow through.  However, Jesus knew, as He also knows each of us.  While God seeks absolute commitment from us, He revealed to me this morning that the commitment He desires is for us to always seek Him.  It is not God's desire that we resolve to stand on our own and rely on our own power.  In moments of crisis, God wants us to turn to Him.  He has taught me over and over to discipline myself to seek Him first in all situations.  As we think of how we will respond in critical situations, rather than speak of how we will react, we need to commit ourselves to seek God for His response and His strength.  God wants us to be reliant on Him.  While our intentions may be noble, and it may never be our intention to let our Lord down, reliance on our fallen human nature simply sets us up for failure.  Our strength is not in ourselves, but in He whom resides in us.

Sunday, January 31, 2016
I want to share a couple of thoughts today that The Lord has revealed to me the last few days as I read through Romans.  Man's natural tendency is to seek his own interests. (Refer to  Jesus' words about the soils in Mark 4:19).  It is man's only hope that God seeks him, and that we respond to God's call.  It is only the result of God's work in the heart that even allows us to respond to Him.  Through our ministry, I simply want to incite curiosity in others to seek Jesus and find out for themselves what this is all about.  At our restaurant, we offer samples of our products with the belief that people will desire a full serving.  I invite you to sample Jesus Christ and let Him reveal Himself to you.  You have to taste for yourself.  I urge you to begin, or resume your journey anew with full dedication and commitment.  I can assure you that with Jesus, you will find a sweetness that can never be duplicated or replaced.

Saturday, December 19, 2015
My journey with The Lord is just incredible, and it just continues to be more incredible.  The Lord told me that this is what it means to walk with Him.  God said that htis is how true joy and peace are found-through walking with Him-communing with Him constantly, seeing Him in everything, knowing that He is in complete control.  God is desiring me to grow in trusting Him, and He is teaching me how.  He told me yesterday that I am learning tp trust Him and draw my security in this trust rather than trying to take peace in circumstances that are always changing.  God is stable and unchangeable.  He is always in control.  God says this is where my trust must lie.  He told me that walking continually with Him is where I am, where He wants me to be and where I find my true joy.  He wants this for all of His children.

Friday, March 11 2016
Earlier this week, I was reading about King Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles. I was reading about the King reestablishing the celebration of the Passover. He sent an incredible letter throughout Israel and Judah. 2 Chronicles 30: 6-9 seemed to stand out to me.

As we prepare to launch our mission journey, I found some key thoughts throughout chapter 30.

Most people scorned and ridiculed the messengers
Some men humbled themselves
the hand of God was on the people of Judah to give them unity of mind
Hezekiah’s prayer (vs. 18-19)
The Lord heard Hezekiah’s prayer and healed

Hezekiah established the Passover as the second month rather than the first month, which had been set forth initially by the Lord through Moses in Exodus chapter 12. In Numbers 9:10-11, God provided for celebrating the Passover one month later for those that were unclean. In Numbers, there is a link between the sacrificial lamb – “no bone to be broken, “ and Jesus as described in John19:36, ” not a bone was broken.”

As I traced God’s word from Exodus to Deuteronomy to Numbers to second Chronicles to John, I was overwhelmed with the harmony of God’s Word. It was glaringly obvious to me that God was giving me a glimpse of His plan.

Getting back to 2 Chronicles and Hezekiah-There had not been this level of worship in Judah/Jerusalem for about 200 years (since King Solomon). If we add King David’s reign of 40 years, we get 240 years. This year, 2016, we celebrate our nation of America being to 240 years old. It’s time for America to experience revival just as Judah did under King Hezekiah.

The Lord has laid it on my heart to launch our mission journey with a Revival here in our local community. God told me some time ago to earmark April 29, 2016. To be precise, God told me this 444 days prior. We are in the process of scheduling and planning this Revival for April 28, 29th and 30th, 2016.

It also occurred to me during my Bible study that Easter this year is on March 27, which means this Revival will begin one month after Easter, much like Hezekiah’s renewal of the Passover was one month late because the people of Judah were unclean.

Two additional things stood out to me. (1) - April 29 has significance for our nation, because that’s the date of our original lasting English settlement in Jamestown. (2) - The last day of Passover is April 30.

As you know, I am no theologian or Bible historian. Even though I don’t understand most of God’s divine timing, He chooses to reveal bits and pieces to me such that I see His majestic control and integration of events. It is undeniable. While I may not be 100% correct with all of my history, dates, etc. as outlined above, what is clear to me is the intricate detail of God’s timing and His planning. I don’t have to be correct or even understand God’s plan completely. I must only respond in obedience to His call as it relates to me. This is what we intend to do! 

Saturday, February 6, 2016
​As we assess our society and the deterioration of our nation, we can look to many things.  We can blame poor leadership, corrupt government, big business, on and on and on.  Certainly many if not all of these play a part in our moral decay.  However, at its core, at the core of our problem is simply that we have drifted away from Jesus Christ.  Our nation has drifted from Jesus because His Church has drifted from HIm.  His people have drifted from HIm.  It really is not complicated.  The solution is also simple.  His people need to turn to Him and dedicate themselves to Him.  I urge you to read Paul's words in Romans chapter 12, verses 9 through 21.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
This morning I read about the Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon in 2 Chronicles Ch. 9.  She was completely overwhelmed by Solomon and his majesty and wisdom.

I was struck by the fact that with all of Solomon's splendor, magnificence and wisdom, he still lacked.  God gave him virtually everything-more than most of us could ever imagine.  Yet, Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes, which is quite dark for the most part.  Solomon clearly spent a great deal of time experiencing pain.  Months ago when I read Lamentations I did not understand.  He had been granted wisdom by God.  He had shown humility with such a request.  He had clearly prospered as a result.Today, it seems so clear.  Solomon chose to live in sin-in violation of God's standards and desires.  What is worse is that he clearly knew this.  He compromised his relationship with God.  He was not able to live his life in the fullness that God intended.  Because he chose sin, he did not live in communion with God.  The wealth, the wisdom, the blessings from God are no replacement for God Himself.  There is absolutely no substitute for a relationship with The Lord.

Monday, November 23, 2015 
As I finish up Jeremiah, I have some final thoughts in conclusion. Jeremiah was completely broken hearted by his care for those people, his love for his nation and his devotion to God.  Jeremiah’s heart was broken by the very things that break God’s heart.

We finally find in Lamentations that after the destruction, the people realize their condition and confess their sin. It seems a shame that Jeremiah’s prophecies had to come true in fulfillment before the people would repent.

Scripture assures us that one day we will all confess Jesus is Lord. In Philippians chapter 2, verse 10, ​Paul tells us that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. God is giving us this opportunity to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  If you are reading this post, I pray that you do so before it is too late.  Just as came to pass with Judah,  God’s judgment will come.

Sunday, November 1, 2015
I believe the following passage of scripture has great significance for our nation and for each of us individually.  I encourage you to read it and spend some time with The Lord in meditation regarding His plans for you.

Jeremiah 29:11-13- "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

God desires you to seek Him with all of your heart.  You can't even imagine the blessing that will result.

December 11, 2015 Post-Daily Journal Entries January 14-January 18, 2015
​Daily Journal Wednesday, January 14, 2015
The Lord talked to me about a number of things relating to His power and His desire to use me.

The Lord told me – as He has been over the last couple of weeks – that He wants me to take His Word literally- the spiritual warfare, the miracles, the healings, casting out  demons, etc. – take it all literally.

The Lord asked me if I believe He has the power to do all things? I do. The Lord told me that He empowers us as He chooses. God said that He is empowering me. The Lord said that all power is in the name of Jesus through the power of Jesus  having nothing to do with me but a gift from God.

The Lord told me He has spent this time purifying me so that as I continue to walk with Him, and seek His guidance, I will not be corrupted by any power He gives me.  The Lord told me to continue to seek more and more closeness with Him.

The Lord told me that lives of others will be changed by the work of the Holy Spirit – not by my knowledge and not by my having the perfect words. The Lord said He is giving me the knowledge that I need.

The Lord told me that it is His power and I am His vessel – to empower according to His purposes. The Lord told me to work to increase my faith. Don’t allow doubt – don’t allow negative thoughts. Seek complete trust in the Lord. The Lord told me to seek Him in everything.  Trust in Him with whatever comes-doubt, discouragement, illness, confusion, seeking direction, questions, etc., etc. – everything. The Lord said He will always be with me – seek Him!

 Thursday, January 15.
The Lord is providing me some direction about our ministry. I believe He is guiding me to North or South Dakota area where there is a  lot of construction. I think God wants us to settle there for a little bit. The Lord said He will provide me direction and more conclusive and detailed guidance.

God told me He wants me to really concentrate on sharpening my focus to hear His voice. The Lord told me to really focus and be perceptive. God talked to me yesterday and today about faith – an area of concentration today. The Lord emphasized to believe what He is telling me.

The Lord gave me some direction with our son during his visit – listen, compassion, comfort – set an example through behavior. The Lord told me to seek wisdom from Him. He said He will bless our time together .
Friday, January 16, 2015
The Lord spoke to me about pride and its dangers today. God said for me to always be mindful of pride – any small beginning of it must be removed immediately to prevent it from manifesting.  The Lord told me that pride starts very subtly, and then leads to destruction. The Lord told me to give him glory and praise in all things. He told me not to be concerned what others think or say regarding this matter. Give God praise in all things. The Lord told me to seek my praise from Him only- don’t seek or desire praise from anyone and always deflect glory to God. God told me to desire and strive for praise from Him only. The Lord told me to always be mindful of this battle and always know the absolute destructive nature of pride. God compared it to alcohol and selfishness, but even more so.

The Lord told me it is important to notice Him in everything and give Him praise in all things. God said it is important to work to identify pride and its subtle beginnings and root it out immediately.

 Saturday, January 17, 2015
The Lord gave me a stern warning about diligence and discipline – especially relating to my time in solitude with Him. The Lord told me it is vital that I don’t let it slip or neglect  it in any way – under any circumstances!

The Lord told me that our ministry will begin with a day of prayer and fasting.

Again The Lord emphasized that nothing substitutes for my morning time of solitude. The Lord said as I begin to bear more and more fruit -as in affecting other people through our ministry- I will be under more and more attack from the enemy. I must spend more and more time with the Lord.

 Sunday, January 18, 2015
The Lord spoke with me about being diligent to walk with Him daily – seeking His guidance, and listening for His voice continuously. The Lord said He will have me where I need to be when I need to be there based on His plans.  Continue to walk with the Lord daily.

The Lord told me that He will continue to teach me and that I must continue to seek growth. He said that He is pleased with my growth through obedience. The Lord said He is teaching me to recognize his guidance, and soon will be guiding me with more details= keep learning to listen. The Lord told me to continue – even sharpen – my senses to notice Him everywhere. The Lord said He is in complete control of my life – continue to submit to Him.

I believe the Lord gave me a revelation yesterday and this morning – 73 days from yesterday (maybe something about 62 days?). The Lord told me to keep listening.I find it amazing the way the Lord weaves things together.  It may be  through a book I’m reading or something I hear, or a message at church or my Bible study – then God wraps it all  together through my daily Bible study or my time of solitude. It is very difficult to describe, but God ties things together – with exact precision.  It’s simply Amazing!

Friday, March 11 2016
I wanted to share a journal entry from my time in solitude with the Lord back in January.

January 14, 2016

The Lord told me to always cherish my time with Him in solitude. Always slow down, take the time and cherish it. He told me to be sure that I don’t rush through it- no matter how busy I seem. God said it is time away from the world and its distractions. It is time for just He and I to be together. Nothing else- commune with my Lord – always remember this.

God talked to me about my heart. He told me that I have given Him my heart and He is molding it like putty. He is molding it over time just as He desires. God told me few of his people give Him their heart completely. This is what He desires from us. If we give Him our heart, He will mold us into the person He desires us to be – God said He will mold us according to His purpose and His timing. We must only give ourselves to Him.

Saturday, October 3, 2015
The Lord has been impressing upon me the urgency He wants me to convey to His people.  God is telling me that the time to seek Him is now, and that if people don't respond to His call, we can expect His punishment.  He has not conveyed any timetable, but this doesn't seem to be the point.  The time is now for personal assessment and commitment.

     God tells me that many people seem to be resting on eternal security rather than living for Him daily.  Salvation is not simply about a one time commitment, but must be lived out daily with our eyes fixed on eternity.  It seems that maybe we are just roaming aimlessly toward expected eternal life without having our eyes fixed on Jesus and His plans for us.

     The Lord led me to an analogy.  We are all like ships.  Often, we must be shipwrecked before we seek the security of the shore which is our refuge in Him.  Without the shipwreck, we tend to just sail along seeking our own interests.  God tells me that this is our nature.  We are all ships in need of Him, and some of us have been wrecked and realize this.  Unfortunately, many don't recognize this need.  I believe God has given me a responsibility to help all people realize just how much we need Him.  

     We must turn to Him-as individuals and as a nation.  God says the clock is ticking.  Our nation is on the brink of punishment.  God tells me that if people don't turn to Him in a serious change of direction, we will be punished.  If His people don't respond to His call, The Lord tells me that America faces disaster that is unimaginable.

     It's time to get serious.  We must understand that there are eternal consequences for how we live today.  Peoples lives are being wasted pursuing their own selfish desires.  Every day not spent pursuing Jesus direction is a day wasted.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
I continue to be amazed at the parallels God is relaying to me between our nation today and the nation of Israel of Jeremiah's time.  We find false prophets contrasting Jeremiah's message with a message of short term comfort at the expense of long range punishment.  In America, I'm not sure anything describes us better than the desire for "immediate gratification."

God was offering through Jeremiah the same thing He is offering us today.  He is offering short term correction for a long range everlasting benefit.  God tells us over and over what He will do if we give Him our hearts.  The Lord asks us to give Him our hearts, and trust Him completely with the outcome. As God's people, we as Christians must believe His Word-period.  The benefits to giving God our hearts is very clear.  The only explanation that I can come up with that hinders us from giving God our hearts is unbelief.  We don't believe God to act as He tells us He will.  Can it be that we trust God with our salvation-our eternity, but don't trust Him with everything else?  To have the relationship our Lord desires, we are called to trust Him with everything.  I don't find any exceptions in His Word.  Have you given The Lord your complete heart?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The Lord has given me some inspiration regarding love that I feel is very meaningful.  Love is a word very freely used in our society and in the Church.  I must admit that over the course of my life I have questioned the true meaning of love.  Early in this journey, I remember questioning myself I truly love God.    A few weeks ago, I was sitting in church, and I wrote in my notebook that I want to do a sermon on how much I love Jesus.  Even this made me question myself as to how this has transpired.  It became clear to me sitting there that the reason I love Jesus is quite simple.  He teaches me how to love Him.  As I walk with the Holy Spirit, everything He teaches me testifies to Jesus.  As I read the Bible, I find that Scripture always points to Jesus.  Everything I do is about Jesus.  My love for Jesus is not something I can create, but it is God given, and we must be seeking relationship with Him to truly grow in this love.

Yesterday, with the help of one of my favorite authors, John MacArthur, God gave me deeper insight into one of my favorite Scriptures.  I love Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 13:1-3.  These words define the importance of love to Christianity and the Church.  I see that Paul is exaggerating in this passage to clearly outline his point, but I have always thought that it does not seem possible to accomplish great things for God without the power of The Holy Spirit,  It always seemed to me that we must be walking with The Lord to accomplish great things for Him. 

What came clear to me yesterday through God’s insight is that this is exactly what Paul is saying.  We cannot have God’s Love without Him.  He gives us His Love little by little as we walk with Him and commune with Him.  It is not a human love.  The Love that Paul speaks of is God-given Love.  It is a growing, evolving Love.  It is the Love He has for us.  It is the love that Jesus displayed while He was on earth.

Love is the indicator of Jesus living inside of us.  We can accomplish many things on our own.  We can perform great works out of motivations that are selfish.  We can do many things to elevate our status in society, church, family, etc.  However, none of these things have any worth without love.  Love is the test.  The Love Paul speaks of comes from God, and we can only receive it when we walk with HIm.  The litmus test that we are His children is not only the things that we do, but the reason we do them.  The litmus test is Love.  We simply cannot derive Love on our own.  God is Love.  As Christians, Love is the very basis of who we are and who we are becoming.

Throughout the last 2 ½ years, one of the things I have found amazing is the growth of my love toward my Saviour and toward my fellow human beings.  I have become more compassionate toward them, more understanding-more Loving.  The most amazing thing about this is that I have have had virtually nothing to do with this transformation.  It has been an indicator of my growth with God.  As I have journeyed with The Lord, it has just happened.  He has made it happen.   At the beginning of this journey, not only did I not love my fellow man, I had no desire to do so.  In fact, early in the journey, my Bible study turned me against mankind.  I saw us as disgusting without any Hope of change.  However, as I grew, I began to see that our hope for change is not inside of us by nature.  This hope for change only comes from Jesus Christ, and Him being planted inside of us.  It comes from a new heart-His heart.

As I have seen and felt this transformation taking place in me, The Lord has given me the vision of what our world could be like if all of His people were on their own journey with Him.  Impossible?  With God, nothing is impossible-we know that.  But do we believe it?

As you read this, I urge you to take self-inventory.  Where do you stand in your walk with The Lord?  I invite you to dare to take the plunge.  I urge you to begin, reaffirm, start new-whatever your situation and direction-I invite you to commit to your own journey with The Lord and see how this changes you.

As Christians, others will know us by our love.  So simple to understand, but I am convinced that without the work of The Holy Spirit in us, it is impossible to achieve.  However, through Him, we can achieve all things.  One of these things must be Love.

Sunday, February 28, 2016
The Lord has laid something on my heart this week thtat seems to be recurring over and over.  Some people seem to get so close to accepting Jesus and embracing Him as Lord and Saviour, but fall just short.  This saddens me deeply.  Two examples seem prominent.  I believe that sometimes through the grace of God and the work of The Holy Spirit Jesus puts Himself near us in our situations just like the thieves on the cross.  Both thieves were so close to Jesus, but only one embraced the opportunity that was afforded him.  Only one finds himself in paradise.

Another example can be seen in a man named Jehu who became King of Israel.  He was used by God to enact punishment on King Ahab.  Jehu  had many of the tools necessary to be a great King for The Lord, yet he was driven by his own agenda and fell miserably short of his potential.  It is so imperative that we seek God in all we do, such that we may completely fulfill His desires for us.  What we can do on our own fails incredibly short of what can be accomplished as we walk in God's guidance.

January 29, 2016 Post-Daily Journal Entries February 1-February 7, 2015
Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Lord talked to me about my solitude again. He told me that the routine is not the important part. God said it is not a ritual or procedure that He wants me to follow. He does not want me attributing our relationship to following a routine. The Lord said that the relationship grows through the discipline to dedicate the time with Him and being diligent to seek this time.

The Lord spoke with me about our ministry. He made another comparison to the early Church in the way the gospel spread like wildfire. The Lord said the Holy Spirit is going to work in a way that I cannot imagine. God said to focus on my part – which is spreading God’s message wrapped in the gospel. The Lord said, the results are the concern of the Holy Spirit. The Lord will take care of results. God said- some will believe, some will not.  My responsibility from the Lord is to spread His message.

 Monday, February 2, 2015
The Lord spoke to me today with direction regarding our ministry. God said He is teaching me about His Church through Corinthians. God said to look at Paul’s words to the Corinthians and draw parallels to today’s Church.

The Lord told me that our ministry is to focus on churches and denominations that are centered on Jesus. The Lord told me He is not telling me to exclude anyone, but we need to have a focus and direction that focus is to ignite fire and passion in those who have chosen to follow a denomination that is founded with Jesus as Savior. Many religions don’t. The Lord is also teaching me about religions and denominations.

The Lord told me not to view this as harsh. He does not want me to exclude, just focus my attention. The Lord said He will continue to provide more direction with this.

 Tuesday, February 3, 2015
I believe it was one year ago today that the Lord first talked to me about a national Revival.

The Lord talked to me about being diligent to continue to study His Word. The Lord said He will continue to reveal His truths to me. God said He will continue to teach me. God said that through diligence on my part, He will light a fire.

The Lord told me He will take care of us. He said we will be rewarded. God said He recognizes the sacrifice we will be making for the ministry, and it will be rewarded. The Lord told me He is proud of me.

The Lord said to keep my attention focused on His guidance and opportunities that He will present. Be attentive.

The Lord reassured me that He is taking care of the restaurant. He told me not to be anxious – trust Him.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
The Lord talked to me about love. God said for me to focus on growing in my love for others. This is the means for me to connect to others – genuine love – genuine compassion. Listen to others and understand their needs.

The Lord told me to remember that the goal is for others to desire to find what I have found through my relationship with Jesus-peace, joy, patience – love is the key. The Lord told me to focus on growth in this area.

Thursday, February 5, 2015
The Lord talked to me about the battle we are engaged in. God said that we are and will be in a battle against the enemy. The Lord said victory has already been won by Jesus, but the battle is for lost souls. Satan has no power over the victorious, but his attack of me is aimed at discouragement. The Lord said Satan knows I am out of his grasp, but through discouragement, the enemy can minimize or even negate my effectiveness. God said, this is the battle that I must fight.

The Lord said that I can look at it as a game with the victory already settled.  It is not a question of whether or not we will win – Jesus assured victory – but the battle is for how many will gain victory with us. The enemy is not fighting for me – he is fighting to diminish my effectiveness. The Lord says this is the battle that must be fought diligently.

The Lord said Satan will attack through what is close to me – restaurant, family, customers, etc.

God said for me to fight. I must first combat selfishness. I must fight my natural inclination to react in a way of concern for myself. The Lord said to respond with love to others – not my first reaction being of concern for how it affects me. The Lord said my battle is with selfishness. This is where my fight begins. I believe this is also where victory in the daily battle begins.

Friday, February 6, 2015
The Lord told me that through Corinthians He is teaching me to discern problems within churches and its members. The Lord said He is honing – sharpening my gift of discernment through understanding His Word. The Lord said it is important that I am able to assess problems within a church.

God said that He is not going to send me only to the healthy churches. There is much work to be done in struggling churches. The Lord said He is teaching me how to assess problems with churches and their members. The Lord said that through love and truth will be the start of revival.

The Lord said He is teaching me now and there is much to learn. Later, He will reveal details of going from church to church and community to community.

Patience.-one step at a time.

 Saturday, February 7, 2015
The Lord talked to me about continuing to be diligent about studying His Word. The Lord said He is pleased with my hunger for learning through His Word. God said my rate of growth in learning is directly related to my time spent studying – meditating on God’s Word.

The Lord said our ministry is being guided by two things Two things that are always important for me to remember.

Timing – God’s timing.  This is entirely in God’s  Hands
My part – diligence to study and grow on a daily basis. This is the only part within my control.  This growth is directly related to time with God and time in His Word.

The Lord talked to me about believing what He tells me in solitude. God said it is crucially important that I believe He is speaking to me and guiding me – and that He is guiding me throughout the day. God said rebuke any doubt as I diligently seek His guidance, trust that He is providing guidance.

The Lord told me not to get frustrated that there is so much to learn. He said that He is pleased with the rate that I am learning. God said frustration leads to discouragement. The Lord said that I simply need to keep pursuing knowledge through His Word, and He will keep teaching me. The frustration is of the enemy.

This Next Section includes the Writings that God typically gives me over the Course of a Week. Generally they build up over a few days. These were previously posted as "Weekly Posts."

Friday, February 26, 2016
I wrote about Love a couple of weeks ago.  I was overwhelmed this morning with the power of love as I watched today's airing of "The 700 Club."  I would urge you to watch the amazing testimony of a gentleman named Robert Harlas (I'm not sure of the spelling).

The Lord's Love is amazing and can hardly be grasped through these human vessels.  As we seek to get closer to God, He supernaturally bestows His love in our hearts.  This Love is our tool to change our world.

The Love of Jesus lives in each and every one of His children through His Spirit.  We have such a powerful God and He desires to touch others through us by our love for one another and others. We must only set our hearts toward getting closer and closer to Him, such that He can use us to pour His Love out to this world through us.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
My purpose with these writings is to share my journey with The Lord.  I have a difficult time putting into words just how amazing this experience has been.  I spend time daily in solitude such that I will grow in my relationship with Jesus.  It is my goal that each day I grow more and more toward His likeness.  I will talk often of the discipline and effort that is required of His people, but I wish for everyone who reads my writings to understand the absolute joy that I have found through this relationship with The Lord.  I wish only for this website to serve as an instrument to share this journey with you.  I seek God daily and He provides me insights and direction.  I hope that all who read my writings become intrigued enough to seek their own relationship with Our Lord.  I wish not only to share my journey with you, but I hope that we can travel along together on this journey toward the likeness of our Saviour.

I am just so thankful for what Jesus has done for me and I pray that God will use me as His instrument to share this experience with you.

Friday, January 1, 2016
I wanted to follow up yesterday's post with a word of encouragement today.  While what I shared yesterday may cause concern, I see it as a reason for optimism.  As I walk closer and closer with my Saviour, I learn more and more that this world is not my home. The things of this world become less and ,less important. I encourage you to seek what I have stressed throughout this website-a relationship with God.  It becomes more and more clear to me that this relationship is all that God desires from us.  He will teach us how to behave.  He will teach us priorities.  He will reveal His purpose to us.  Every single thing that we desire rests with our Lord.  Our relationship with Him is the path to finding everything we desire.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Words cannot adequately convey what is in store for each one of His children through an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. No matter what the future holds for this world, the remedy for each of us personally is Jesus.  When we walk in relationship with Him, everything is put right.  This is clear in Scripture, and I want to reinforce it for you with my personal experience.

Jesus said in John 11:25, "I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.  Do you believe this?"

Friday, January 15, 2016

​Some time ago, The Lord revealed to me that He wanted me to go into ministry.  Sometime later, He began to put on my heart that I am to have a role in His Revival of our Nation (USA), which is to spread worldwide.  Those of you who have read writings on this website have seen a consistent theme toward the Church.  God has consistently talked to me about His Church and more specifically He has hammered home a theme of His desire for personal relationship with individual members of His Church.

The Lord has been preparing me over the course of this journey for now what is approaching 3 years.  He has steered me through the Bible according to His will, and as I have completed John and begun studying Ephesians, God has been giving me acute focus on His will for our ministry to begin.  Specifically, to me personally, God is giving direction to endeavor on a mission journey that doesn’t even seem to have a possibility of success.  What God is making clear to me recently is that this is His desire.  He does not desire me to embark on something  that seems feasible in my mind or by my standards.  God wants me to be obedient and leave the consequences to Him (as Dr. Charles Stanley often says).  God wants me to begin a journey that is totally reliant on Him.  He will lead me, and He will always be with me.

My wife and I are going to travel the country beginning in June, 2016.  We are going to travel from state to state visiting churches in various communities.  God has given me the vision of uniting His Church to work toward His will for our nation through His Church and each and every one of its members-His members.  The Lord gives us a clear vision of His Church through the apostle Paul in Ephesians.  It is also clear that as a whole His Church is missing the mark.

As I have stated, I want to make it clear that I have no delusions of changing people’s hearts and turning them to God in such a way that the Church will become as Jesus intended it to be.  However, one of my themes from The Lord is fulfilling His purpose through obedience.  God has told us to go, and we will go with great expectations-not in our ability, but with Faith in God’s desire to pour out His Holy Spirit and exercise His will toward His Church.

God’s intention is clear.  Our mission, while quite daunting, is clear.  Jesus Christ desires every member of His Body to function according to His purpose.  He expects every single member of His Body to be in relationship with Him and be in constant communion with Him such that they may live according to His will and direction.

I want you to imagine a world where every professing Christian is walking in step with The Holy Spirit.  I simply ask you to look at yourself with absolute honesty, and address yourself with the question “Where do I stand with Jesus?”  This is where everything begins.

Thursday, September 24, 2015
As I am continuing my study through Mark, The Lord reveals to me perhaps the very core of His message. The Lords message to His church correlates to Jesus teachings directed at the Pharisees.  Unfortunately, many "Christians" in our country have a great deal in common with the religious leaders in Jesus day. I know this may be tough to swallow, but I encourage you to read Mark ch. 7:1-23. as Jesus teaches about inner purity.  I would ask you to sincerely seek The Lord's direction as you read this and apply it to your own heart.  Perhaps examine Jesus teaching about what comes out of a man in relation to The Fruits of the Spirit.

vs. 6  ...these people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.

I only encourage you to spend some time with The Lord, and get a true evaluation of your heart.

Thursday, March 3, 2016
As I continue to read about Judah and their leaders, God gave me a summary which seems to have a direct correlation to human nature.  Especially alarming is that this behavior seems to be specific to God's people.

We do good in the eyes of The Lord then God blesses us, which is followed by success.  Through this success, we get proud and full of ourselves, which leads us away from The Lord and results in catastrophe.  This seems to be our cycle and the only way to break the chain is by being deliberate to commit ourselves to deeper relationship with God.  It seems to be common sense, but directly contradictory to our nature.

Friday, March 11, 2016
I want to write about a significant dream I had recently.

My Dream- February 27, 2016

I had a dream last night that I was talking to a group of Christians.  I was very energized, as I tend to get when I am speaking of my Lord.  I said to the people that I was speaking to “You do realize that our Revolution was not a coincidence, but that it was God’s will and happened through Divine Providence, don’t you?” 

Their response to me was that they had never really considered it. 

I looked over and saw Benjamin Franklin sitting in the corner.  He was mildly contesting what I had just said, mostly to himself.  I approached him, and said “You don’t agree with what I said?”  I then said, “Oh, you are an atheist aren’t you?”  He said that he is not an atheist, but that he didn’t completely believe about this Jesus stuff, and certainly not the bit about Divine Providence.

I said, “Well, Ben, we are going to spend some time together, and I am going to do whatever it takes to convince you.”

Many of us have dreams, and my dreams seldom make much sense.  Here is the amazing part about this particular dream.  When I woke up in the morning, I had a strange feeling that a dream may have had importance.  As I have been on this journey, God has given me these dreams from time to time.  In my morning prayer, I asked God to help me remember any dream that may have had significance and for Him to help me understand the significance.

Immediately, while I was still praying, God cleared my mind to recall the details of the dream.  God then proceeded to explain the dream to me.  Here is His explanation.  Ben Franklin represents our nation.  The Christians I was talking with are lukewarm Christians who have not committed themselves to seeking Him in deep personal and intimate relationship-much of His Church.  They lack understanding. They lack His purpose.  The Divine Providence is our nation’s founding, and God’s desire for a national revival that will return us wholeheartedly to His purpose.  My words to Ben Franklin represent the work of our ministry.

God has something amazing in store.  As always with God, our acceptance and participation in His plan is an individual and personal decision.  I choose not to be lukewarm.  I pray that as you read this, you choose to seek God with all your heart and commit to a relationship with Him.   Put yourself into the story and become a part of God’s masterful plan.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

I want to share my journal entry from earlier this week.  This is from my time in solitude with The Lord on Tuesday (Jan 5).

Communion with Him is what God talked ot me about today.  Jesus bore our sin, and had to endure separation from His Father which was excruciating for Him.  God told me that many of us choose this separation voluntarily due to ego, self interest, career, greed, and many other sins that motivate us to serve ourselves.  All are distractions that take our focus from our relationship with God-the very relationship that Jesus died to restore.

God told me that this is the centerpiece of our ministry. Invite, encourage, to somehow provoke others to tend to this relationship with Him-one person at a time.  God tells me as His people tend to this relationship, they will change, just as I have changed.  Their lives will change.  Their focus will change.  Their priorities will change, just as mine have changed.  This is God’s mission for me.  God said He wants me to focus on being His instrument to others to restore His relationship with His people.

 Later the same day, in my Bible study, I find Jesus talking of Himself as the vine and we as the branches.  Jesus was clear that His branches bear fruit.  I want to pose a question today that I pray you give due consideration.  My question is simple.  Are you truly committed to this relationship with Jesus Christ?  Not superficially committed-but truly committed.  If you cannot genuinely say yes to this question, then you must ask yourself-are you truly one of the branches that bears fruit?  In this same passage in John Chapter 15:1-17, Jesus tells us that the vine-dresser (HIs/our Father) will get rid of the dead wood so that the living, fruit bearing branches will be sharply distinguished.

It is time for true followers of Jesus to distinguish themselves from the world.  This must start with each of us making a commitment to our relationship with our Lord.  We must abide in Him.  There is no other way.

Thursday, December 3, 2015
Today I read Luke Chapter 6.  I encourage you to read this chapter today. 

With the following writing, reference Luke chapter 6 versus 20 through 26.

From Jesus words in these verses, it seems clear to me that we can reap rewards here on earth based on our own efforts.  The warning He is giving is precisely to those who are able to do just that. Those who are content with what can be achieved here, and are driven by pursuit of what can be achieved here have no reason to search for more.  They are suspect to being satisfied by fulfillment of earthly desires.

Jesus is telling us that these priorities are backward.  We should seek heavenly reward.  This life is temporary – a mere flash in the pan.  All of our decisions should be based on serving our Lord.  Our priorities should be His priorities. Whatever happens here should not guide our motivation because it is so short-lived.

How many of us would take one week of absolute luxury and a wonderful life, yet knowing that after that the remainder of life would be worse than can be imagined? Wouldn’t most of us turn down this sort of short-sighted vision?

Yet this is the decision many of us make – even maybe most of us. We decide to get the best we can now and not worry about what happens later in eternity.  I believe Jesus is telling us in these verses that we should not worry about what happens now, as it relates to this world, but know that by serving Him and walking with Him, we will receive our reward in heaven – for eternity.

If asked, most of us believe it to be prudent and responsible to prepare for the future. Yet, with our very souls, we have our focus fixed on the temporary.

In verse 46, Jesus talks of building on the foundation of His words.  Jesus compares this to building a house on a firm foundation. This takes work on our part. It takes investment of time and it takes labor on our part.  Jesus is the cornerstone of this foundation, but there is work required by us - discipline, perseverance, diligence.

Jesus talks of building a house on the sand, and I believe many of us are building our houses on the sand foundation of this world which is destined to pass away.

I would urge you to make a decision and a commitment to build on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ – the rock that is eternal.

Thursday, January 21, 2015
Something occurred to me today that seems so obvious.  I just completed Ephesians and have been reading 1 Peter.  My men's Bible study is going through James.  Perhaps because I never read them concurrently is why it never struck me before.  However, the themes of these books is so similar.  I know the entire Bible is breathed by The Holy Spirit, but the message these three men convey is so similar.  Love, Unity, Service, Gifts, etc.  Three different men, three different personalities, three separate and different journeys, but one message because it originates from one God.  What occurs to me today is that while we are not writing the Bible today, as we walk with God, we are all inspired by the same Holy Spirit.  Because of those before us, and the work of God in writing the Bible, we have this resource at our disposal.  The Lord has been speaking to me about unity a great deal lately.  There is no excuse for us not to have unity with The Body of Christ.  It is man that disrupts this unity.  It is the mission of our enemy to cause division, and it is man and his selfish nature that allows division to flourish.  It is God's will for His Church to have Unity-at every level.  Unity within the family, unity within a given church, unity from church to church, unity among individual brothers and sisters in Christ.  I am convinced more and more that Unity is what we lack, and Unity is what we need to strive to achieve.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
The Lord talked to me this morning about eternity.  It is important that we keep our eyes fixed on eternity.  Those of us serving The Lord must always be mindful of our influence on others and our responsibility to that cause.  Hell is real, and I find that it is not discussed much in our society.  I don't believe we can even imagine the severity of hell.  We find the results of God's wrath in many places throughout scripture, but Hell is the ultimate consequence of God's judgement of sin.  There are days when I don't feel God's closeness that I feel other days, yet He is still there.  In Hell, God is not there.  It is eternity without God.  It is eternity with the consequences of the sin we have chosen to live our lives serving.  I can't help but feel an overwhelming obligation to do my part on behalf of others.  I feel impelled to seek obedience to The Lord such that I can make a difference for others.  We should all feel this way.  We are God's instruments to implement His plan for humanity.  We must understand that the consequences of not making Jesus our Lord and Savior is Hell-whether we choose to talk about it or not.  I would ask you to give this some consideration today and determine whether you serve Jesus Christ or you serve sin.  There is no middle ground.

Thursday, September 17, 2015
     Today, The Lord told me that He has a plan and purpose for all of His people.  God's plan is perfect.  He has a plan for the world to hear the gospel.  God has a plan to feed the hungry.  God has a plan to spread the name of Jesus to the ends of the earth.  God has chosen to make us vital in this plan.  He told me that the implementation of His plan breaks down with us.  It is God's intent for each one of His people to carry out His plan for their life.  This should be our single-minded goal.

     The Lord told me that I need only do my part.  He has revealed His plan to me as I have grown in my relationship with Him.  God has revealed His plan for me as it relates to His overall plan conveyed in Matthew 28.  This is where it begins for each of us-a relationship with The Lord.  A steadfast determination and commitment to this relationship.  God told me this is where it begins for all of His people-just as it has for me.  He will reveal His plan for each of us, but we must set our eyes on Him and commit to a relationship with Jesus.

     In Matthew 28, Jesus tells His disciples-GO.
        Go tell
        Go teach
        Go preach
        Go baptize
        Go make disciples

Jesus told them "Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."  The disciples had committed themselves to a relationship with Jesus and now they were commanded to take Him to the world.  So are we.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
As I am reading the Gospel of Mark, I feel a fear develop inside me.  This fear is that many in our society-our nation specifically- are like many of those that followed Jesus when He was on earth.  Many people followed Him casually, or out of curiosity, or even for selfish reasons.  I believe that many of us today have a philosophy that equates to being casual Christian.  We want to serve Christ part time or casually.  We must be cautious not to find ourselves in a Christianity that is "customized" to serve our needs rather that being about how we can serve our Lord.  My fear is that this is not Christianity at all.  I fear that many may call themselves Christians, but Christ is not the foundation of the way they live their lives.  Calling ourselves Christians simply does not make it so.  Jesus said, you will know a tree by its fruit.  I am troubled especially by the parable of the four soils.  I would encourage you to take the time to read this parable, and spend some time with The Lord to determine your own heart.  If your heart is not the good soil , God's Word promises us that He will give us a new heart.  We must only ask, but I believe we must be sincere in our request.

I began this journey with The Lord in 2013 as He  delivered me from alcoholism, The Lord told me to keep a daily journal to record His Words to me during my time of solitude.  Beginning November 27, 2015, I posted a portion of this personal journal of my walk with The Lord.  My hope is that you may be able to understand how incredible this time has been for me and perhaps embark on this journey for yourself.  Each week I will post one week of journal entries.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
As I read about the rich young man in Mark chapter 10, it strikes me that Jesus said, "one thing you lack."  Jesus knew the heart of the young man, and cut right to the chase.  Jesus knows the heart of each one of us, and wants us to seek His direction in our lives.  What I find very disturbing about this man, is that he had an earnest desire to seek Jesus.  He recognized Jesus as Lord, and knelt before Him.   He sought Jesus direction, received the direction, but then walked away, albeit sadly.

I believe that many sitting in churches are the same as the rich young man.  Some continue to go through the motions of worship, but continuing to follow their own direction rather than that of The Lord.  Jesus said, "must deny himself and pick up his cross and follow me."  We must not let anything stand between us and The Lord.  Jesus wants us to quit seeking our own direction and destiny, and seek His direction.  Then we must be obedient, and not walk off into eternity with our face down.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Last week we discussed commitment to Jesus-at a personal and intimate level.  This week, I would ask you to continue seeking growth by committing to God’s Word.  It is my belief that it is impossible to grow spiritually without commitment to spend time in meditation on God's Word.  The Bible is our guide to a relationship with the Lord.  We must accept that it is inerrant cover to cover. There are no inconsistencies or contradictions.  It is our insight into God’s character and is our record of God’s interaction with man.  God’s Word is universal – as well as personal.  It is about people and God’s relationship to those people. We cannot grow closer in our relationship with God without His Word.

The Lord told me the next step vital to growth is listening to him diligently. This is what I accomplish through my time in solitude with Him.  It is critical to every believer to commit to this time listening to the Lord.

As we are diligent to listen to God, we can move forward to step four, which is self-examination and evaluation through listening to The Lord.  Through His guidance, we will identify sin in our lives. We can then repent of this sin and root it out of our lives.  This is critical in our journey with Him. We need to root sin out of our lives.

The next step is obedience.   As we find this commitment to the Lord and seek His will in our lives, He will begin to reveal His plan for us.  I believe that God created each of us with His purpose in mind, and I believe he is willing and even delights in revealing this plan.  If Jesus is our Lord, we have no other choice but obedience.  This obedience begins in little matters, with our goal being obedience in all matters.  Jesus said to us if he can trust us with small things we can be trusted with greater things.

I believe that we are currently sitting in God’s season of mercy.   However, I also believe it is time for action.  Time for action of those people that call themselves by the name of the Lord Jesus.

As Christians, we contemplate and assess the state of our nation. It is easy to blame others as our nation drifts farther and farther astray.  However, I believe we must ask ourselves some important questions with eternal implications.  Who is really to blame?  Who is to provide the moral compass?  Is it not the responsibility of God’s people?  I believe we have to assess for ourselves – are we doing our part?   Are we pursuing God’s direction and purpose in every aspect of our own lives?  Each one of us must honestly answer these questions.

What would our nation’s direction be if every person sitting in a church that call themselves Christians truly and honestly sought Jesus direction, character, and purpose?  It is not the responsibility of others – it is the responsibility of each one of us that call ourselves by His name.  What a radical change in our society and nation would result.  It blows my mind.  I would urge each one who reads this to do two things.  (1) Spend some time on your knees truly seeking The Lord and, (2) share your experience with someone close to you and encourage them to do the same.  Each of us is only one person, but I assure you, as the children of God, there truly is strength in numbers.

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Following are the Words from The Lord given during my solitude today.  

                Busy.  The Lord said that people are too busy.  Pastors are too busy.  God said that people must make time for a relationship with Him.  The Lord told me that through my interactions with people, it must be my goal to make them desire the relationship that I have with Him.  I must make it a priority to convey to people a need to slow down and spend time in relationship with Jesus.

                God told me that as I interact with people, it should not be my worry what to say.  He said that changing people’s hearts as a result of this interaction is the work of The Holy Spirit.  I am the vessel where His Spirit resides and He will use me to reach others.  This is why I must go-I must interact with others on His behalf.  He wants it to be personal.  Inside me resides the cure.  God told me that during this time of preparation, above all else He has been preparing my heart.  My heart displays outwardly something that people sense, something they can see, something they will desire.  God is in my heart, and He becomes visible to other people through me.

                It is not that God needs us to implement His will or spread His message.  It is not that The Holy Spirit is limited by our location or by us in any way.  God has no limitations and could implement His will for mankind any way He chooses.  He chooses to use us.  God said His plan is to use mankind to save mankind.  God told me that this is why we must go into the world.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
The Lord has been talking to me the last few days about my relationship with Him.  God has encouraged me to share this relationship with others.  Throughout this journey the last two plus years, I find it incredible how God has continuously molded me.  God tells me that I have not only accepted His guidance, but I have invited Him to mold me into what He created me to be.  The Lord tells me that this is His desire for all of His people.  He tells me that this is the very foundation of our budding ministry.  This personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I cannot even find the words to express how precious my relationship with Jesus has become in my life.  There is absolutely nothing in my life that means more to me.  I pray that if you are reading this post you will seek this relationship on your own.  We often talk of change,and what we need to do for change in our world.  The Lord tells me that the answer is simple.  People that call themselves by the name of Jesus Christ and confess Him as their Lord need to commit themselves to this relationship.  It is God's desire.  I can tell you personally from the bottom of my heart that there is nothing in this world like it-nothing.  All of us have pain, sorrow, struggles.  The remedy for this world's turmoil and strife is Jesus Christ-period.  I encourage you to begin change in our world today by beginning with committing yourself to your very own relationship with our Savior.  I don't know how many of us doing this it will take to change the direction of our nation, but I can tell you from my personal experience that it will change your life.

Saturday, December 26, 2015
In John, Chapter 5, Jesus asked the man by the pool in Bethesda, "Do you want to get well?"  This is the question being asked to all of mankind by our Savior.  Our world is hurting-our nation is hurting.  Perhaps you are hurting.  During this Christmas season, it seems that our pain is often magnified.  Since the fall, all of creation cries out to God for remedy.  Yesterday, we celebrated the onset of that remedy with the birth of Jesus.  Our Lord began my healing nearly 2 1/2 years ago and set me on a journey that words fail to adequately describe.  Jesus question still lingers: "Do you want to get well?"  Jesus Christ is the cure!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

​The last few days, The Lord has been drawing lines to things He has told me in the past.  He has been calling on me to remember things that He has told me as we move forward into our ministry.  Today, in my solitude, God took me back to the early part of my journey, and I want to share His words to me this morning..

  Daily Journal - Sunday, February 7, 2016

“Here am I.  Send me.” Isaiah 6:8. This was my devotional Scripture today. It takes me back to very early on in this journey when the Lord asked me if I was willing to answer his call. I told him I was. I don’t believe I understood the magnitude of the call at that time. As my understanding grew through God sharing his vision with me, I remember asking God at some point ”why me? I am not qualified, I don’t have the resources, financially or otherwise, I don’t have the training or education. I like virtually everything seemingly necessary for such service. Why me?” God’s answer was simple. He said to me ”Because you are willing. I will prepare you.” End of discussion.

 The Lord told me today. The video also wanted me to remember his words to me regarding our ministry to his people. He told me then that he has others called to evangelism my call is to his people – his church. God told me today that this is all tied together in the process. I must work toward the vision he has given me to bring his people into relationship with him, such that they may find their call.

 God told me that it all fits together, and is all a part of his divine process. The Lord said he has set my eyes on the harvest – because he wants this vision to drive me there will be a harvest, and this must be my focus – and following him toward this vision. This is my call.

In my Bible study today, I read in Romans chapter 13 Paul’s words which seem quite pertinent to God’s current call. I urge you to read the entire chapter, and let God speak to your heart. Reference a couple of these verses below.

Romans 13:11-12 (NIV) And do this, understanding the present time.  The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is nearly over; the day is almost here.  So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.

Thursday, January 28, 2016
I want to share The Lord's Words to me from my solitude this morning.

The Lord is making preparation to act in a most incredible way.  He is soon going to pour His Spirit out on us, perhaps like never before.  God told me to occupy my thoughts with these things while I wait for Him to make my next steps more clear.  The Lord told me to imagine how He is going to use me.  The great awakening that I hear so many crying out for us just around the corner.  God said that He understands the difficulties I face and the spriritual battle that I encounter.  He told me to look past that and think of what He is going to do.  I am volunteering to be on the front line, but He is always with me.  Look past the fight to the reward.  God has a most incredible movement in store.

I encourage you to assess your relationship with Jesus today.  You are the reward.  Our vision is for every believer in Jesus to be in a daily growing relationship with Him.  If we all commit to this, The Lord will use us to change our nation.  He will use us to change the world.  Imagine if we all become useful instruments in spreading His Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

August 11, 2016

I have found that The Lord seems to give me writings in three different categories.  First is a short simple thought that often comes with my Bible Study.  I try to post these or write them down as I get them.  I have previously posted these as "Today's Thoughts." Secondly, God gives me subjects that build over the course of several days.  I try to summarize from week to week.  I categorize these as "Weekly Posts." .  Thirdly, I try to record exactly what The Lord tells me in Solitude.  These are insights of a more personal nature, and I just try to transcribe what He tells me as accurately as possible.  I have broken these writings down by category in sections below with a Heading for each.

Friday, March 4, 2016 Post-Daily Journal Entries March 1-March 6, 2015
Sunday, March 1, 2015
The Lord talked to me about focusing on drawing closer to Him each day. I asked Him to help me be strong like Paul. The Lord told me not to worry about what I will go through or what will be required – what I may have to endure. God said to focus on growing closer to Him each day.  Focus on seeking His truth and His righteousness.

The Lord told me that the most painful thing that I will have to endure is a feeling that I did not do my best, or that I did not do what I could. God told me to simply focus on following His will and doing my absolute best to serve Him and others. The Lord said He will always be with me, providing what I need.

The Lord told me to leave it all on the field, so to speak.

 Monday, March 2, 2015
The Lord spoke to me today about my weaknesses. God said that my weaknesses will not limit my prayers or my weaknesses will not limit His action or His will. God said that my weaknesses will be made strong through His power. The Lord told me not to just accept weakness – to continue to seek strength and growth – faith, trust, patience, etc.

The Lord told me to serve Him diligently, and He will work through me. He told me to be assured that when I bring a request to Him in prayer with a pure heart, He will act according to His will. I have to completely trust in Him.

The Lord told me that Paul – along with Jesus – is to be my model. The Lord told me that the bouts that I have with the feelings of recovery from drinking is to be used as Paul’s thorn was used to remind me of my weakness which is made strong through Him. The Lord has taken alcohol from me, and this recurring affliction is my reminder.

The Lord told me that our ministry will require boldness, unwavering faith, and a firm foundation of knowledge and wisdom. The Lord said that this is my time for intense training in His word to firm up my foundation of beliefs. The Lord said I will be attacked, discredited, etc., and my beliefs must be unwavering.

God said that while I thought my intense teaching would be after we left the restaurant, this is not His will. The Lord said it is now – this year. God told me I need to be very diligent about studying. He has honed out the items of focus, much of this happening through time with my dad. God tells me I don’t need to greatly expand my research, but to hone – in great depth – to where He has led me using the material that He has guided me toward.

The Lord said He will guide my learning. I need to be diligent and put in the time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
The Lord talked to me about my growth. He told me He is pleased with my growth and the way I’m learning. God said it takes commitment. The Lord told me to be disciplined to commit myself to studying His word.

The Lord said He is blessing my growth, and that He will always bless this growth, as long as I show the commitment. The Lord said He will continue to reveal His truths to me. God said that as long as I seek His truth through diligence, He will reveal it to me. This is the Lord’s desire. He just cautioned me to stay committed.

 Wednesday, March 4, 2015
The Lord told me to completely absorb myself in John. He told me to look to little else with my free time. God said He will bless my diligence and studying. He said it will be very intense and He wants me to completely immerse myself into learning as much as I can from John. God said He has much to teach me through the book, so dedicate as much time to its study as possible. The Lord said it will be rewarded.

Thursday, March 5, 2015
The Lord talked to me about changing my routine regarding my Bible study and my solitude. He wants me to spend time with Him first, and then use whatever remaining time I have for Bible study. Try not to rush either one. God told me if I am more comfortable with reading a couple of verses first, that’s okay, but God told me not to feel like our time together is fragile and must be strictly regimented. He said it is His time, and He will talk to me about what He desires.

God said that the things He reveals to me during my Bible study need to be written down.   He said that He  wants to use my writing that comes from my Bible study.   The Lord said He wants this to be done in addition to, but separate from our solitude journal.  God wants me to separate the time for solitude and Bible study and not let them get wrapped up together.  That makes sense to me. This is just the Lord keeping my focus, as He said He always would.

Friday, March 6, 2015
The Lord talk to me about our ministry. He told me to expect a depth finish of sign to begin our ministry. God told me it will be something they cannot be mistaken by me or by Jill. Essentially, God said it will be something miraculous. He did not tell me how or when, but only to trust Him. God told me to continue to use my time wisely and read, study, and write down what He reveals to me. God said that soon it will be time to start pulling my thoughts and writings into an organized book. The Lord said He will tell me when, but it will be soon.​

Thursday, March 10, 2016
I was having a conversation with a couple of my brothers from our prayer group the other day.  We were discussing a very interesting topic regarding the fall of man.  At times, I have found myself troubled with the thought that maybe Christians are too wrapped up in the emotional or in the pursuit of enthusiasm.  I believe the reason this troubles me is that I believe it to be in part where my drinking was founded.  Through alcohol, it is easy to get caught up in the deceit of “hiding from life” under the guise of “having a good time.”  I assure you there is no good time derived from being an alcoholic, but I did not start as an alcoholic.  I believe this pursuit of a good time can be a problem in the church today.  The joy that I have found with The Lord is overwhelming, and even inspires the same elation as I often got from alcohol, but the difference is that it is real.  Nothing is hidden.  My spirit in is union with the Creator of the Universe and the Creator of my being.  The reality of this relationship is that it takes discipline and commitment.  It does not happen overnight, and it is a lifelong pursuit.  However, rather that wake up with a hangover, one day I will wake up spending eternity with my Lord and Saviour.  The additional beauty of such a relationship is that I don’t have to wait for eternity.

So the concern we discussed is with the emotion, or the root of the enthusiasm.  Certainly, as I have found, we can obtain enthusiasm from God, and He often makes me quite emotional.  So what is the problem?  The problem exists between the soul of a man and the spirit of a man.  At the fall, we became spiritually dead.  We became consumed by human nature, which is the evil of the flesh.  As we feed our soul with the latest fleshly movement, we are feeding our human nature.  This fleshly inspiration that stirs our soul can be church related but that does not mean it is God.  When we fell, our spirit died or was separated from our being.  It separated us from God.  Of ourselves, we cannot be righteous.  Jesus died to enable us to be righteous, with the indwelling of His Spirit which comes as a result of salvation.

The witness of the Spirit is very different than that which stirs the soul.  The soul is fleshly.  As Christians, our new spirit is His Spirit.  It is The Holy Spirit.  Rather than be stirred by our soul which is fleshly, we must subject ourselves to be stirred by The Holy Spirit.  How do we tell the difference?  I believe we can perform a simple test of the motives behind the stirring.  Scripture tells us that The Holy Spirit bears witness of Jesus Christ.  As we are stirred by the Spirit, it seems that He always accomplishes one of two things.  Either we are moved in a way that brings glory to God, or we are moved in a way that benefits others.  I’m not sure this list is conclusive, but it is certainly a good place to start.

We are told in 1 Peter to arm ourselves with the mind of Christ.  Christ was never motivated by earthly or fleshly things.

At the fall, Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Now that we know both, we have to separate the two through discernment.  We can submit ourselves to following the stirring of our fleshly soul, or we can submit ourselves to following The Holy Spirit who indwells us.  We have access to the knowledge of both good and evil, and we must commit ourselves into the hands of The Holy Spirit if we desire to do good in the eyes of The Lord.  Many of us, I fear, are responding to the stirring of our fleshly soul.  Reference 1 Peter  3:11-12.

Friday, September 11, 2015
As Christians, we have differing beliefs, especially between denominations.  However, we must be united with some fundamental truths.  It seems to me that our initial writing here should begin with the most important of these foundations.
All theological questions and debate are irrelevant unless we start with the belief that Jesus Christ is who He says He is in God's Word.  Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Lord.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
     The Lord told me today that I breathe the cure for what ails His church-even through my writings.  God said that I am His light to draw others to Him.  I must only let His light shine wherever possible and through whatever means possible.

     The Lord told me that walking with Him makes me a vessel for His Spirit to work.  It is not my work to reach the hearts of others, it is the work of The Holy Spirit.  It is my work to convey His message and spread His message.

     The Lord told me that Revival is just around the corner.  On this site, I will continue to invite others to join me on this walk with The Lord.  I want to encourage full commitment to Jesus.
     You see, I am not the only one with the cure.  Jesus Christ is the cure and all of us that have committed to Him are the carriers.  We carry the cure with us in the form of The Holy Spirit.  We breathe His cure each time we exhale.  The cure is contagious and can only be spread by The Holy Spirit.

     Help me spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ-the cure for the world.


Sunday, January 10, 2016
I feel led to share the Lord's words to me during my time with Him this morning.  This is direction God gave me personally, but I felt may be useful to others as well.

The Lord shared some key themes to me this morning.  He told me He wants me to keep them in the forefront of my mind.  First of all, God told me to always remember the temporary nature of my time here.  Secondly, know how quickly fleeting time is, and derive a sense of urgency for our ministry and our message because of this.  Thirdly, maintain focus on His guidance , His will, His mission-in the face of countless distractions.  Lastly, prepare my heart every day and share my heart with others such that they will be enticed to prepare their heart and join me in this service to our Lord.  God told me to keep these things close, and use them to drive me for His Kingdom.

Friday, December 25, 2015
I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

In John, Chapter 3 Jesus says "This is the verdict: Light has come into the world."

Jesus is our light, and I pray that all of us who have the light of His Spirit inside us will shine brightly as we enter what The Lord tells me is going to be an extraordinary year.

In verse 21, Jesus tells us that whoever lives by truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly what he has done has been done through God.

I pray that everyone who reads this  will find His way into the light that is Jesus Christ.  I pray that even as you read, you will decide to begin your journey that starts with salvation and grows through a personal, intimate relationship with Him.  I pray that you will find what I have found!!

October 16, 2015
     My previous posts have been aimed at our relationship to The Lord as individuals.  Today I want to correlate this individual relationship into its impact on our nation.  We typically attend a local church in our community which I like to refer to as the church with a small “c”.  All of these local churches form the universal Church (church with big “C”).  The Lord's direction to me involves this universal Church specific to our nation. 
     Previously, we have discussed our brokenness as individuals.  We are all broken and  Jesus Christ is our cure. Sin is what ails us, and Jesus is the cure to what ails us.  We can only be cured through a lifelong pursuit of an intimate relationship with our Lord and continuous daily growth toward Him.
     As much as it pains me, I want to talk about our nation. I don’t think anyone would contest that our nation is broken.   While many lay blame at the feet of politicians, our government,  big business, the court system or countless others, I believe we need look no further than the Church.
     The Lord’s Church is made up of many denominations, doctrines, and theologies. However, the building blocks are individual Christians.  Jesus is the cornerstone on which we must build.   Unfortunately, I don’t believe we are building on the foundation of our Saviour.  We are broken and must repent and turn to The Lord, I believe this is the reason our nation is broken-because our Lord's church is broken.  It truly pains me to say it, but I believe our Lord’s Church is broken, at least in this nation.  As I’ve already covered, I don’t believe we can ever expect change until we commit at an individual level.   There are millions of us calling ourselves by the name of Christ, but how many are committed completely to His purpose – truly committed to a relationship with our Lord?
     The Church is only as vibrant and effective as the individuals that constitute its membership.  Let us have a look at our nation.  Early in our nations settlement , a cross was planted in Virginia, and this new world was dedicated to Jesus Christ. Does this not make us a Christian nation?  I believe this equates to making a covenant with the Lord, that quite clearly, as with Israel, God has honored. As a nation we have been blessed like no other nation on the face of the earth, including God’s original chosen people.   As a people, can we even make an argument that we have fulfilled our obligation toward this covenant? 
     We can look to the Old Testament to see how seriously God values a covenant made between Him and His people-the nation of Israel.   With Jesus work here on earth, Christians are adopted into God’s family as His people.   With obedience, we gain certain privileges and blessings. However, with disobedience, should we not expect God’s resulting punishment?   While I love history, I’m no historian. However, I would like for us to simply look at our nation’s departure from God in the last 50 years. 
     In the 60's, we had the sexual revolution. In the 70s, we legalized abortion nationwide. Recently, we legalized same sex marriage.  There are numerous other things, but i believe these illustrate the point.
     I’ve heard many say that with legalizing same sex marriage we have gone too far.   Can this really be true?   What atrocity on this earth could be worse than abortion, which has been legally practiced for forty years?  We just continue to show our contempt for God’s laws, and legalizing same sex marriage is another example of this contempt.

Here are some other examples:

  • forbid prayer in schools
  • prohibit nativity scenes in public places
  • eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance
  • eliminate God’s name from money

This is just to name a few.  There seems to be no bounds to our contempt.

God has given me a message of warning.  The only way to escape His punishment is through repentance.  We must turn to Him.  God clearly outlines punishment in His Word.  I would urge you to read the following scriptures.  Exodus 15:26, Deuteronomy 11:11- 15, Deuteronomy 28: 1-2 (Deut 27:26 through 28:68).

We read in Matthew 24:8 as Jesus speaks of the beginning of the birth pains.  As we look around our nation, we see much turbulence.  We have drought, wildfires, flooding, land that doesn’t yield crops, offspring of livestock being cursed, etc.  Are some of these not listed specifically as punishment in Deuteronomy?  It is my belief based on The Lord’s words to me that if we don’t repent and turn to Him, we can expect these things to escalate.

How long will God allow such contempt for his laws? We have no say in the matter of God’s patience. Our input lies solely in our response of commitment to him. This is our part. Are you doing your part?

I’m not trying to offend anyone with what I’m writing here.   I’m only trying to stimulate change.   Rather than focus on the pitiful state of our country, I want each one of us to look in the mirror.  I want each of us to see our reflection through the eyes of Jesus.  I would ask you to assess  your own seriousness regarding a relationship with your Lord. We can only change the world by changing our sphere of influence.   However, we must not discount the strength in numbers.  We must not ignore the power of our Lord. We must not ignore that He lives in each and every one of us. Our Lord wants to unleash His Spirit of power on our nation through us, we must only let Him. We must make ourselves suitable vessels for His use by giving our hearts fully to Him.  The Lord tells us in His Word that he will heal our land. We must only humble ourselves and seek Him. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Monday, September 14, 2015
During my study in Matthew the past couple of days, The Lord has laid on my heart a couple of things relating to our seriousness as Christians.
Matthew 25:14-30:  The parable of the talents.  Matthew 26:24.

     As we profess to become Christians, we recite words that convey our acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.  I am afraid that far too often, we readily embrace Jesus as Saviour, but don't fully embrace Jesus as Lord.  We want to be saved, but we don't necessarily understand the impact of full commitment to Jesus as our Lord.  Unfortunately, I don't believe they can be separated.  I don't believe we can accept Jesus as our Saviour unless we make Him our Lord.  In Matthew 26:54, we find Jesus fulfilling His responsibility, in spite of what He knew He would face.  We, too, have a responsibility to fulfill God's plan for us and He expects us to be faithful and obedient, just as in the parable of the talents.  Jesus endured far more than is expected of any of us. Jesus did the work for us. We must only do our part in advancing the Kingdom of God.
     In verse 24, we read Jesus words toward Judas and his betrayal, but to some degree, if we profess Jesus as our Lord, and don't fully commit to Him, are we not betraying Him?  At a minimum, wouldn't it be safe to say we are letting Him down.  I believe there are many people sitting in churches in our country who need to assess their level of commitment to serve Jesus. 
     I would encourage you today to go to The Lord in quiet time and seek His guidance and His plan for your life and how He wants you to serve Him.  Scripture assures us that when we seek Him, He will be there.  We must only sincerely seek Him. (Matthew 7:7)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
The Lord has been speaking to me about repentance a great deal lately.  I have been reading through Jeremiah, and their lack of repentance seems to be a consistent theme.  As I read about Israel, I find many correlations to The Lord’s Church today.  In reading Jeremiah 3:4-5, we find that the people of Israel talked like they were God’s children-even in disobedience.  I think nothing could be more true of today’s Christians in America.  We have become a culture that minimizes sin.  We grade sin, we rationalize sin, we categorize sin, we ignore sin., etc.  We must understand that sin separates us from our Lord.  We must understand that ignoring sin by us does not make it acceptable to God.  God-not man-has set the standard for righteousness.  Certainly, Jesus paid the price for our sin, but continued disobedience does not allow us to have the relationship with Him that He requires us to seek.
    We even find in Jeremiah (3:11) that Israel was better off than Judah because they didn’t even make an appearance of righteousness, whereas Judah was offering hollow sacrifices.  It is time for God’s people in our nation to seek Him with a truly repentant heart, and enter into the relationship that He desires.  I urge you to truly seek repentance-today.

Friday, March 11, 2016 Post-Daily Journal Entries March 7-March 11, 2015
Saturday, March 7, 2015
The Lord talked to me about my calling today. The Lord explained to me that part of embracing my calling is embracing the preparation that He has me doing right now. God said that no matter how hard I try, I cannot envision what lies ahead. He said my preparation is vital. God urged me to be diligent about my preparation.

The Lord told me that I could go to ministry school, become a minister or follow some other honorable path and do a fine job. However, embracing what God has called me to do requires waiting for the right time, and using the time He has given me to prepare. This patience will result in the effectiveness that only comes according to following His plan and being obedient to His will. God told me not to let impatience disrupt my obedience. God wants me to embrace my calling-and do so according to His will.
God told me again that the timing when to make the step will have definitive guidance. He reemphasized diligence in my preparation.

 Sunday, March 8, 2015
The Lord talked to me about what He wants from me daily. God said that He wants me to daily put myself in His will and submit to His guidance. God said He will put me in the situation and circumstances according to His plan as this relates to our ministry. God told me there is no reason to worry about how, when, where or anything else. He is in control. God just wants me to seek to serve Him daily – continuously.

I read about Charles Finney and an experience he had with the Holy Spirit. I asked the Lord about it. I suppose selfishly, I would like to experience what he felt. God told me that He has given me what I need. The Lord told me not to seek experiences of others, but to focus on what He has given me. The Lord said for me to focus on my relationship with Him.

God said He has put a fire in me. He is giving me what I need. The Lord said He has not unleashed our ministry, but He will unleash it in due time. I simply need to continue on His path daily, and He will take care of the rest. He will unleash us in His time.

Monday, March 9, 2015
I believe the Lord has conveyed to me what He wants me to do – at least as the start of our ministry. I asked God why He doesn’t always just tell me directly. Sometimes, I simply feel like He is leading me in a direction – through my spirit, but very strongly.

The Lord told me that He wants me constantly listening and discerning His direction. God said He has taught me – and will continue to teach me – to discern His guidance. He said I am getting better, stronger at recognizing the enemy.

The Lord just wants me listening and being obedient. He said that our time of solitude is for us to commune – for me to worship – for God to encourage me – for God to correct me if necessary. The Lord said He will give me direction – often through my spirit. When I have these strong feelings about direction, God said He will help me understand. I need to grow in my ability to recognize His guidance, and always be obedient. Recognizing this general direction is one of the incredible things that God is teaching me.

 Tuesday, March 10, 2015
The Lord talked to me about our ministry. My wife and I went to a meeting at our church on Sunday that related to 20/20 vision for the church. There was a discussion about a vision for the church going forward.

Small churches are losing members to large churches. This is troubling. It seems to me that it should be the other way around.

I believe God has called me to help small churches – help organize their ministry. I believe that the Lord’s revival will come through this. God has been telling me from the beginning that our ministry relates to His Church – working through churches. I believe it is somehow ministering to churches.

The Lord told me He wants me to contact our pastor. God said it is on our pastor’s heart to fix his church. The Lord said that He has spoken to me many times through our pastor, and now it is time for me to reach out to him.

God told me to be bold. God asked me how it can be wrong for me to offer out of love, concern, and the spirit of help.

The Lord told me He will guide me and be with me. He told me to put together an outline of needs and priorities with bullet points – essentially a plan of attack.

I prayed about this meeting on Sunday – that the Lord would show me if we were supposed to go. God told me that He is resoundingly answered that prayer. God told me that this is the reason He wanted me there. God is putting all the pieces together. I just have to be obedient. God also led my wife to go independently from me, and it was important that we were both in attendance.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015
The Lord talked to me today about the need his followers have to be fed. God said they need real community. He told me that it is not enough to just go to church or to serve out of requirement or habit, or even discipline. People must get fed through fellowship, through the meat of Bible study, through communion with other believers.

The Lord told me to look at it like my solitude time. I dedicate this time out of obedience, yet I look forward to the time because of the communion with the Lord. I am disciplined to do it, and due to my relationship with Him, I receive so much back. I am fed.

The Lord told me He does not simply want exercises or rituals, but true fellowship. The Lord wants unity. God tells me that our ministry is not about numbers,  but is about uniting and igniting His people. God says that this will be the witness to the lost.

The Lord’s church is stagnant. He wants to change that.

This writing was also posted on November 20, 2015. It was my initial daily journal post.

 This concludes my daily Journal entries from 2015. At this time, I will no longer be posting my past Journal entries. I hope this documentation of my personal journey can be of some help to you. I have tried to be brutally honest in conveying my day-to-day journey in relationship with the Lord. The most important thing that can be obtained from these writings is not anything that has happened to me, but hopefully you will be prompted to endeavor on your own journey in relationship with the Lord.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
There is often much talk regarding mysteries of mankind with such questions as "Why are we here?" or "What is the meaning of life?"  To me, these questions have a clear answer.  We were created for the pleasure of our God and our purpose is to be in communion and relationship with Him.  The question regarding mankind that I find puzzling lies in our nature.  I know the simple answer is sin, but as I grow deeper and deeper in my relationship with my Saviour, I continue to pray for recognition of the answer by all of mankind.  My question is "Why in the face of such Mercy and Grace and the undeniable evidence of such an intricate plan by The Creator of the universe does mankind not universally accept His offer for Redemption?"  Have you accepted His offer?  I urge you to do so and begin your journey.

"Today's Thoughts" Archive

Friday, February 19, 2016 Post-Daily Journal Entries February 15-February 21, 2015
Sunday, February 15, 2015
The Lord talked to me about my spiritual gifts today. God has told me before to think about what I thought they were, and told me to write them down, but I don’t think He has told me what they are previously. Today the Lord told me. He said it could change according to His will – always seek Him in this.

The Lord said He is giving me spiritual wisdom and knowledge, the gift of leadership, prophecy relating to preaching and delivering His message, and the gift of healing.

The Lord told me that my calling has always been about leading His Church – glorifying God through building up His Church. Revival of the Lord’s Church is my calling. God said He has set me apart for this – for His purpose.

The Lord told me that He is proud of me for being diligent about my drinking. God said that my power comes from Him. He is there to guide me, direct me, strengthen me, comfort me – but the Lord said it is always my decision to be diligent to serve Him or to seek my own way. The Lord said He is always there for me and He is proud of me for choosing to be diligent.

The Lord said that through my diligence, many people will be blessed through our ministry. God told me to always remember that. He told me to always remember that He has anointed me – set me apart.
Monday, February 16, 2015
The Lord talked to me about serving others. God said that I need to always remember the finish line – always remember the goal of eternity with Him. God said that my goal here – through our ministry and every day- is to help as many people find the path to Him as I can.

The Lord said that my goal needs to always be to try to treat people – interact with them- from the perspective of love. God told me to look at things as if every person that I come in contact with was sent from Him. The Lord told me to strive to be the type of person that He can send anybody my way, and they will have had a positive interaction. Basically, look at all of my interactions as my only opportunity to point them to Jesus. The Lord said that this is done by them seeing Jesus in me – the joy, the peace, the love.
God said that it will not be possible for me while living in this world to always do this – to have this impact – but this is what I should strive for in all interactions.

 Tuesday, February 17, 2015
The Lord talked to me about continuing to be diligent. God said He is pleased with my diligence, my growth, my continued effort for identifying sin and overcoming. The Lord was very encouraging today. God said that the Holy Spirit is going to perform a great work through me. It is going to be amazing. God said our ministry is going to be very rewarding.

The Lord said that my diligence and obedience allows Him to fully use my gifts and talents to glorify Him and His Kingdom. God again told me that He is pleased with me. This is the only approval that means anything. The Lord told me that the spiritual battle has stepped up, and that I need to continue to persevere through His Word, through time with Him in prayer, and through solitude.

 Wednesday, February 18, 2015
The Lord talked to me about lukewarm Christians – Christians on the fence. God said that revival will occur as a result of those calling themselves as His – making a commitment to serve Him. The Lord says this is our ministry. The Lord tells me that my testimony is powerful to relate to people, and that He will give me the words. God told me to continue to grow and seek His guidance.

 Thursday, February 19, 2015
The Lord told me to always seek to submit to Him completely. God said that He is going to perform incredible things through me. The Lord said that I am His instrument– His vessel. He told me to continue to always seek purity, truth, sincerity, and kindness. The Lord told me that these characteristics allow Him to use me more fully and completely as I subject myself to His will. The Lord said He will open doors for me. He told me to be alert and be responsive. God said He will guide me to the opportunities and lead me to being responsive to them. The Lord told me to continue to walk with Him, and seek His guidance.

 Friday, February 20, 2015
The Lord talked to me a about growth today. He talked to me – explained to me that the growth that He always talks to me about – that God expects from me is growth toward being more like Jesus. The Lord wants me to grow each day to be more like Jesus. God said that sure He wants me to prepare for our ministry, and He wants me to become a better man. However, the focus of my growth is to become more like my Lord Jesus each day. This is my journey each day with the goal and destination of being transformed into the very image of Jesus.

 Saturday, February 21, 2015
The Lord talked to me a great deal about love today. God spoke to me about the two paths – it is our choice which path to travel. The Lord said that no matter how we attempt to disguise the wrong path, it is the path of Satan. There are only two choices – Jesus and salvation through Him – and everything else.

The Lord said people that don’t steadfastly follow His path essentially fall into two categories. One is that they are lost – blinded just as Paul says in second Corinthians 4:4. However, the Lord tells me some of His people drift along the path without the commitment He desires. I asked the Lord about their salvation, and He says that this is not my concern. The Lord tells me that our world is to be changed through love. God said that those who are not diligent to live in a way that affects others – through love for others in the way they live – are not positively affecting His Kingdom. To feel secure in our own salvation, but not be concerned about diligently growing in God’s will and displaying God’s love to others is demonstrating selfishness of the highest order.

The Lord said love is what will change our nation through revival – not lowering our standards, acceptance of sin, etc. But love for others in spite of their sin just as Jesus loved us, and died for us in spite of our sin. It is not that we are to make concessions toward sin on God’s behalf, but love the person – as Jesus does. Change can only come through love. This applies to me the most.

Tuesday, December, 22, 2015
The Lord told me today that His fire will always burn and grow in me-as long as I continue to seek Him and apply my efforts toward growing closer to Him.  

God reminded me as He was talking about Jesus words that He did not come to bring peace, but the sword.  His Word is to cause separation-separation of His people.  The Lord told me it is time for His people to differentiate themselves from the world.  It is time for His people to break from conformity to the world and by being different to transform the world.  God said this is my message-this is our work..  God said it is time for His people to stand up and differentiate themselves.  It is time for His people to stand up and be accounted for.  It is time for us to separate ourselves and go about doing the work of His Kingdom.

November 13, 2015
     As I have been reading through Jeremiah, I am absolutely amazed at the parallels to our nation today.  God continues to give me insights that seem so pertinent to us now.  In Jeremiah chapter 21, the King of Judah comes to Jeremiah to ask for The Lord’s help because he was desperate.  He did not want to change his behavior or priorities, but he wanted things to change.  I can’t help but think about how many of us want things around us to be different,   but we don’t want to embrace change ourselves.  I can’t help but equate this to myself throughout a large part of my life.  For most of my life, I would seek God on occasion, but never sought a true relationship with Him.

     God wants to have a lasting relationship with us.   He wants a permanent, continuous relationship.  The irony is that it is God’s desire for us, but it is we who need this.  In fact, we cannot live without it-at least not truly live.

     I believe many of us move in and out of this relationship with God based on circumstances in our lives.  How many of us spend time tending to other relationships in our lives rather than God?  What we must understand is that when we focus our attention on our relationship with Jesus, everything else falls into its proper order.  God wants our relationship with Him to be the most important thing in our lives.  The fact of the matter is that our relationship with Him is the most important thing in our lives whether we realize it or not.

     In spite of the kings heart lacking sincerity, in chapter 22, God gives him the basis for rebuilding the nation.  God told him to turn from evil and do right.  This is our direction from God today.  We must seek a relationship with God, and we must dedicate ourselves as Christians to a lifelong pursuit of this relationship.  Doing what is right is living obedient to God.  The king of Judah valued prosperity more than a relationship with God.  In our nation, perhaps we are so comfortable that we don’t make time for God.  It is time for Christians to reprioritize.  God knows our priorities, even if we don’t care to admit them to ourselves.  For starters, I believe we can assess our priorities based on how we spend our time.  How much time do you spend with God?

     I believe that God uses the method of blessing or withholding blessings in order to get our attention.  Perhaps we should look at the “natural disasters” in our nation and throughout the world as God trying to get our attention.  God tells me that this is the time for us to respond.  As we look at the evil of our ways, it is clear how gracious our God is by the patience He has shown.  One day, I believe very soon, this season of patience will end and just as in Jeremiah’s time, it will be too late for us as a nation.  At any moment, it can be too late for you personally.  I urge you to seek a sincere relationship with Jesus Christ today, and I promise you it will change your life.

Sunday, January 24, 2016
​The Lord has been speaking more and more to me about two main themes in the last couple of weeks.  God is making our message clear to me, as we begin to plan our mission journey.  The two themes God continues to highlight are:

1.)  Personal Relationship of His people.  Our outreach is to all of God's people-His entire Church.  His message is simple.  He wants His people to be in relationship with Him.  Currently, as a whole, they are not!
2.) Unity within the Church.

I will continue to write about these themes over the coming days and weeks.  

During my recent study of Ephesians, God opened my eyes to a better understanding of His desire for His Church as outlined by Paul.  Paul so often refers to the church as the Body of Christ, and most of us have heard this many times.  However, what God showed me this time is that this is not a church by church order, with each church operating independently.  Jesus, before His ascension into Heaven, told the apostles to "take the Gospel to the ends of the earth."  God's plan is not for each church and denomination to operate independently of one another.  The Lord is giving us one vision for the entire Church-all Christians.

It seems more accurate to look at each of us as individual cells within the body.  One community may be an eye, or a finger.  One church may be a fingertip.  In this plan, each of us has a purpose and a God assigned responsibility.  We cannot even know this responsibility, let alone fulfill it, without being in complete communion with our Lord.  

As I think of the body, specifically each cell, God's desire for His Church comes more clear to me.  Each cell in the body has a function.  Each cell operates on command from the nervous system.  The nervous system is controlled by the brain.  Jesus Christ is our brain.  We are designed to operate according to His direction constantly.

This is the first step toward achieving unity in the church at the community level, as well as worldwide.  Each cell cannot be operating according to its own plan.  The Lord has one perfect master plan for His entire Church.  His plan is intricate-it is specific for each of us, and it is perfect to the most minute detail.  We are the problem.  Christians are the problem.  

The good new is that we also are the solution.  We have the answer.  The answer to all things is Jesus Christ.  Our pathway to being part of the solution is to commit ourselves to an ongoing relationship with Him.

This is God's message.  This is His desire.

Refer to the following Scriptures:

2 Chronicles 16:9  "For the eyes of The Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him."
Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."

Thursday, March 10 2016
During my time in solitude this morning, the Lord spoke to me first about my calling and then about His expectations for His people. God told me that He has not called everyone to preach as He has me, but He does call all of His people to be Holy. He told me that He has called all of His people to dedicate themselves to the life-changing transformation that comes from His Holy Spirit. God told me that sharing the Gospel with others flows forth from this transformation that takes place. It flows from us through the Love that He gives us. When we experience this divine change in our life, we are inclined to share with others. The Lord said that His purpose is tailored specific for each of His children, and it can only be realized through intimate relationship with Him. God said that His purpose always begins with being transformed and sanctified. Be Holy, because He is Holy.

December 18, 2015 Post-Daily Journal Entries January 19-January 25, 2015
Daily Journal Monday, January 19, 2015
The Lord spoke to me today about trusting Him-learning to trust Him more and more.  God said I need to be diligent in my preparation-in my growth-in learning from His Word and growing every day.  The Lord told me that He will always continue to purify me and refine my character, and I need to continue to put in the time.  Then, The Lord said, I need to trust Him with results-trust Him in all circumstances.  Trust Him to take care of what comes out of me when I speakand Ttrust The Lord to taek care of how it is received.  My work is the preparation-the time.  The rest is God’s work.

The Lord told me I am training for a race.  Each day I train-spiritual muscles-preparing for a lifelong race fro Him.  Often, we don’t feel the results of the preparation until we are in the race.  In this case, the race is lifelong with continuous preparation.

Preparation through God’s guidance is my part.  The Lord said I am continually in the race, but as we move more and more into ministry we are changing to a more aggressive course.  The Lord is directing my training regimen.

Primarily, The Lord wants me to trust Him.  He said that the results will be handled by Him.  God said that my preparation is what allows Him to work through me completely.  I need to work to be His vessel, but I am not training alone.  God is right there directing my preparation and my growth.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
The Lord gave me a dream last night. It was incredible. I was speaking to a group of people – in an auditorium type setting. I was essentially telling my testimony. While I remember some of the words, what really impressed in my mind was the passion with which I was speaking, and the joy in the piece. I felt as I was speaking. I remember talking of my first day of solitude and saying  The Lord told me, in effect “let’s do this.”

The Lord spoke to me today about the dream he said to pay special attention to the passion the Lord said to note and remember the passion, the openness and honesty, the sincerity. God has spoken with me about this before – the importance of purity and motives and of my heart and how it intertwines with being genuine and this being key to our ministry to others. The Lord has told me that this will speak to people-they will recognize this.

The Lord also spoke to me about reliant on him for this passion, energy, encouragement, God said it is very important in our message constantly rely on the Lord for this energy

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
The Lord had some strong words about our ministry today. The Lord told me that it is important for me to know with complete certainty that his voice to me is real, and due to seeking a relationship with him. God said that our ministry is to convey that this relationship is available to anyone who wants to have it if they are willing to show diligence and accept Jesus as their Savior.

The Lord told me that our ministry – the revival – is an invitation to all. It is an invitation to all who want to reach out and have a relationship with the Lord. He told me that the relationship that I have found is available.  It can be theirs as easily as it became mine.

The Lord told me that this needs to be my passion – a personal relationship with him. That’s what he desires. That’s our ministry. This is my responsibility.

The Lord said, there is a message of impending judgment and punishment for those who do not choose him.  However, this is the Lord’s invitation our eternal future rests on our decision whether to accept God’s invitation or not.

Thursday, January 22
The Lord told me to take time and plan our transition into ministry. God said that this is a transition year, and that he will provide opportunities for me, but as a transition year, there is much planning and work to do. The Lord told me to get organized. He told me to plan diligently – as a new career, beginning. Organize my things, organize my thoughts, schedule, etc. The Lord told me our ministry begins this year, but in transition. The Lord told me he will help me plan – or be overwhelmed.

Friday, January 23, 2015
the Lord talk to me about the two pads today. The Lord has been revealing many things to me about evil – about Satan and his work is very troubling. It seems evil is everywhere. The Lord tells me that what troubles me the most is evil masquerading as good. I guess I always kind of felt like evil likes to reveal itself as such, but this does not always seem to be the case.

However, the Lord told me that there are only two choices Jesus as Savior – son of God, died on the cross and resurrected from the dead. Jews Jesus and commit to him or choose not to serve him. That’s all.

The degree of evil, the shape of evil, how deeply person commits to ”serve” evil is not relevant to the salvation. If they don’t accept, believe, and serve. Jesus is Lord, they face eternal damnation. There are only two choices.

The Lord reminded me that the mission of our ministry is to be an instrument to lead to desire for people to seek a relationship with Jesus. God told me to never worry about numbers leave the results to the Holy Spirit.

Saturday, January 24, 2015
the Lord gave me direction about our ministry today. God said he wants me to use Paul’s missions as an example – study the trips in the logistics and study. Paul is an example. The Lord has revealed many parallels are ready to Paul’s ministry versus what the Lord has conveyed to me, such as using his craft to support himself traveling city to city – area to area. Going to local synagogues to teach the Lord wants me to study Paul in some more detail – historically, as well as his writings.

The Lord also talked to me about my message. Essentially, God tells me I am to convey his will. As it is clearly written in his word. The Lord tells me that our ministry is to convey clearly to people that they must make a choice to believe in and serve. Jesus is Lord. Two choices – Jesus is Lord, or anything else.

The Lord has laid on my heart to be troubled about people not recognizing the need to make a choice and a commitment.

The Lord said. My message needs to be very clear. He said that the foundation of our ministry is that people will not be able to hear it and leave with any confusion or misunderstanding about their options, or the results of their choice. The Lord said, they can believe, think I’m extreme, choose not to believe, not care, or any other choice. However, the truth must be clear from our message.

The Lord told me not to worry about results – only the truth-God’s message from his Word. God said that he has told me there will be revival – some will make that choice – just as I have. God said my life is an example – example of God’s power.

The Lord said he is going to give me power to heal, he said, I am to heal in the name of Jesus through the power of Jesus and to give him all the glory – to the glory of his kingdom. God said he will continue to increase my knowledge and faith greatly. There is great work to do.

Sunday, January 25, 2015
the Lord talk to me about Paul’s gift to talk to and connect with different groups of people to facilitate getting his message received. He conveyed this and ask, chapter 21 Paul – even though bold and possibly brash at times, compromised for the sake of others. The Lord told me he has given me the gift to communicate with others in the same way, not multiple languages, but through the language of compassion. The Lord tells me this is an important gift.

The Lord told me I need to work on writing my testimony, and specifically my experiences in history through the drinking, God said I need to buckle down and spend time on this also, completing my book on my year without drinking. The Lord reminded me that I need to be diligent with the use of time and money, as he is going to bless us with the be wise and diligent with both the Lord told me to focus decisions on how our ministry is affected the Lord tells me there is much to do.

The Lord talked to me about selfishness and decision-making. He told me to learn to identify selfishness in my thought process. The Lord said that as a leader I must make decisions and provide direction. However, as I do I need to evaluate whether I am identifying a decision as best, or as best for me or something I desire I need to learn to differentiate this the Lord told me to focus on this and look to him for guidance in these situations.

The Lord told me that much of what he is teaching me now is to build up a database for later – so that it is there when I needed as a resource.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Solitude Journal Entry-February 16, 2016

The Lord told me something very interesting today. God said that I have allowed myself to be putty in His hands – Clay that He can form according to His will. All of the change comes  from Him. All of the growth is from Him. Basically, everything is from Him. God told me that for this to happen, at the very root – the beginning element is a heartfelt desire for Him. We must choose Him. In our deepest heart, we must desire God. We must respond willfully to that desire for Him that He places in our heart. In all that  transpires through the relationship, it seems that our part is so miniscule. The very smallest element of the relationship, yet it is vital. We must desire  God. He will teach us all things and make us into the person we are to be – who we were created to be. From our desire in our heart, we must choose to make Him our God.

 I watched a documentary that I rented from the library done by a man on a quest to find God. It made me quite sad. It was done by a man named Simon Cole. One thing that struck me as he talked with people throughout the country was that the most effective feedback he received was people talking about what God had done for them.  It was most inspiring when they made it personal. It wasn’t  theology. It was not philosophy.  There was nothing moving about defining rules.  It certainly was not being judgmental or talking of damnation.  Love for God and thankfulness because of what He has done – personally.  As Christians, we have to feed people’s natural, God-given desire to know Him.  We must endeavor to make that simple curiosity become a burn inside of them-by what we have inside-The Holy Spirit.

There is a critical point of differentiation as we seek God.  It is not sufficient to know about God, but it is vitally important to desire to know God.  Then, as God told me in my solitude, everything hinges on our decision of how to respond to Jesus when He reveals Himself to us.

 As Christians, perhaps we don’t need to be telling the lost how to live, but rather be busy enticing them to want what we have (i.e. love for one another).  God will teach them how to live through His Holy Spirit once they are saved.  We must remember that God gave His law to His people. In his writings, Paul talked to Christians about how they should live.  Perhaps we are too busy trying to judge a lost world and tell them how to live. If they don’t know Jesus, it does not matter how they live.  It should always be our goal to lead them to Jesus.  This is the initial step in the journey.  Without this step, everything else loses relevance.

Mark 16:15-16 “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

Following are Transcripts of a Portion of my Daily Solitude Journal from 2015

Monday, February 1, 2016
I have often asked myself why God even created us in the first place.  His Love, His desire for communion with us?  God knew from the beginning that we would fall.  He knew our sordid history before creation, and yet He created us anyway.  It is not God that needs us, but it is us that need Him, so why even create us in the first place.?  Perhaps God enlightened me today as I read Romans Chapter 7.  Even from the beginning, God did not and does not see us as a fallen mankind.  He sees us as His restored creation mad possible through the work of His son Jesus Christ.  This is the incomprehensible Love with which He sees us.  Through the forgiveness offered by Jesus death. His Grace is always reaching out to us to restore us into relationship with Himself.  God sees us as His restored perfect creation-made so by His Son.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Over the course of my journey, The Lord has given me a message.  Perhaps He has given this message to me because I was the worst of all of his people- If I even was one of His people.   I really don’t know.  I just want to share my relationship with Him, with the hope that somehow it is contagious, and spreads like fire.

Our Lord, who died on the cross for us, is not satisfied with the commitment, and obedience of His people-His Church.  The message I pray to convey today is that every single person that reads this will spend some time with the Lord and listen. I am reaching out to people that have committed their life to Jesus.   Our Lord desires a personal relationship with each one of His people.   This relationship is fostered in the same way any other of our relationships grow-through time with Him.

I want to pose a question that I hope you will give sincere attention.  In your schedule, how much time is spent listening to the Lord?   I mean for this to be a personal assessment.  I don’t believe I am being over dramatic in my belief that the honest answer to this question by every believer is critical to their own future, the future of God’s Church, and the future of our Nation.

I can only convey my own story -what Jesus has done for me. I only wish to convey how incredible this journey with the Lord has been since I committed to this relationship.  My situation is probably very different from yours.  I was in dire straits and had no alternative but God or certain death.  God does not require these circumstances in order to find Him.  It is not necessary to be in my situation to take part in this relationship with Jesus.   As Christians, it is God’s gift.   As a follow up to salvation, I believe it to be our responsibility to pursue this relationship.  Jesus said, those who seek me,  find me.  I must ask, how diligently are you seeking Him?

The Lord has made His message clear to me.  Our Lord desires revival of His church.  How do we have revival in our nation?  It begins at a grassroots level.  It begins with individuals making a commitment to pursue a sincere relationship with the Lord. It begins with you, with each and every one of us.

Recently I went on vacation with my family to Florida. We spent a few days down near the beach.  While I was there, The Lord conveyed some thoughts to me that I believe to be crucial steps in beginning a journey with Him.  I believe certain things to be foundational.  Basically, these are steps that the Lord has laid out for us to follow.  At salvation, we accept Jesus as our Lord.  Period.  Therefore,  it stands to reason, that the first step in our relationship is commitment to Him.  The Lord wants every one of His people to commit to a personal relationship with Him.   I would like each of you to take a second and reflect on the word commitment.  My American Dictionary defines commitment as “The state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action.”   This is the Lord’s will.   This is the beginning for every believer.   This is where our journey begins.  This is what we are signing on for at the moment of salvation.  This is the beginning of revival at the personal level. This is ground zero.  With genuine commitment, we can then begin to find The Lord’s will and plan for our lives.

I would urge you over the next several days, to spend time-quality time-seeking The Lord.  Quiet time-personal time-intimate time- with God.  I am absolutely confident that if you have truly accepted Jesus as your Saviour and Lord, He will begin to lead you.  If you are not sure about your salvation, now is the time to get sure.  If you need assistance, please email me.

This section contains all previous "Today's Thought" postings between September 11, 2015 and March 11, 2016.  It is my belief that many Christians need to take a hard look at their relationship with Jesus, and more specifically their commitment.  The Lord has been very emphatic with me about this, and I feel that these are things that I must share.  I don't want to come across as judgmental, as I may have been the worst of all.  I am drawn to 1 Corinthians 6:9-11:  "This is how some of you were."  I certainly was.  If what I write seems harsh, it is not my intent to offend. I reach out through love to my brothers and sisters in Christ, as I wish that none will find themselves in the presence of our Lord, with Jesus saying "Depart from me, for I never knew you."  I feel a strong call from The Lord to do all I can to spurn His people to seek a deeper relationship with Him.  If I am harsh in my words, I only hope to stir a movement toward Jesus Christ.

Friday, November 6, 2015
The Lord spoke to me at length this morning about my battle with the enemy.  As I contemplated what God wanted me to write today, it occurred to me that perhaps others could benefit from God’s words to me, as we are all in the same battle.

God told me that I must be continually aware of the attacks and deceptions that the enemy engages in.  I read something from J.H. Howard this morning that really seems pertinent.

“If temptation brought chains to bind us, we would steadily resist its approach; but if it brings garlands to crown us, we become the victims of its charms.”

In the face of a trying week, God has steadily encouraged me.  God told me today that while obedience is paramount, I must always have an eye on my effectiveness.  Satan’s goal is always to compromise my effectiveness with others.  Throughout this journey, God has emphasized relying on Him for consistent growth in purity and righteousness.  God has stressed to me the importance of purity in resisting the desires of the flesh and being lured by worldly things.  Obviously, this is a constant battle.  However, a more subtle battle lies in another front from the enemy.  God told me that I must be attentive to doubt, discouragement, worry, and anxiety as my weak areas.  The Lord told me that these can be just as useful in the battle against me.  The Lord told me to eliminate doubt from the equation and observe how this enhances my effectiveness.  I can only eliminate doubt through trust in The Lord.  God told me I must move forward in obedience to Him in the face of the enemy.  I must have absolute and unwavering Faith in God.  I can only get this Faith from Him.

The Lord referenced me to His armor.  As Paul tells us, the armor of God is vitally important in the battle.  We must seek to be suited daily, and we must use it in our battle.  God told me that I must be prepared for battle because the enemy is prepared.

Through Jesus death and resurrection, all of the things that hinder me have been defeated.  I must rely completely on Him and what He has already done.  We all must desire to achieve our maximum impact  on those in the world who don’t yet know Jesus.  It is our responsibility to a dying world.

I have shared with you my main areas of weakness-discouragement, doubt, anxiety, and worry.  The Lord constantly reveals to me my areas for focus.  I believe it to be vitally important for us to understand our weakness as we learn to discern the attacks of our enemy.  I encourage you to spend time with The Lord today, and ask Him to reveal your strengths and weaknesses as you fight the good fight for our Lord.  It is a war that Jesus has already won, and we have a responsibility to bring as many into our family as we can.  Jesus has done the work on our behalf, now we must only do our part.

Monday, January 11, 2016
It seems that the last few days, I have found myself in many conversations regarding our witness to others.  I believe that our witness of Jesus is The Holy Spirit inside of us.  For believers, we know Jesus as a real relationship because we feel His presence in us.  He is in our heart.  For non-believers, we must be the proof of Jesus as we display The Holy Spirit by how we act.  We must entice non-believers to search for something they cannot see or feel because of who we are and what they see in us.  This enticement or curiosity to find what we have that makes us different is an opportunity to present the Gospel.  This curiosity can be the pathway that can lead others to encounter Jesus personally.  We must, however, be disciples such that we have something that they want.  We must be genuine.  We must be walking with our Lord and guided daily by The Holy Spirit.  If not, we are in danger of being just like them.  

Friday, February 26, 2016
I often share insights the Lord has revealed to me during my Bible study as part of this weekly post. This week, I’ve just decided to include a chapter from 2 Chronicles. As I read chapters 15 and 16, I was very moved by the story of Asa, king of Judah.

2 Chronicles 15

The Spirit of God came upon Azariah son of Obed. He went out to meet Asa and said to him,”, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin. The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you see him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you. For a long time. Israel was without the true God, without a priest to teach and without the law. But in their distress, they turedn to the Lord, the God of Israel, and sought him, and he was found by them. In those days it was not safe to travel about, for all the inhabitants of the lands were in great turmoil. One nation was being crushed by another and one city by another, because God was troubling them with every kind of distress. But as for you, be strong and do not  give up, for your work will be rewarded.

When Asa heard these words, and the prophecy of Azariah son of Obed the prophet, he took courage. He removed the detestable idols from the whole land of Judah and Benjamin, and from the towns he’d captured in the hills of Ephraim. He repaired the altar of the Lord that was in front of the portico of the Lord’s temple.

Then he assembled all Judah and Benjamin, and the people from Ephraim, Manasseh, and Simeon, who had settled among them, for large numbers had come over to him from Israel when they saw that the Lord his God was with him.

They assembled at Jerusalem in the 3rd month of the 15th year of Asa’s reign. At that time they sacrificed to the Lord 700 head of cattle and 7000 sheep and goats from the plunder they had brought back. They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul. All who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, were to be put to death, whether small or great, man or woman. They took an oath to the Lord with loud acclamation, with shouting and with trumpets and horns. All Judah rejoiced about the oath because they had sworn it wholeheartedly. They sought God eagerly, and he was found by them. So the Lord gave them rest on every side.

King Asa also deposed his grandmother Maacah from her position as Queen Mother, because she had made repulsive Asherah pole. Asa cut the pole down, broke it up and burned it in the Kidron Valley. Although he did not remove the high places from Israel, Asa’s heart was fully committed to the Lord all his life. He brought into the temple of God, the silver and gold and the articles that he and his father had dedicated.

There was no more war until the 35th year of Asa’s reign.

When Judah turned to the Lord, God clearly honored His promise to be found. It is our time as a nation to humble ourselves, pray to the Lord, and seek Him while he may be found. God has made the same promise to us, and he will honor His promise to us if we sincerely seek Him as Judah did.

Wake up His Church

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015
As I have been reading in John, something that strikes me so clearly the last few days is the division that Jesus stirred.  As Jesus spoke and taught, there always seemed to be turmoil between those who were there as to exactly how to understand Him.  

We see varied reactions to Christ in chapters seven through nine.  We see confusion, curiosity, hostility, being argumentative, doubt, and  finally convinced.  This is not all encompassing, but I see the parallels today.  I seem to find myself focusing on the blind man in chapter nine.  Over the course of the chapter, we see his faith grow as he continues to be questioned and he encounters more and more of Jesus.  Finally in verse 38, we see that he worshiped Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t necessarily ask us to just accept Him without any questions.  In fact, I believe He seems to provoke us to test Him.  He invites people to act on the curiosity, and then make a decision based on the answers we find.  When we encounter Jesus, we must make a decision.  We must either accept that He is The Son of God as He says He is, or we can walk away for any of a million reasons.  The blind man’s need led Him to believe and worship Jesus.  The religious leaders were hostile in their rejection.  However, there were many that didn’t embrace Jesus or show hostility.  If we don’t embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior, the level of rejection is irrelevant.  There is no middle ground that is acceptable.  There are only two choices.  Do you believe Jesus Christ is who He says He is?

Thursday, October 15, 2015
I want to continue my theme relating to sin and repentance.  Something that gives me great sadness when I think of people-starting with myself-is that often times we don’t recognize sin until it destroys us or those we love.  Our enemy is the great deceiver, and we are so deceived by sin that we seek the thrill it provides and believe this to be happiness.  It seems that we must pursue this thrill until it destroys us.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  We have countless examples in God’s Word that we can learn from, or we have the testimony of others from whom we can learn.  This is why I so readily want to share my story.  We don’t have to endure the pain to experience The Lord’s grace.  We can accept His free gift at any time, and I find it unfortunate that human nature seems to dictate that we find  destruction first.  Sometimes-perhaps most of the time-the damage is irreparable to those around us.  There is no substitute for the joy and peace that we can find in a relationship with The Lord.  We must repent and not fall prey to the deception.  Why wait?

Friday, January 29, 2016

​I often talk of being blessed through my addiction because this is how I found my relationship with The Lord.  I have often wondered why the noticeably broken seem to more readily find a relationship with God. Perhaps the answer is simple. Those of us who have nearly been destroyed by sin cannot deny sin and its power over us. However, those that appear righteous, and even seem to be good people, have sin that is not as evident and can be masqueraded and rationalized as if they are okay  and don’t feel the need to have a relationship with God. They simply don’t see their need.  What we must all understand is that sin is sin. All sin separates us from God.

We cannot please God without proper relationship with Him. We cannot get into proper relationship with Him if we don’t identify and repent of our sin.

The New Testament conveys two very important things for us. This was brought about through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These two things are:

Jesus covered – atoned for our sins to make us right with God
The Holy Spirit living in us as a result of salvation makes us capable to live according to God’s standards

In Romans chapter 2, verses one through four, Paul talks to us about judging the sin of others.  It is much easier for us to notice or judge the sins of others than to deal with sin of our own. This is human nature. We all have sin and we must recognize this. If not, we are doomed.

In Romans, Paul clearly emphasizes our salvation through grace alone. It stands to reason that even out of sheer thankfulness and gratitude we should want to produce good works for our Lord. However, something that I feel is not talked about often enough, is that we are also empowered to do these good works.  I believe our desire to commune with Him, which then leads to our growing in His likeness, is the work of the Holy Spirit living in us. The Holy Spirit is who enables us and drives us to act according to His will.  The Holy Spirit enables us to do good works.  This is why Paul refers to them as ”Fruits of the Spirit.”  This is why Jesus tells us that “every good tree bears good fruit” (Matt7:17).  The power to bear good fruit comes from God Himself.

The path to God is not complex.  He has made the process simple.  However, it does take discipline and commitment.  Commitment to Him!​​

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Here is my journal entry from earlier in the week.  God laid it on my heart to share this entry.

Thursday, March 3, 2016
The Lord shared some sobering things with me this morning. He told me that our nation is a mess. His people are a mess. People are angry, they are hurting. This makes people unpredictable in their responses. I guess God is telling me that it makes their behavior erratic.

 God told me that even many that are doing good work have difficulty maintaining purity in motives and are not always consistent about being true to seek and follow His direction. Pride, ego, selfishness, money – all of these are issues.

God told me it is vitally important that I continually seek Him to maintain purity as we move forward. This is why He has me reading 2 Chronicles here at the onset. God said He wants me to always have in my mind the kings of Judah. The Lord said He has spent this time preparing me andgetting my heart where He wants me to be. Through a growing relationship with Him, I must always make a conscious effort to keep my heart focused on Him.

God said our message is not about enthusiasm or excitement. It is not a quick fix. Our message is an invitation to get on the path that will lead to change. This journey is a commitment. Change the Lord speaks of is personal and far-reaching – to our nation – over time.

 We have a God of the future. He is looking down the road and revealing the pathway for us to achieve change. The revival God has given me vision to see is far reaching, and it is lasting. The rewards are extensive, but they are not immediate. True, lasting change requires commitment. The Lord is inviting each of us to commit to the process of change both individually and to our nation.

My prayer is that you consider these words the Lord gave to me yesterday. I pray that you will read this, seek the Lord, and come in a relationship with Him. I pray that you will commit yourself to the journey with God that will lead to change.


Thursday, October 8, 2015
Our theme for today is sin.  In Jeremiah 1:16, The Lord says "I will pronounce my judgments on my people because of their wickedness in forsaking me.  Jeremiah 2:35 tells us "I will pass judgment on you because you say 'I have not sinned.'  I believe we have a terrible problem in our country dealing with sin.  Apathy toward sin may be the greatest sin of all.  We rationalize sin, we diminish sin, we ignore sin, and we seek comfort rather that obedience.    I think in many cases we have drifted so far from The Lord that we don't even recognize sin.  In Jeremiah, God harshly equates the sin of His people (unfaithfulness and disobedience) to adultery and prostitution.  Possibly the worst response is to make an outward appearance of righteousness rather than truly addressing sin.  We must approach God with a true heart, and there we will find His mercy.  The Lord is beckoning His people just as He did through Jeremiah.  In Jeremiah's day, His people did not respond and history tells us what happened.  My prayer every day is that in our day, His people will respond to His urgent call.  I pray that you respond to The Lord's call.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 
I just wanted to post something I read earlier today that seems like valuable guidelines to be used as a principle of the Church.  Relating to doctrine, we should have unity in essential matters (as outlined by Scripture), We should allow liberty in non-essential matters.  However, in all things we should have love for each other.  I believe this is what Paul is telling us in Romans chapter 15.

Monday, October 19, 2015
God has given me a message that our punishment as a nation is looming, but He has given me the message of hope for Revival.  God’s message to me is repentance.  Punishment awaits, and without repentance it is assured, but my message is repentance.  We must all stand up and make a commitment to change-starting with circumcision of our own heart.  We must all start by changing the ground on which we stand.  We must seek change to the person we see in the mirror.  Right living requires making right decisions and this requires discipline.  We should pursue excellence in living for Jesus with greater passion than any other facet of our lives. We are not called to a life of comfort.  We are called to serve.

For true change of our nation, we must commit as individuals.  In Jeremiah, God gives us the results of continued disobedience.  We see the actual enactment of this punishment in 2 Chronicles, and    2 Kings.  These were the punishments that God warned of some 800 years earlier in Deuteronomy.  We have the same warning.  It is time to repent and turn to obedience.

Friday, November  20, 2015
                Beginning next week, I am going to begin a theme for my weekly posts that is a little different.  I will be continuing the theme over the next several weeks.  The Lord led me to review my daily journal notes this week, and as I was reading my journal beginning in January of this year, God gave me a realization.  It occurred to me that this record of my walk with The Lord and this documentation of my time with Him in solitude may be useful to others.  As you will see, the journal is a day by day record of my growth with The Lord.  My prayer is that this will encourage others to seek their own personal relationship with Jesus.  I hope to strengthen your resolve to commit to a walk with Jesus.

                As I was reading day by day, I felt myself being encouraged and drawing closer to The Lord.  As I relived my own journey, it occurred to me that this could be useful to others.  It is my intent to transcribe my daily journal with as little editing as possible in order to portray it as accurately as possible.   I want the writings to be genuine without alteration.  They may contain grammatical errors, and at times may not even make sense to anyone but me.  However, it is more important to me that it is clear that they are genuine.  These writings will hopefully demonstrate the intimacy that I share with The Lord daily, and will reveal how The Lord instructs and encourages me.  As I was reading each day, what really stood out to me is how personal God’s words to me are.  God talks to me about His expectations, and yet encourages me based on my situations and circumstances.  It’s quite remarkable.  One example is the way The Lord reveals things to me through numbers.  This is customized for me because I am a numbers person.   This is only one example.

                Again, my intent with these writings and conveying my own journey with Jesus is to stimulate desire for the same relationship for each of you.  I assure you that this commitment will be honored by God if you begin with making Jesus your Savior and seek Him with a sincere heart.

                Several themes seemed to be highlighted as I was reading, but I will let your derive those for yourself.  I cannot express strongly enough how valuable this time with God has been.  This continueing journey with The Lord is quite incredible.  It has absolutely transformed my life, and I only pray for the same for you.

God Bless You. 

Friday, February 26, 2016 Post-Daily Journal Entries February 22-February 28, 2015
Sunday, February 22, 2015
 The Lord led me to Zephaniah, chapter 1 today. God told me that this same judgment can be expected for our nation. The Lord told me that His judgment will come – it is not for me to worry about. The Lord’s command for me is to deliver the message of His judgment, and to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me for Revival of His people.

The Lord said it is time for His remnant of people in America to identify themselves by their commitment to Him, and by the way they live – by spreading the gospel.

The Lord is telling me that now is the time and opportunity for change through complete commitment of His people to serve and glorify God. This message is what God has called me to deliver. This is what the Lord has prepared and continues to prepare me for.

My focus is not how or when judgment will come, though I believe God has given me some details. The important  message is to begin living today as if judgment were coming tomorrow.

 Monday, February 23, 2015
The Lord spoke to me about learning and seeking His knowledge. God told me that He is opening my eyes to His truths as revealed in His Word. God reminded me that He previously told me that my learning would increase exponentially. God said He is proud of me for being diligent about studying His Word. He told me that the diligence in seeking His guidance through His Word is vital to growth. The Lord said that I will continue to learn as I continue to be diligent. He will draw me closer and closer to Him. He will continue to reveal His truths to me through the Bible. All of God’s guidance is right there.

 Tuesday, February 24, 2015
The Lord talked to me about writing today. God wants me to begin writing more. He wants me to be more diligent about writing down things that He reveals to me – as I study, and also throughout the day. The Lord told me not to let the devil deter me. God said it is important.
God wants me to write a book, but this will come later. Now, He just wants me to be diligent about writing-getting my thoughts and ideas down as the Lord reveals things to me. God stressed the importance of doing this. He told me that He will help me assemble everything later.

The Lord said I need to be wise with the use of my time.

 Wednesday, February 25, 2015
The Lord talked to me again about my writing. He said it is very important that I take the time to write down my thoughts – be very diligent to do it throughout the day. God told me to carry my voice recorder with me to record my thoughts.

The Lord told me to just record my thoughts for now. Later, He will help me assemble them. God tells me that my journey and experiences – the closeness with Him, and this journey we are traveling – God says it can help others. He told me not to discount it in my own mind. I need to understand the importance of being obedient to my writing as He is telling me.

The Lord has revealed so many things to me over the past 18 months. He has given me so much clarity on things. God is telling me to record these things. It would be great if these things can help others.

 Thursday, February 26, 2015
The Lord spoke to me about genuineness. God emphasized to me the importance of being genuine, trustworthy, of high character. The Lord said that these are the tools He will use for our ministry. The Lord said that these are the tools that allow Him to fully utilize me and deliver His message through me. God told me to work hard toward the utmost character and purity.

The Lord also talked to me about timing for the ministry. I asked Him if my current assessment is correct. God told me that I need to have faith in the things He reveals to me in our solitude. He has revealed some of the timing to me, but God said He wants me to be patient. Not just sit back and wait, but He wants me to understand that He is working through me now. He said that the work I am doing now is important. I need to look at it that way. The Lord said that while this is my time for intense preparation, I still need to seize opportunities of impact to others.

God told me to remember that it is all according to His plan. God said that while I assumed that I would be free of the restaurant during my intense preparation, this was not His plan. He has work for me to accomplish through the restaurant.

The Lord said that this year is for preparation, though. He said I need to be very diligent about learning and writing. God told me I have put off the writing long enough. I need to give it much attention.

Friday, February 27, 2015
The Lord talked to me about giving today. God says that the giving He is speaking of is a total commitment to helping others. It is all-encompassing. It is not just money, but it is time, experiences, etc. The Lord tells me that giving requires taking the time to assess people’s needs, and then trying to help meet their needs based on what God has given us. This means using our talents, resources, spiritual gifts, money – all-encompassing. This is what the Lord wants.

 God tells me that money is one that I need to be cautious with. I have a tendency to want to hold on too tightly. I need to exercise faith and trust the Lord. Holding onto money to tight is displaying a lack of faith. The Lord reminds me that any blessing related to our money comes from Him.

The Lord told me that right now the giving He is teaching me about specifically relates to writing. He says I need to share my experiences and relationship with Him.  It is important-whether that be through writing, talking, witnessing – anyway possible.

The Lord says I need to be willing to share what I have gone through. He says my writing is very important in this regard. I have neglected to be obedient to the Lord as it pertains to writing. God wants me to be completely obedient. He wants me to share my genuine experiences – whether embarrassing, disappointing, or whatever they may be. The Lord tells me my experience can be helpful to others, and I must not be selfish and keep it to myself.

Saturday, February 28, 2015
I thanked the Lord today for the way he is nursed me along through this journey. This came to me as I was reading second Corinthians.  I realized so clearly that God has really nurtured me. I am thankful. The Lord told me that He was able and continues to be able to nurture me because I submit to Him. God said that this is the part that I control. It is my decision whether to surrender my will and submit or decide to hold back. The Lord told me that He can and will use me fully for His will as long as I submit my will. God told me that He is giving me everything that I need to be successful for Him. Whatever He has called me to do, or whatever the situation, I need to always know that He has given me everything I need.

The Lord told me that I worry too much about speaking ability – saying the right words, etc. God said His use of me and my effectiveness for Him is solely reliant on being submissive to Him.