Wednesday, October 23, 2019

I have been toiling for some time regarding direction with these writings.  The Lord has been so intense with me, and has really been pouring into me for most of this year.  For several months, I was posting directly from my solitude journal, but this began to subside in June largely due to time constraints.  Recently, The Lord directed me to review my journals and await direction.  Upon review this week, I believe He wants me to post as much as possible from this year.  For this reason, I will be changing the format of this page.  I am going to post the journal entries in blocks that will be accessible through a tab on this page.  I feel it important to note that I believe these journal entries to be a reflection of  Words directly from The Lord-as accurately as can be possible when being filtered through a flawed human vessel.  I hope to make a post once a week.

In addition, I received something from The Lord this morning that I believe is extremely important.  After it is posted, I intend to leave it up for some time.  In 2016, The Lord spoke to me about His intention to focus His Church.  In the three plus years that have followed, He has to a large degree been teaching me how and why His people are out of focus, and why their hearts are far from Him.  Today, I believe He has given me what seems to be the apex of this teaching, at least to this point.  I will post this writing within the next few days.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Perhaps the most difficult thing about this journey with The Lord is that this world matters.  We are called to die to this world, and the world to die to us, but as long as we are here, this world matters.

The key is that The Holy Spirit frees us from the grip of the world.  Only He can do this.  The other very important facet is that without Him doing this work in us, we are unable to focus properly.  Our human nature is always focused to some aspect of the world.  Death of ourselves is the only means for us to focus entirely on God.  This is "the perfection" of our faith.  It can only be done by Him (sanctification), but it requires devout cooperation by us (consecration).  

We are called to live with absolute focus on Jesus with everything else being peripheral.  In the Church today, what we mostly see is focus on the world with Jesus in the peripheral.

The Lord said this morning, "While you are in this world, and you continue to grow spiritually, the world must continually have its grip on you broken."

Scripture reference:  Galatians 6:14; John 17:15-16

See Chambers writing today.

Saturday, August 8, 2020
Everything that we desire, should desire, or need from God is made REAL to us by The Holy Spirit.  Everything about Jesus is made real to us by The Holy Spirit.  This can only happen as The Spirit becomes real to us.

As with Mary, the Son of God is born into our human flesh through a direct act of God The Holy Spirit (at salvation).  He must grow (in me) in stature and wisdom.  (Galatians 4:19).
The Lord asked me three questions:

       1.)  How often do people hear this?
       2.)  Do they believe it?
       3.)  Do they point their life in the direction in which it can be applied?Type your paragraph here.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019-Solitude December 30

The Lord told me quite simply that the Kingdom of Heaven (on earth) is a kingdom in which the inhabitants display the virtues of Jesus Christ (their King).

He told me the change from the old man to the new man is a literal physiological change.  People don't often see it that way.

The Lord then explained that much of Church history, and namely our nation's history reflects aspiring toward those virtues.  This has been done largely through human effort which is contradictory to the New Testament, but nevertheless society will reflect these virtues.  Today, we see a deviation from these virtues because nothing established by man can last.  Our virtues are not to be copycats of Jesus, but are to be His virtues literally being displayed by His formation within us.

This is the true Kingdom of Heaven-the realm of The Holy Spirit where Jesus is literally King.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

We must make no mistake that we are in a very critical time for the Church.  We can focus on the disease, or personal issues or any number of other distractions, but we MUST NOT lay dormant during this time.  We are facing a very difficult financial crisis, and there will be great need.  Many will look to the government for help, and this is not an issue I want to discuss.   However, the question presents itself-WHAT IS THE CHURCH GOING TO DO?  In remembering that the church is on one hand corporate, and on the other hand individual, the question also presents as "what am I going to do?"  There is only One to seek.for guidance.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

I have been spending a great deal of time contemplating this nation, patriotism, our founding and our history.  I really have much to say on the matters, but have not felt led by Jesus to share any of it except the following.  As Christians, I believe we can see much evidence of our relationship with the Lord through our patriotism regarding this country He has given to us.  I think this something important to consider on this weekend that we celebrate our founding as a nation.

Monday, July 6, 2020

There are the three "R's" of Christianity that are on my mind this morning that must be associated with the Gospel.  Repentance, Regeneration and Reconciliation.  As I consider today's Church, it seems possible that we may have abandon all three of them.

In solitude this morning, The Lord reviewed my journey -namely the last 3 1/2 years. (beginning in early 2015), in light of Chamber's writing today.

He said I have been in the valley of humiliation.  He then told me we are moving into a new stage-a stage of reconciliation for His Church-a glorious stage.

The Lord outlined the importance of the three "R's."  He said this is what The Spirit is bringing to the Church.

When The Spirit touches a person, the correct response is Repentance.  This is the first step in ones journey-which is a journey of Reconciliation through the process of Regeneration.

On another note, as I was reading Acts chapter 11 today, it occurred to me that this walk with The Spirit is both complicated and simple simultaneously.  We soon learn that there is much we don't understand, but we also learn that there is much we are not meant to understand.  We learn that we don't understand that which He has not revealed to us, and we learn to live life with a child-like simplicity.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Chambers' writing on Sanctification-Part 2

Sanctification-The Life Side

The mystery of sanctification is that the perfect qualities of Jesus Christ are imparted as a gift to me, not gradually, but instantly once I enter by faith into the realization that He "became for {me} sanctification." (1 Cor. 1:30) Sanctification means nothing less than the holiness of Jesus becoming mine and being exhibited in my life.

The most wonderful secret of living a holy life does not lie in imitating Jesus, but in letting the perfect qualities of Jesus exhibit themselves in my human flesh.  Sanctification is "Christ in you" (Colossians 1:27).  It is His wonderful life that is imparted to me in sanctification-imparted by faith as a sovereign gift of God's grace.  Am I willing for God to make sanctification as real in  me as it is in His Word?

Sanctification means the impartation of the holy qualities of Jesus Christ in me.  It is the gift of His patience, love, holiness, faith, purity, and godliness that is exhibited in and through every sanctified soul.  Sanctification is not drawing from Jesus the power to be holy-it is drawing from Jesus the very holiness that was exhibited in Him, and that He now exhibits in me.  Sanctification is an impartation, not and imitation.  Imitation is something altogether different.  The perfection of everything is in Jesus Christ, and the mystery of sanctification is that all the perfect qualities of Jesus are at my disposal.  Consequently, I slowly but surely begin to live a life of inexpressible order, soundness, and holiness-"kept by the power if God" (1 Peter 1:5).

How do I slowly but surely begin to live this life?  The Lord told me the following a couple of days later.

Solitude July 27

The Lord told me, "growing spiritually and growing intellectually are two different things.  It is often difficult to tell the difference."

He said obedience is key.  When a person is obedient, they will "hunger and thirst" for growth, and the WILL grow spiritually.  The opposite is also true.  When one is disobedient (to the leading of The Spirit), there is no hunger, and there is no spiritual growth.

Monday, November 2, 2020
Chambers wrote, "If I obey Jesus Christ (as conveyed to me by His Spirit) in the seemingly random circumstances of life, they become pinholes through which I see the Face of God."  (Italics words added by me)

The Lord talked to me at length regarding obedience.  Our obedience to Jesus is so multi-faceted.  We must understand true obedience.  Our entire relationship with Him is built on obedience, and yet it may be the most misunderstood concept in Christianity.
The Lord pointed out some problems.  First, we have a problem in the Church today with even acceptance of the Bible as absolute truth.  Second, even those that accept the Bible as infallible, often spend very little time reading it to gain understanding (meditating upon it).  Third, even when we do these things, we are completely reliant upon our understanding of the Bible for any possibility of obedience.  Fourth, if we seek others (Pastors, etc.) for clearer understanding, we are reliant upon their depth of understanding.
These are only a few problems, but they play a huge part in our obedience.  This is the case even IF we have decided that we want to be obedient, and IF  we have made the commitment to be completely obedient as we understand it.  The dilemma then becomes to what degree is our understanding correct?    We are called to be obedient-not be obedient based on the best of our understanding.
True obedience, however is direct response to our Lord Jesus as He conveys direction to us.  Many (or perhaps even most) Christians are not familiar with this intimacy of relationship on a day to day or moment by moment basis.  It is actually very simple-The Spirit conveys, we respond.

Jesus made this clear in multiple statements-"If you love Me, obey My commands"; "My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me."  This is by no means conclusive.

This is at the heart of our faith-a walk of faith rather than sight.  Faith is having clear vision of our invisible God in the midst of a physical world that is constantly trying to distract us.

While I stated earlier that the concept of obedience is quite simple, in application it is anything but easy.  First, we must decide this is what we want (set our hearts on Him).  Second, we must learn to perceive Him more and more clearly over time.  Third, we must determine that no matter what we will be obedient.

This is the only path to true obedience.  My personal prayer every day is to be sensitive, be responsive, and then be obedient to Him.  

This is how we "Seek His Face!"

Monday, December 7, 2020

Solitude-December 1

"I am their inheritance -I am your inheritance.  When I look at the Church, I see that their inheritance has been stolen from them-by the one that steals, kills, and destroys.

Entering into The Kingdom of Heaven is entering into this rest-this inheritance.  It is entering into personal intimate relationship with Me."

We truly are wandering in the desert.  We came out of slavery to sin, but we have not yet (as a Church universally) stepped into our inheritance.  We have not truly gained our freedom, because we have not completely surrendered.  (Reference Hebrews 3:7-13).

Solitude-December 2

The Lord said, " Christianity is not a concept; it is not intellectual; it is not doctrine; it is not knowledge or even wisdom; Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ."

This "mystery" has been withheld from Christians throughout the history of the Church.  It is the one thing we are to pursue, so it is the very thing that the enemy has targeted to withhold from us.  The Lord said, "Satan has done a masterful job of manipulation of My people throughout the years."  The enemy has pursued every possible avenue of deception to prevent the fullness of this relationship between Jesus and His people.

We don't know that we are not in this relationship because we don't know what it is supposed to look like.

We can only understand what it should look like when we experience it; then we know that everything else we have been focusing on and pursuing is misguided.

"Blessed are those that believe who have not seen."

Solitude-December 3

The Lord said, "I am going to shatter the idea of relationship that exists today through deception, and establish the concept of true relationship with My people.  I am going to use your relationship with Me as an example to do so.  I am going to re-establish what relationship with Me truly means."

Paul set the standard, but Christians immediately dismissed his example because he was an apostle.  Paul's relationship was different from the other apostles because he was to be the example to the Gentile Church.  He did not have a relationship with Jesus on earth-just like us.  However, because we accepted that he was an apostle, we discarded his example.  This was a great deception.  Paul himself said, "Follow me, I am following Jesus."

It occurs to me this morning that perhaps the most affective way to deceive people regarding a relationship is not to try and prevent it, but rather to deceive them as to what true relationship looks like.  Today, it is not necessarily that Christians don't believe they should be in relationship with Jesus, but it is that they believe they are in relationship based on a false understanding.  

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Today, The Lord gave me something regarding being led.  One of the very important understandings that The Spirit brings us to realize is that e are all "like sheep."  Some are stronger than others.  Some lead , some follow in relation to men and women.  However, it is in the nature of man that we are all followers of something or someone.  Many that seem stronger simply have a stronger will and are really just following their own fleshly inclinations.  

As I consider this, the troubling question that arises for the Church is not what we are doing that needs to be assessed, but rather, Who are we following?  The Scripture that came to mind this morning is from Acts.  In Acts 4:19, the words of Peter and John are recorded, and seem very pertinent at this time.  "Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge.  For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard"

Whom do we obey?  In this very turbulent time, we must recognize that we are being led by something.  We are following man (which includes our own fallen nature), or we are following God.  Sometimes, they align, but we must be hearing the voice of our Shepherd in order to know this.  "Man cannot have two masters."

The world does not understand this, but Christians must understand.  The Holy Spirit is providing His people the discernment necessary, but we must be listening, sensitive, and obedient to His guidance.  If not, we are rudderless ships being tossed to and fro and the world desires.

As we examine the lives of the apostles, it is clear that they knew when to obey Cesar, and when to disobey Cesar.  They were not simply rebellious or conforming.  They were following their Shepherd as was conveyed to them by His Spirit.

That same Holy Spirit indwells every Christian today.  As a Jeremy Camp song I love so much tells us, "The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in us."

Monday, April 20, 2020

"Go and make Disciples..."  As I examine the Church through the vision The Lord has given me, it seems clear that this is where the failure lies.  

Today, I once again consider use of our resources.  I have always been troubled by the general wealth in the American Church.  They operate like businesses.  Like corporate America, the large ones seem to gobble up the smaller ones.  The question that always looms in me is, "how does God feel about this?"  The question must be answered in light of the opening statement.  How do our resources align with the command?  We must note that the command is not:  "go and get new members," or even to "go and convert people to Christianity."  These may be drastically different.

It is my belief that the Church in this nation has grossly mismanaged the resources God has given us to steward.  What came to me this morning is very enlightening.  The problem is not necessarily how we have mismanaged these resources, but the real problem is that we don't even know it.  We can only know how to manage God's resources through The Spirit opening ours eyes and revealing His desire to us.  We don't know because we are operating the Church through man's wisdom rather than God's.  God's wisdom comes to us from our Saviour through His Spirit.

It is not a Spiritless Church because He is ever present, but as with our personal lives, we must turn control over to Him intentionally.  As we have not done so, He is not in charge.  What kind of Church is it that is not led by The Lord?  It is man's-no matter what name we put on it.

Monday, October 12, 2020-(Solitude: October 7, 2020)
The Lord told me the experience of salvation (Chambers) is the application of redemption which, when applied leads to regeneration.  Repentance is the recognition of this need, and responding to it by accepting God's redemption.  We have a focus issue in Christianity today relating to sin (which is the sinful nature of man) vs. sins (which is the outward display of that nature).  This nay present a problem at the heart of our repentance.  We tend to desire to "confess our sins," but we must go deeper.  As Jesus begins in the Sermon on the Mount, we must understand how impoverished we are in our nature. The nature of sin is something that no man can touch.  The Lord told me, "cleaning up behavior does nothing toward reconciling man to God.-it does nothing toward unity."  Unity with God (between God and man) comes from regeneration of the man-replacing the nature of sin (that he is born with) with a new nature which is the very nature of Jesus Christ.
"Behavior is not the problem.  It is what is in the man that is the problem."  
Sins (behavior) are simply products of the old nature.  However, the sinful nature also contains a good side and may not appear to be sinful by man's standards , but it is still a sinful nature.  To be one with God, the entire nature must die, both good and bad, and the nature of Jesus must be formed in us.  "You must be born again."
The Lord told me that He has spent nearly two years teaching me what it means to "press on."  (Paul-"nevertheless I press on.")  The old nature-the nature of sin-must be kept in submission.  People must learn and understand this, and know that it takes time and focus. (See Chambers' writing October 12).
This is the Gospel-Reconciliation of man to God-restoring the pinnacle of His creation to Himself.
From the October 7 writing, I  want to highlight three very important points that Chambers pointed out.
   1.)  Other faiths deal with sins-but not the Bible.  The Bible deals with sin.  Question:  have we been deceived into pasting this into Christianity?
   2.)  Because we have ignored "the heredity of sin in our Gospel presentation, it has lost its explosive power (sting)."
   3.) The heredity of sin is something that no man can touch.

We must remember that Redemption and Regeneration are miracles of God.  They are supernatural and they are implemented by the Holy Spirit.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

The problem we face in Christianity today is that Jesus calls us to devotion to Himself, which is a personal devotion, and it is intimate.  He does not call us to be energized toward the cause of Christianity.  Where we get stuck is that we don't know Jesus personally and intimately because our only means of knowing Him in this manner is through His Spirit revealing Him to us.  The Holy Spirit is where the intimacy begins, and in a "Spiritless Church", The Holy Spirit has been pushed aside in our personal lives.

Chambers writes of being consistently devoted to the "Life of The Son of God within."

In my solitude time on July 2, The Lord said, "If the Spirit of God is not at work within a person, then everything that is produced is a result of man's own nature."

Tuesday, October 6, 2020
For some context with this writing, please refer to Oswald Chambers' writing from yesterday and today.
In today's Church. we have essentially hi-jacked New Testament "Regeneration" and placed it into a box of man's understanding and drawn limits in accordance with the efforts of man and the limitations of our own abilities and capabilities.  Regeneration is a miracle of God that is a direct result of the Cross of Jesus Christ.  We have made it our own work rather than the Lord's work in us through His Spirit.
Virtually everything in the Church today works on improving (or edifying) our old (fallen) nature.  The miracle of Redemption is the impartation of a new nature within us.  If we continue to feed our old nature, the new nature can never grow.  Chambers' writes that the nature of sin (the nature we are born with) means, "I am my own god."
Chambers writes, "God cannot put into me, the responsible, moral person that I am, the nature that was in Jesus Christ unless I am aware of my need for it."  Christians today, by and large, do not recognize the need for this new nature.
Somewhere along the line, the Church got into the business of making good people rather than making true disciples of Jesus.
Our old nature must die.  Jesus nature must form in us.  This is true discipleship-not the degree to which we are good people.
This is why we-the Church have conformed to the world.  As the morality in our nation has declined, so too has the morality within the Church declined because, for the most part, Christians have maintained the same human nature.
The Lord told me that the irony we find today is that while God is completely sovereign, man finds himself for the most part under the manipulation of the deceiver-because of the choices man has made and continues to make.  JESUS CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE.  He accomplished His purpose and said, "It is finished."  Where The Spirit of The Lord is, there is freedom.  We are being held in captivity (and blindness) by our own choice!

Scripture warns us of this coming time:  "having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof..." (Isaiah 29:13;  2 Timothy 3:5), and warns us to "have nothing to do with such people."

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Lord gave me something this morning.  Pilgrim's Passageway.  There is a book titled Pilgrim's Progress, and some movies based on the book.  It is  a very compelling and meaningful story.  One of the huge problems the Church faces today is conveying the message of beginning the journey.  Over the last couple of months, The Lord has conveyed to me some very important passages in Scripture which I believe can change many lives if applied sincerely.  Our Christian journey boils down to this very simple application from the Old Testament.  We find two very distinct categories described as, "they did good in the eyes of The Lord because they set their hearts on seeking Him, or they did evil in the eyes of The Lord because they had not set their hearts on seeking Him."  I'm convinced that this is the beginning of our journey.  This is our passagewayinto discipleship.  The Spirit will then provide us with markers along the way in which we must check our hearts.  Questions must be answered periodically.  Is my heart still set on seeking The Lord?  Am I bearing fruit?  Am I growing spiritually?  Does my character and behavior more and more align with Biblical principles, and namely the character of Jesus?  If the answer to these questions is yes, then we are progressing as disciples.  If we cannot affirm these responses, repentance is in order.  The Spirit will guide us if we seek sincerity and truth.

When we are born again, we are to begin a  journey toward our inheritance.  What is our inheritance?  When Jesus was crucified, the curtain was torn and the Most Holy Place was opened to access God's dwelling (symbolically).  It opened our relationship with our Father through Jesus our Saviour.  He is our inheritance.  At this moment, He is calling us to our inheritance- "Come unto Me!!"

Friday, November 15, 2019

A little over three weeks ago, The Lord directed me to add something to my morning routine.  I call it "quiet time before The Lord."  It is similar to my solitude time, but different.  I consider it time intentionally seeking The Spirit and tuning myself to Him.  I find a place with no distractions and no light.  I discipline myself to keep my mind free and open to Him.  Nothing dramatic happens (not yet), but I often receive a great deal of revelation preceding my solitude time.  It is very hard to describe in a few sentences.  I spend at least five minutes in this absolute attentiveness, and was instructed to do it for ten days.  Because of the depth, I have extended the commitment to forty days.  I am sharing this because The Lord told me that if this is implemented by His children, it will bare fruit.  The time spent, and the length of the commitment are personal matters to be addressed directly by God.  I want to encourage commitment to seek until results are found.  As Christians, in order to grow, we must commit to developing this sensitivity to The Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 (Solitude November 14)

I believe we have completely missed God's intent through His Spirit.  We mostly see receiving Him as an event rather than a continual pursuit of more of Him.  Many believe we receive Him at salvation and we're good to go.  Many believe we get baptized in The Spirit subsequently to salvation, and then we are good.  As I consider The Sermon on The Mount, it is interesting where Jesus addresses this subject and that He calls us to ask (Matt. 7:7). Rather than looking at this as an event, we should understand that The Spirit should continue to grow in us throughout our lives.  Perhaps the best metaphor for this is in Ezekiel Chapter 47:1-12.

In solitude, The Lord said, "It is not the goal to walk in what we believe Christianity to be, but to really discover who God is.  This does not happen through any intellectual means, but only through encounter and experience.  Your capacity for God grows as you grow spiritually."  The Lord told me this may be one of the most important things He has ever told me.
He told me that we are not called to seek things, or to know about God, or things of God, or anything else.  We are called to seek to know our God-nothing else.  This is why we are here.  This is what we are called to do.  Yet, we do almost everything else.  The Lord told me that (while on earth) we are always finite, but even the most devout pursuers don't begin to reach the capacity that we have.  We have so much capacity for God if we will only continue to pursue Him.  

Solitude Today

The Lord said, "As we progress into maturity, the greatest growth occurs with the smallest percentage increase.  This is exponential.  The natural man's capacity for God is limited (because of the fall), but the spiritual man's capacity for God is not."

The Lord told me that the natural man will hunger and will grow when fed.  The hunger varies with many factors (stage of life, free time, capacity, experience, individual characteristics, etc.).  The natural man is fed by things of this world.  Intellect may be the most prominent of these-especially in the Church.  One can discipline himself to feed on good things, and grow in a seemingly good way.  However, this is not God's way.
God communes with man through his spirit.  The things of God are taught to a man's spirit by The Holy Spirit.  The spirit of man only grows (and matures) when fed by The Spirit of God.
If a man is born again, his spirit comes to life.  However, if it is not fed by God (The Holy Spirit), it will lay dormant.  Many Christians mistakenly believe that obedience is being disciplined to do what we know, and through this obedience I will not grieve The Holy Spirit.  However, obedience is relational.  It is a direct response to The Holy Spirit and his leading.  It is this obedience to Him that allows Him to be ungrieved within us and feed our spirit continually.

As the spiritual man is fed, the hunger in the natural man diminishes.  But as the natural man is fed, the hunger in the spiritual man diminishes.  This is our battle.

Thursday, November 19, 2020
This writing may seem to span multiple topics, but in my mind they are all linked.  Due to the critical time that we are in, I don't want to keep anything back.

I want to start with a revelation from last night:  "This will begin in the House of The Lord.  Shake what can be shaken-that which cannot be shaken will remain."

My morning Bible reading fell right in line with this revelation.  Reference Matt 7:25; Psalm 148:8.

In solitude, The Lord said, "An awakening is an awakening to sin-particularly in ones own life. I will write My laws on their heart-if they are receptive to receive them.  This standard is actually higher than the written Biblical standard.  This is Christianity.  My people are dwelling in sin because their hearts are far from Me."

In addition, I want to share something from November 15.

It seems to me-rather it occurred to me this morning that we have come to believe many things today (regarding Christianity) that are simply not true.  I think in the absence of Holy Spirit control of our lives and missing His guidance throughout many generations we have been steered into many false teachings, and we have perpetuated these teachings to the next generations.

When we look at the Universal Church today, it is marching to its own beat.  It is not being led by The Lord.  It is not being driven and taught by The Holy Spirit.  I think most Christians would say that The Holy Spirit plays very little role in their everyday lives-and they think this is the way it is supposed to be.

We are all like sheep-this is the human condition.  We are being led by something (someone).  If it is not The Holy Spirit, then who or what is it?

Finally, I want to share a few things from Chambers.  I think the first line in his writing today along with the scripture reference is particularly pertinent.  John 16:8-"When He comes, He will convict the world of sin."  Chambers first sentence:  Very few of us know anything about conviction of sin.  Conviction of sin by The Holy Spirit blots out every relationship on earth and makes us aware of only one-Against You, You only have I sinned (Psalm 51:4).

Here are a few other things from Oswald Chambers to meditate upon.  "My goal is God Himself.../at any cost dear Lord, by any road."  

The work/response of obedience is the evidence that the Nature of God is in me.  The growing sensitivity in response is evidence that His Nature is growing in me.

"God speaks to His own Nature in me."  

"God will never become real to me until I come face to Face with Him in Jesus Christ."

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I just want to provide an update.  We have begun our next mission journey to California.  We will be traveling to our next three states over the next month.  These are states 31, 32, and 33 of our journey(s) which began in 2016.  We ask for your prayers of support.  I am not sure about posts while we travel.  Our routine gets quite disrupted, so there may be a hiatus.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

During my quiet time this morning, I received something I found quite interesting.  When I think back to my Day 1 (of solitude), I always think about the first time The Lord spoke to me, and how incredible it was.  In addition, I often think of the Lord's Words to me about me being His example.  I believe earlier I shared a revelation about 555, but if I didn't share details, it will come later.  Today, I realize how this example related to the 555 (in short; 5 years-my journey, 5 years the Church,; 5 years-the world).  The subtly that I often miss as I reflect on that first encounter was that I was touched deeply by The Spirit.  I believe this is subtle because of His nature.  His touch gave me immediate and undeniable recognition of God.  I knew beyond a doubt that it was The Lord.

The Holy Spirit is getting ready to do the same to the Church.  He is going to touch the Church and bring recognition.  This relates to the focus that The Lord has been talking to me about since 2016.  The Holy Spirit brings focus on Jesus, and if we are vigilant to walk with Him, the focus becomes more and more clear.  This is coming to the Church.  When The Lord shared it with me in 2016, He named it "the 2020 vision mission."

Monday, December 21, 2020

The Lord spent a couple of weeks talking to me about the importance of relationship with Him.  The importance cannot be overstated.  I encourage each person to spend some time in honest evaluation of your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  A couple of days ago, I believe The Lord gave me a summary that is very important in this consideration.  I want it to be stated clearly.

Jesus did everything for us-He accomplished everything for mankind (and all of creation) on the Cross. There is no deficiency.  Everything He did for us is implemented and applied to our lives by The Holy Spirit.  This is all done through relationship with Jesus trough His Spirit.

Sunday, May 3, 2020- Solitude Journal

There are a few things I want to share from my May 3 solitude time.  First is a challenge.  In reading 2 Chronicles15:12, the people, "entered into a covenant to seek The Lord."  I challenge all to enter into such a solemn covenant today.

Second, as The Lord spoke to me in solitude, He pointed out two very important virtues for us to be mindful of as we seek Him.  The Spirit will very subtly develop them within us over time.  First is patience.  the Lord will reveal His vision to us at some point, and we must be patient to wait for Him in the execution of His plan.  Second is His sovereignty.  He told me that we don't begin the journey with an understanding of His sovereignty,  Early on we may have an intellectual understanding, but we must grow into a deeper spiritual understanding of what this really means.  This happens as our faith grows.  It really begins to grip us.  This is largely where our peace comes from as we mature spiritually.​

Sunday, May 17, 2020

I have some writings from the last couple of weeks that The Lord gave me during my solitude.  I have been meditating on them for a few days before posting.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020-(Solitude Journal 10/17/2020)
This revelation came to me during the night-it was very strong.

    When His Kingdom rules in us, Jesus can rule through us.  We don't know what that would look like because as a corporate Church, we have not had a majority of individuals within the Church that have allowed Him to completely rule within us.  Perhaps this was true in the Church described in Acts.(I think of the impact the early Church had on the Roman Empire.)  
The Lord told me in solitude that, "The Master executes His plans through His servants-His people."  I have been thinking of the Millenial Kingdom of the Lord.  He rules completely during this period.  However, if the Church was in complete unity with Jesus, could He not rule in the same manner today?  He told the Apostles; "...all authority in Heaven and on earth has been granted me."  If the Church is His instrument for exercise of this authority, and we are His vessels, it would seem that we are a bottleneck because we are not in unity and oneness with our Lord.  I present this as merely food for thought.
The Lord said, "My Church is how I rule physically on the earth.  My Church is how I exercise My authority on earth (during the Church Age)."
We are an extension of His authority.  This does not mean God is limited by us in His sovereignty, but it does mean that we are to play a part in execution of His plans.  I don't believe we are capable of fully understanding the differentiation.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

I believe in our hearts is really a fundamental question that must be dealt with.  For Christians, the question may sound ludicrous, but I think it prudent to explore deeper.  The question is, "Who is my Saviour?"

In my heart of hearts, is it government or Jesus Christ?  Is it security or Jesus?  Is it comfort or Jesus?  The options are limitless-I think you get the point.

The left is looking to formulate and stack up enough rules and regulations through legislation to fix the human condition, and create a perfect society or a utopia.  Christians (should) know that the human condition cannot be fixed.  Our utopia is promised (later) under the rule of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Inherently, in our society, what we may see as good vs. evil, in reality must be seen as a battle over how we view the human condition and the nature of man.  We have a battle in which many believe in the inherent goodness of man.  Of course this sets up "classes" in which those which view themselves as having achieved higher are set to rule over those who have not yet attained.  This pursuit is "progressive" in that behavior of mankind can and should be perfected.  This has its root in the basic denial of the fallen condition of man.

At the very core of our nature as humans, we don't want to accept the undeniable truth that we need a Saviour.  In our nature, we prefer to believe that we can achieve salvation through works.  We want to believe we can reach utopia if we work at it hard enough.

The truth that Scripture reveals and Jesus Christ fulfilled is that we need a Saviour, and that Saviour had to be God Himself.  We cannot look to the human condition to be fixed, but, rather, we must understand that we needed, and were given through the greatest display of Grace imaginable-a Redeemer.  We have been redeemed,-if we will understand this need (repentance), and accept the gift that came to us through the Cross.

Thursday, March 19, 2020 (from yesterday)

This burns in me very strong this morning.  The temple was built by Solomon (1 Kings ch. 5) "for the Name of The Lord."  Fast forward to the New Testament and Paul proclaimed us to be temples of The Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19).

The Temple was and is the proclamation to the world "for the Name of The Lord."  Jesus cleared the Temple because it had become infiltrated with the ways of the world.  Whether we want to face it or not, this is also true today.

The Church, corporately and individually has become infiltrated with the world.  The Holy Spirit has in essence left the temple (figuratively not literally).

Chambers writes, "Christ never spoke of His right to Himself, but always maintained an inner vigilance to submit His spirit continually to His Father.  I also have the responsibility to keep my spirit in agreement with His Spirit."

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

(From Morning Quiet Time Tuesday-Prophecy?)

This is a pre-cursor of something more severe coming later.  In 2014, The Lord told me our nation would fall due to financial collapse.  This is a preview of that fall.  It is amazing to watch how quickly a powerful nation ca be "humbled."  The question is, will it bring us to our knees?

Currently, we are experiencing circumstances that, if properly responded to, will turn our attention to God.  As stated, He is giving us a preview, but it is under national leadership that He has hand-picked, that He has His Hand upon-His Hand of protection.  

Rest assured, this protection is unearned by those of us receiving it.  It I for His purpose, and His mission for the Church that He has given this nation the resources to fulfill.

In these circumstances-the current crisis-God is calling us to turn to Him with all of our hearts.  This is literally our 1 Chronicles 7:14 moment-not for our nation, but for the Church in this nation.  The Church is to set the direction of this nation during the Church Age.

We have six months.  The next six months are critical.  The response of the American Church is critical.  We must seek His Face-individually and therefore collectively.  Make no mistake about this-our pathway to The Face of God is through The Holy Spirit.  We cannot seek the Face of our Lord Jesus Christ if we continue to ignore The Holy Spirit.

Jesus spells this out completely in the book of John, chapters 13-16, and summarizes the results in chapter 17.

The 2020 vision that Jesus has for His Church can be summarized in John 20:20-23.

This is the journey of a disciple.  It is the destination of "walking with The spirit."  It is our call-TODAY!!

Addendum:  Yesterday, President Trump stated that he would like to see America up and running by Easter.  Later, I heard this expressed as "America's Resurrection."  I pray that our focus is not on an economic resurrection, or even the passing of the crisis of this virus, but rather that our focus is on a spiritual resurrection first and foremost.  If we seek His Face as He is calling to us, we will see a Spiritual Awakening that will far surpass our first Great Awakening.

Monday, March 16, 2020

The Lord is leading me to issue a challenge.  Over the past week, many things that we spend a great deal of time doing have been suspended.  Here is my challenge.  Over the next 30 days, I encourage every one of you to take a percentage of the time that would have been spent doing something else that has been taken away, and use the time seeking The Lord.  I begin with a couple of questions.  Have you experienced the leading of The Holy Spirit today?  Have you heard (in any way) the voice of The Lord in the last thirty days?

We must spend time seeking The Lord in order to have a relationship with Him.  We must sense and respond to The Holy Spirit in order to have a personal intimate relationship with Jesus.  This requires dedicated quiet time from our daily pursuits.  Committing to this for the next thirty days-no matter what- will change your life.

Jesus told us that those who seek will find.  Our heart and our true intent matters in this pursuit, so I encourage you to mirror David's example in Psalm 139-ask The Spirit to shape your heart.

John outlines the importance to us in the first chapter of 1 John.  Verse 6-7:  If we claim to have fellowship with Him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth.  But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.

Walking in the light is under the leading and guidance of The Holy Spirit.

Monday, June 1, 2020-Revelations from last week

Chambers:  "When we receive The Holy Spirit, we receive reviving life from our ascended Lord."  Revival is this very life renewed in the Church.

In solitude (May 21, 2020), The Lord said, "seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven." (ref: Matt. 6:25-33).  The Lord told me that the entirety of the life of a disciple revolves around these verses.  The Kingdom of Heaven is the realm of The Holy Spirit.  If we devoutly seek Him first, He puts everything in order.

In these verses, The Lord talks about worry, and we try to apply them to worry.  However, if we focus properly, they are really talking about our pursuit, and our focus.

We cannot know Jesus without The Holy Spirit.  We are on a journey to know the Heart of our Father, and that journey is through our relationship with Jesus.  There is no other way.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

I want to share a portion of Chamber's writing from yesterday.  It really resonated with me, and I think it provides us good food for thought in our present climate, especially with some of the things we are seeing in a "cancel culture" and societal power struggle gone wild.

"There is nothing miraculous or mysterious about the things we can explain.  We control what we are able to explain, consequently it is only natural to seek an explanation for everything.  It is not natural to obey, yet it is not necessarily sinful to disobey.  There can be no real disobedience, nor any moral virtue in obedience, unless a person recognizes the higher authority of the one giving the orders.  If this recognition does not exist, even the one giving the orders may view the other person's disobedience as freedom.  If one rules another by saying, 'You must do this,' and 'You will do that,' he breaks the human spirit, making it unfit for God.  A person is simply a slave for obeying, unless behind his obedience is the recognition of a holy God.

  Many people begin coming to God once they stop being religious, because there is only one master of the human heart-Jesus Christ, not religion.  But, 'Woe is me' if after seeing Him, I still will not obey (Isaiah 6:5-also see verse 1)."

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

I want to share something from Chambers writing today.  I think it is something we should all keep in consideration as we serve The Lord.

He wrote, "Have I been persecuting Jesus by my eager determination to serve Him in my own wat?"

The Lord discussed this with me in my solitude.  He told me that it can be an eagerness to serve in my own way (defiantly), or it can be revised slightly toward a different motive, but nevertheless the same result.  It can be "an eagerness to serve Him, but doing it my own way" (less defiant).  He told me that many (if not most) Christians fall into these categories.

The Lord said that when we are living in a manner that is under The Spirit's direction, we have an eagerness to serve Him in His way.  Food for thought.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

This morning I received revelation regarding resources.  It began in the night and then came clearer during my quiet time this morning.  We have not used our resources wisely toward the purpose of lifting up the Name of The Lord.  The Church in this nation is responsible for its resources.  God gave us this land with all of its great and vast resources for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel to the world.  Individually, we are responsible for our resources both inwardly and outwardly toward that end.  As a Church, we are responsible for the resources of this nation toward that end.

Frankly, we has misapplied these resources.  Now, as these very resources are being strained, it is time to reevaluate how we use them-both in the past and moving forward.

Monday, October 28, 2019-(Solitude Thursday, October 24)

Our soul is going to be controlled by something.  (Our soul is mind, body, emotions, etc.).  Typically in a man it is controlled by our nature-which is fallen.  Not only is our nature corrupt, but it is ruled to varying degrees by the world we live in.  Our soul is controlled (influenced) by three things; the world, our human nature, and Satan. (This is pre-salvation).

At rebirth (initial salvation) is when this battle begins.  It is a battle for our soul.  The world (actually all three list above, but we will refer to as "the world") vs. the Kingdom of Heaven is the battle that rages.  The Kingdom of heaven is essentially the realm of The Holy Spirit.  Our spirit comes alive through The Holy Spirit at salvation.  The seed of our Lord is planted in us.  The Holy Spirit nurtures this seed in us-if we allow Him the freedom to do so, and we cooperate with Him as He does so.  Jesus Christ forms and grows in us (The King that rules The Kingdom of Heaven)-at the expense of our nature dying.  Our spirit will take control of our soul as our will to keep our nature in submission grows stronger.  This allows Jesus Christ to fully develop in me.  This is all a sovereign work of God.  It is supernatural and divine.It is not something that can be done apart from Him.

I believe it is safe to say that we find ourselves in a battle for the soul of our nation.  In referring to the above writing, we seem to be losing this battle because the focus of the Church is wrong.  Sadly, we are individually losing the battle for our souls, which is being displayed in our nations condition.

Sunday, November 15, 2020-(From November 10)

​During the night it came to me to consider the account of Gideon.  God does not need man at all.  Interestingly, in the sovereign plan of God, there seems to be an element where He is glorified through the cooperation of man with Himself.  This is true on the macroscopic level, and just as true at the personal level in our lives.  He asks us to come along with Him in perfect obedience and join Him in His plans.  It is not something we are completely meant to understand, but we find ourselves in a constant tension (if we are seeking to be obedient to Him)  between us doing our part and God doing His part.  Oswald Chambers often writes that God will never do for us that which He expects us to do.

In solitude today, The Lord said, "I am glorified through obedience.  I simply ask you to trust Me.  I ask you to trust in My sovereignty and trust in my goodness."

Today, in solitude, The Lord said, "God's Hand of providence never recedes from controlling the affairs of man.  There is always an interaction between God and man that serves a greater purpose of God's will.  Man cannot understand this (completely) and is not meant to."


​​​​​Monday, October 28, 2019-(Solitude Wednesday, October 23)

When we are in right standing relationship with God, we know it because The Holy Spirit witnesses it as fact to us through our spirit.  The realtity is that when we don't have this witness, we are not in the right relationship with God-no matter how many spiritual gifts we have, natural gifts we have, how much theology we have through knowledge of the Bible, or even how holy we are or seem to be.

When we are not receiving this confirmation from The Spirit, we desire intellectual guarantees of our current status with God.  Our focus becomes these guarantees, and we often look to Scripture to provide them.  However, we have completely missed the point.  This is one of the things that is so frightening about man's condition.  We are absolutely lost and blind without God.  We need Him for proper focus.  Without His guidance, we don't even know we are out of focus.

If we are not receiving witness from The Spirit that we are in right relationship with God, we need to set EVERYTHING aside until we find this relationship and His assurance of it.  The reality is that NOTHING else in this life matters.  This should be our focus.

By and large, the focus of the Chruch in this nation is wrong.  The focus for Christians is not meant to be whether or not my eternity is secure.  The focus is meant to be on whether or not I am in the right relationship with my God.  What man wants is guarantees about spiritual matters that come to us outside of an intimate relationship with Him.

Being In the right relationship with Him is the only assurance that we are living in the will of God.  This relationship is what The Lord referred to as Unity or Oneness.  It is impossible without being attentive and obedient to The Holy Spirit.  "My sheep hear my voice."

My hope is that everything written on this website provides stimulation to every reader to work toward that result.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020-From Yesterday

To what level is God involved in the affairs of man?  This is the heart of a very serious question not only macroscopically in the events of the world, but microscopically in the events of our personal lives.  We know God is involved.  We know He intervenes.  We also know He orchestrates rather than reacts.  Scripture is clear in this example.  But, to what level?

I believe nothing is left to chance.  I believe God leaves no stone unturned when it comes to our redemption.  Consider this-perhaps one of the most chilling events relating to our history will be when, on judgement day, God plays back our personal history for us to view, and we are able to see not only globally, but personally the things He has done and the lengths He has gone to in order that we might be redeemed.

Then, we face eternity with this memory.  As one having been redeemed, with the limited capacity that I have, this understading is largely what drives my devotion to Him.

Perhaps one of the most important things we can pray for each other and our fellow human beings is that God opens our eyes to see.  Events happen, we respond.  Our response in large part is based on our clarity to see, which stems from our worldview in general.

I don't have time to post Chamber's writing from yesterday and today, but I encourage you to read his writings from January 6 and 7 from My Utmost for His Highest.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

It came to me in the night that it is simply imperative that every Christian assess to what degree The Holy Spirit has control over their lives.  Christians today have the idea that they can be in relationship with Jesus without having any understanding of The Holy Spirit in their lives or any relationship with Him.  Quite simply, this is a deception that has taken all power, life and authority out of the Church.

Wednesday, July 29,2020-Posted July 31, 2020

This began to stir in me last night, and has just gotten stronger.  For the sake of clarity, I am going to state that which may be obvious.  What we are seeing in our society at this moment is the physical manifestation of a spiritual battle.  I believe the intensity is heightened because of the stage we find ourselves in relating to human history.  We are surely in the end times, approaching the end of this age.

The troubling thing that I see as the Lord is making  me aware relates to the spiritual battle.  He has been talking to me for some time about raising up an army.  This "Army of God" is to be the front-line against the enemy in this battle. However, today I wonder how many Christians even recognize  the battle.  In many cases, Christians have put their heads in the sand, and are trying to go about business as usual.  The truth is, the business we have been about is not the Lord's business, and it is time to abandon business as usual and engage in the battle that rages right before our eyes.  We must see the battle, understand the battle, and recognize that battle lines are clearly being drawn.

Obviously, we cannot understand this realm and what is going on without the leading of The Holy Spirit.  He brings us the clarity that we  need.  We must seek Him.  He fixes our eyes and trains our focus on our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Two things trouble me most as I look at the Church.  Most of those I see fall into one of two categories.  Unfortunately, many are simply on the wrong side (at least on many issues).  I won't discuss potential reasons today, but the list is long.

The other group is simply not engaged at all.  They don't recognize the battle, they ignore the battle, or they don't care about the battle.  This group may be more troubling than the previous group.  Jesus describes them as lukewarm.

In summary, every Christian must recognize the battle and choose a side.  Joshua said "choose for yourself this day whom you will serve."  True Christians will obviously choose the side that Jesus is leading.  However, don't take your own understanding of this for granted.  Without The Holy Spirit, we are led by man's wisdom, which is foolishness to God.  This is true no matter how sound the logic or how rational our decisions may seem.  It is definitely time to get on our knees, but for the sole purpose of seeking our Lord, His direction, and His will-not our own.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

When The Lord gave me firm direction to begin posting my solitude journal writings as much as possible, He gave me some other things to share as well, but He did not direct me to share them until this morning.

On March 3, He outlined the importance of these writings as a means of feeding His sheep as He feeds me.   He told me that most of what I write in the journal is because it comes to life in me as He conveys it to me.  It comes to life through revelation.  He told me that if I am vigilant to convey it from Him to the website as accurately as possible (basically the best I can do), through His Spirit, it will come to life for others as they read it.  The best I can describe it is as dehydrated and then rehydrated food (manna).

On March 7, The Lord asked me a series of questions as qualifiers.

1.)  Do you  believe the Words spoken to you in solitude are The Lord?

2.) Do you do your best to write them down as accurately as possible?

3.)  Doesn't the time in solitude always have value to you?

4.)  How can the writing not have value to others?

He called it extended solitude.  He also reminded me of the value Chambers writings have had to me everyday.  On March 2, He told me something that really registered with me.  He told me He will teach others through the writings He gives me under the following conditions:

****If they are fully committed and sincere in their seeking of Him

****If they are diligent to read them consistently

He said He will teach them through the writings as He teaches me.


Friday, May 8, 2020

Over the past few weeks, The Lord has been telling me that He is going to give me clarity.  I have been receiving a great deal many things regarding the Church.
Today, I received something I find quite alarming.  I don't know why I received it.  I don't know what to do with it.  I don't know if anything can be done.  I don't know if it is too late.  I only know that I received it from The Holy Spirit.
Over the past year, I have been greatly moved by Jonathan Cahn's books.  I believe The Spirit referred me to The Harbinger today, referencing 9/11.  It was an opportunity for us to turn to God and realize we had gone astray as a nation.  Instead, we took matters into our own hands, and responded according to what we deemed appropriate.
We have done the same with the COVID19 virus.  We have followed man's wisdom rather than seeking God.  As crazy as this may sound, I am as sure as I can be that I received this from The Lord.  If we take a somewhat aerial view of how we have responded, it is almost as if at every crossroad, we have made a wrong turn.
As I was meditating on this, I heard a quote (on the radio) from President Trump, "we are going to beat this with the full power of the United States."  I don't blame him, just as I don't blame President Bush for our 9/11 response.  However, we are on a course of response that needs to change.  The President is hearing the wrong voices.
I know our course as Christians must be to cry out to The Lord for help.  We must take this to heart.  Please remember that before deliverance from Egypt, The Lord said, "I have heard the cries of my people."  Let us be a people crying out to The Lord as with one voice.  Please read 2 Chronicles 7:13-16 with ears spiritually open to The Holy Spirit.  Remember: "he that hath ears, let him hear."

I thank The Lord for President Trump.  I cannot imagine this scenario under the guidance of anyone else.  I believe it is the voice of the Church that ahs been eerily silent.  Why silent?  I will not answer that, but I think the answer is obvious.​

Monday, April 27, 2020

This particular writing is a little difficult for me.  I have been mulling it over for a few days.  With our current situation in the world, I have tried to be very sensitive to The Lord and not hold back any of the writings that seem to have emphasis on them.  I know there is great spiritual movement, but I'm not sure how it will manifest.

A few days ago, The Lord put something really strong in my heart regarding service.  The scripture from Joshua came to mind:  "choose for you this day whom you shall serve, but for me and my house, we will serve The Lord."  Discipleship is a choice.  When The Lord talked about discipleship, He preceded His Words with "if."    The mission of the Church is discipleship.  The Lord told me that  it is in this area that the Church has really gone sideways.  

There is an inherent irony in the approach the Church seems to have taken over the years in that they have gone for numbers saved rather than depth of discipleship.  Yet, while it may not be a popular idea, discipleship and salvation may not be the same thing.  Can one be saved and not be a disciple?  I see this as a question that only The Lord can answer.  

What disturbs me greatly is that we have watered down the Gospel such that many people think they are saved, and in reality they are not.  I believe this fault sits directly with the Church.  Discipleship is following Jesus, and it has inherent "life"  with it that comes from The Holy Spirit.  If the life is not there, there is no guarantee of salvation because The Spirit is our witness of genuine conversion.

There is no way to truly follow Jesus without The Holy Spirit guiding us.  This is the choice.  When we really set our eyes on Him, make a decision to follow Him, and determine to stay on the journey no matter what cost, we will at a point in time begin to "hear His voice."  We will begin to understand the leading of The Spirit.  However, we must make the decision and stick with it.

There is both a beauty and a tragedy in this.  The tragedy is that there may be millions of people that believe they are saved, but in reality they are not.  The beauty is that as Joshua told the Israelites, "choose today."  No matter where we have been, each and every one of us can make the decision today that salvation alone is simply not enough.  I want to follow Jesus.  Again, this is the mission of the Church.

Friday, November 15, 2019

A couple of nights ago, The Lord gave me a theme throughout the night that spilled over into my quiet time.  The theme was death to self, and I want to share what He conveyed to me.  As we live in The Spirit, He systematically comes against our human nature.  As long as our human nature rules (often referred to as "self"), our relationship with God is hindered.  In fact, we are enemies of God.  Our own nature must die in order for us to have unity with God.  The Holy Spirit produces within us a desire to have this unity.  We must then cooperate with Him in this process, which is the maturing of our faith (faith being the entirety of our spiritual man).  Through The Spirit's work in us, our human nature (the seed of Adam) dies, and it is replaced with the nature of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is "Christ in me" that Paul refers to in scripture.  It is synonymous with "the mind of Christ".  We need to understand that this is a literal process, which is our transformation.  Jesus refers to the beginning of this process in His discussion with Nicodemus.  He says "you must be born again," which is receiving Him as our Lord and receiving His seed.

If, at any time we step away from this process (or become disobedient), our growth ceases, and The Spirit is quenched within us.

This process is something we must commit to daily.  It is "dying daily," or "picking up our cross daily" to follow Jesus.  Why the term "pick up your cross?"  Because when The Lord carried His cross it was toward the death of His own physical body (His flesh) on our behalf.  He calls us to do the same.

Any Gospel that does not include this walking with The Spirit toward the death to our sinful man can only be considered a shallow Gospel.

How much of what the Church has evangelized to the world over the years has been a shallow Gospel?

This morning, The Lord told me that true maturity is being so in tune with God that we just go about our ordinary business while knowing that He is leading us.  This only comes through consistent attention to the relationship with Him.  It must be nurtured moment by moment such that it grows into this oneness.

 Sunday, March 15, 2020

I have been awaiting The Lord for some clarity involving our current situation in this nation and really the global situation for that matter.  Early this morning, I believe The Holy Spirit gave me clarity that The Lord has impressed upon me that He wants me to share.  

In the midst of this crisis that has been thrust upon us, I want to point out some things to help us focus.  I am not convinced that the crisis of the virus has been as detrimental as the crisis we have created in the midst of our response.

When we find ourselves in crisis, our natural reaction is to assess and respond.  We take in data, hope that we assess information correctly, and take appropriate action in response based on our wisdom.  This is what we do as individual people, and what new do as a nation.  This is what we did after 9/11.

However, Christians should see things differently than the world at large.  Our response is not to be "natural," but to be based on direction The lord provides through the guiding of His Spirit.

God is not looking for us to see the situation, and make the appropriate decisions., but rather He is offering the opportunity through the crisis to look upon Him.  I believe the Words of our Lord in revelation could not be more applicable now.  "Behold, I stand at the door and knock."

He is not asking us to solve this problem.  He is offering us an opportunity to cry out to Him.

Do you hear the voice of The Lord in the midst of this?  Scripture says, "Be still, and know that I am God."  Our words often express that we know He is God, but do our actions support this as truth?

Perhaps we should not only open the door and let Him in, but cry out to Him for forgiveness that we have wandered so far with our own "devices."

We make decisions that seem wise and are in the best interests of ourselves and those around us, but is the wisdom from God and are the decisions in His best interest?  We can only know this to be true if the decision is being led by The Holy Spirit.

As individual Christians, and therefore as a Church corporately, we must be intentional to seek and be sensitive to The Holy Spirit in all decisions-big and small, in crisis and in times of normalcy.  "My sheep hear my voice."

2 Chronicles 7:14 always applies.  Everything is about redemption.  The Lord is always calling us closer to Himself-both personally and as a corporate Church.  Our response as a Church has not been good.  God does not expect or desire us to fix our problems.  We made this mistake after 9/11.  He expects us to see our circumstances as a call from Him.  He expects us to get our relationship right with Him, and He will "heal our land."  As a Church in this nation, our relationship is not right with Him.  It is time for this to change.  This is Revival.  It is the reconciliation of our personal relationship to Him, which when done on a large scale becomes corporate Revival.  We cannot look at others, but must look internally with the invited examination of The Spirit of God.  When we reconcile to Him, we will find that he was there all along, and we were the ones wandering in the desert without Him.  We are currently in the desert, and God wants to use this moment of crisis to urge us to open the door and let Him in.

The reality is that this time is not about the crisis of the virus, or about the crisis created by our response to the virus.  This moment is about the relationship between us (the Church) and our Lord.  "Hear what The Spirit says to the Church."  It is time for the church in America to experience revival that spreads to the entire globe.  The current crisis can be the moment we decide to cry out to Jesus Christ to Wake up His Church, or we can continue going about doing things our way, as we did after 9/11.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 (Solitude 10/15/2020)
Reference Psalm 118:25-  "Save us."  The Lord told me in the night, "It is time for My Church to rise up."  My quiet time prayer:  Lord, raise us up-help us engage in the battle to take back what is rightfully ours for the glory of your Name.

We really have no idea what this is supposed to look like in todays world and in this country, but it is definitely time to battle.  The lines are being clearly defined, and it is time to choose a side.  These are not philosophical lines but rather are spiritual.  We must not only choose a side, but we must also decide what we will do.  Two historical phrases come to mind.  First, from the Bible.  Joshua said, "Choose for yourself today whom you will serve (what you will do), as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord."  Second, from our Nations history: "Give me liberty, or give me death."  It is time for us to understand that the freedoms we enjoy in this country have come at a a cost, that was paid by those before us, and it is time that as a people we appreciate those freedoms.

Dennis Prager groups "good people" into three categories:  (1) fighters, (2) those that support the fighters, and (3) those that do nothing.

We must always understand that this fight MUST be led by Jesus through HIs Spirit and fought by His Church.

Solitude-Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Lord talked to me about peace.  He explained to me that peace is so important in the life of a child of God.  "Not peace as the world gives."  He said peace is counterfeited by the world (including comfort, security, etc.).  This counterfeit, or substitute, is temporal, it is fleeting, and it is shallow.  However, many Christians never experience the depth of God's peace, so they don't recognize the difference.

The Lord also reflected on the early part of my journey.  We reach a point early on where we experience great joy, and essentially no burden for the world.  This is a wonderful time, but we are not meant to stay there.  We are meant to share His burden, but still have peace (His peace).  The Lord referenced my pastor's recent sermons which he has led with the basic thought requesting God to give us joy for the things that bring Him joy, and heartache for the things that bring Him heartache.  This can only happen through spiritual maturity.  Many Christians (The Lord specifically mentioned many pastors) remain spiritual children-enjoying the joy without sharing in His burden.  "The burden is easy," because He is God.  It is easy when we are yoked in relationship to Him, but it is still a burden to be carried.

We ask that you seek God's guidance as to whether or not to support us and share in our travel expenses.  Basically, we are looking for seventy seven (77) people who are willing to contribute $50.00 per month as possible.


Wednesday, June 24, 202

This post may seem a little different than normal.  I feel it something important to say to a Church that is simply "wandering in the desert."  In our present world, the spiritual battle is coming quite clear.  Virtually everything we see is a spiritual battle, and I want to be clear about the enemy.  The enemy of the Church is the left.  The enemy of our Lord Jesus is the left.  The left is the physical manifestation of our enemy.  We must understand this, and we must begin to fight against them.  They are being led by Satan.  As the Church embraces ANY agenda item being proposed by the left, the Gospel is being compromised-Truth is being compromised.  If we are listening to The Holy Spirit, and we are embracing the Truth of Scripture, we will see that on every single item that the left proposes, we  should have disagreement.  Everything they accuse others of is actually true of themselves.  Jesus made things quite clear.  There is only one path.  We can only serve one Master.  He came to bring a sword rather than peace.  It is time for the Church to repent and ask Jesus through His Spirit within us to teach us what we should believe.  It is time for the Church to quit wandering.

This nation belongs to Jesus Christ, and has been relegated to HIs Church.  We are His stewards.  It is His desire to rule this nation through His Church.  We must determine that we want Him to rule within us, and allow Him to teach us to be good stewards of that which He has given us.  As Paul made clear, we are not our own.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

(From the night and quiet time this morning)

"Hear what The Spirit says to the Churches."  The Spirit of God conveys to us the heart of God at any given moment as it applies to us personally at that moment.  The Lord told me in solitude that "the relationship is forged through obedience.  The Spirit of God conveys the Heart of God to you moment by moment, and you must choose to be obedient for the relationship to grow."  As we grow, our will comes into complete compliance with God's will because we have decided over time to allow The Holy Spirit  to "blow up" our stubbornness and defiance to God that exists within  our fallen nature.  We MUST be sensitive to His direction and revelation.

 I have known from very early in my journey that the Church is responsible for the moral decay in this nation.  The Lord has slowly opened my eyes to this more and more over time.  

Over the past couple of weeks, He has revealed to me that He is essentially being silent during this troubling time.  We must understand that this nation has been dedicated to Jesus Christ from its inception.  This means that the nation in its entirety is to be led by Jesus through His Church.  The Church has not led.

The unfortunate truth is that the reason The Lord is silent now is because over decades and perhaps centuries, the Church has decided to go its own way and do things under its own power and direction.

There are two realities today that The Lord has given me that we must confront.  We can either reject or accept them, but our response has no impact on this as truth.   First, The Lord has conveyed to me that His Church in America is a Spirit-less Church.  The second thing  is that His people's hearts are far from Him.  We have set our own way, and we have excluded The Spirit.  We have not heard what The Spirit says to the Churches.  I have felt for several weeks that this country has been completely gripped by blindness.  The Lord told me a few days ago that it is more like sleep-walking.  Our eyes seem to be open, but we do not see.

There is one solution to our problem-and only ONE.  The Church in America must REPENT!

Yesterday, The Lord told me, "My people need to repent.  They must stop seeking their own way, and determine to seek Me.  What you and I are seeing today is a result of hearts being far from Me, and being a Spirit-less Church."

As you read this, you may feel no need for persaonl repentance, but I urge you to repent on behalf of the Church.  Invite The Spirit to search and prove you personally as you request Him to forgive the Church.  Quite frankly, I beleive it is fair to assess that all of us have lacked in seeking Jesus with all of our heart.  He commanded us to "Love The Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind (Matt 22:37)."  This cannot happen unless we seek Him with everything we have.

In closing, we need to understand that the Church is to lead in every aspect of this nation's direction-this includes politics.  However, the Church is to be led by her King-Jesus Christ-through His Spirit.  There is no other way.  I was moved by a song from TobyMac today.  The song is "City on Our Knees."  I would like to point out one section in particular for this moment:  "we can step across the line; we can sail across the sea; To a city with ONE KING; a city on our knees; a city on our knees."

The Lord is calling His Church to Repentance-to get on our knees and determine with all of our hearts that we want to seek Him and do things His way.​

Monday, December 14, 2020

Solitude-December 6

The Lord said, "All mysteries between God and man are revealed through relationship."  (Chambers calls it covenant relationship)

God provides man with understanding through the relationship.  The more shallow the relationship, the more shallow the understanding and vice-versa.

The Lord took me back to a review of my own life.  He told me that I was in relationship with Him throughout-however shallow; and based on my own understanding of relationship with God.  It was deeper than many, many Christians; yet, as I understand relationship now and look back, I would not even consider it relationship at all because it was so shallow.

He said, "The deep secrets of God are revealed through relationship."

Solitude-December 7

The Lord said, "It is not always defiance of man that makes him wayward from God.  Largely, what you see today is ignorance of God's ways that makes His people wayward from Him.  It is not that they have necessarily intentionally chosen to go the wrong way, but it is that they simply don't know the right way."

Solitude-December 8

Man has separated salvation and sanctification.  The work in a man after rebirth is also the work of The Lord.  The resulting true holiness is at the Hands of God.  We cooperate with Him through surrender.

The Lord told me that the Church-Christians have struggled with this from the very beginning-this relationship between being born again, and then the resulting works of the regenerated man.

There is a very important distinction that Chambers makes (December 4 writing) between morality and spirituality.  We are not called to be virtuous or moral which is the display of character.  We can actually do this on our own.  Rather, we are called to be HOLY, which is the display of spirituality that we cannot do on our own.  It is an expression of Jesus formed in us.  It is His nature being displayed.

Solitude-December 4

The Lord said "It is through relationship that a child of God becomes an expression of Me.  This is the only way."

Solitude-December 5

The Lord told me that everything He did for mankind (and all  of creation) was made available through the Cross.  He said everything He did is applied to us by the Holy Spirit.  This is done through relationship.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

"Return to normalcy."  This seems to be our cry.  I must admit that I feel the same yearn.  Is this what we desire?  Is this what we need-normalcy?  This morning it occurs to me that perhaps this is not what this nation or the Church in this nation needs.  While it is a difficult idea, a return to normal as we were is not at all what we need.  Many of us have been fervently praying for revival in this country over these past years.  Do we really want a return to where we were?  I remember at one point The Lord telling me that many of His people were crying out for revival, but they really did not understand what they were asking for.  

What we truly need is change.  We need a spiritual change-a complete overhaul spiritually.  We need a change in atmosphere.

As difficult as it may be at this hour, I encourage the following prayer:  Lord, we want you to heal our land of all of the afflictions that have and will beset us.  However, we ask you not to heal us physically without healing us spiritually. We ask you to pour out your Spirit upon us such that we may be healed spiritually.  We understand that not only is it healing that we need, but we need Your discernment to even understand how far we have gone astry.  We ask for healing-not by our own power, but by your might.

Please heal our land so that all of the nations on earth will know that You alone are God-for the sake of Your Name and for Your glory rahter than for our sake.

(Reference 2 Kings 19:19; Mark 10:29).

Friday, January 3, 2020-Solitude December 31

AS we enter a new year, The Lord talked to me about the value of experience with Him.  As we reflect back, we can have peace and even joy for having walked with Him.  This gives us calm to deal with coming troubles.  This is trust.  Trust is built through experience.  It is not a decision.  Faithfulness is a decision.  One of the things I considered this morning in my quiet time is how incredible it is when walking with The Spirit that I don't live with regret.  I don't reflect and wish this or that.  He aligns me and directs me continuously along the way.

Humility-(Quiet time reflection)-  As we grow in The Lord, we learn more and more that everything that happens in us as we are transformed is because of Him.  Every gift is His.  Everything good in us is because of Him.  There is no room for anything but humility.  It is not self-deprecating, because what is happening to us truly is good, but it is God who gets the credit.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

This morning, I was struck by a scripture in 2 Chronicles about King Rehoboam-King Solomon's son.  "He did evil in the eyes of The Lord because he had not set his heart on seeking Him."

In past studies of Israel's kings, I have always focused on the evil. This time, the kings that have been back and forth have caught my attention.  I believe this one scripture summarizes their problem as well as our problem today.

At some point, we must set our heart to seek The Lord.  We seek through His Spirit by His indwelling presence.  The Spirit will teach us, but we must set this in our heart.  If we don't set our heart on seeking Him, as James describes, we are like a boat being tossed by the waves.

It is important that we understand this two-sided coin.  If we set our hearts on seeking Him and don't stray, we will become sensitive to The Holy Spirit's leading.  If we are not sensitive to The Holy Spirit (or don't become more sensitive over time), we are not seeking Him.  We may be seeking things about Him-but not Him.

In my quiet time yesterday, it was revealed to me that our journey begins with The Holy Spirit.  We must learn to hear Him/sense Him.  He leads us into oneness with Jesus, who leads us into oneness with our Father. (John 13-16, then chapter 17).  The Lord told me (yesterday) that this is why His people's hearts are far from Him.  His people know about Him.  They have doctrine, and intellectual knowledge about who Jesus is, but this is not knowing Him.  The Lord said, "if what you received in your quiet time is true, if they are not sensitive to my Spirit, how can they know me personally?"  "Seek Me-not seek to know about Me."

In summary today, The Lord told me that one cannot describe adequately for another how it feels to be sensitive to The Holy Spirit.  It is a path that must be walked personally.  However, when it is experienced, it is recognizable and it is undeniable to the one experiencing the connection.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

I want to continue to attempt to provoke a sense of urgency for Christians in this country and throughout the world.  From the time that The Lord first talked to me about an national revival in 2014, I began to increasingly notice more and more talk of Revival.  The Lord at one point told me that there are many of His people praying for a spiritual change.  I believe this really became a theme around the 2016 election cycle.  Some time later, He clearly told me that while many of His people are praying for Revival, they "have no idea what they are asking for."

I believe the circumstances we are seeing in our world today are the invitation to the Church to seek God's Face, and ask Him to bring the Revival we so desperately need.  I believe every Christian is at a spiritual crossroad.  Where is my faith?  We are virtually helpless, but are we really?  What if every Christian made the decision today to seek The Face of God?  What if every Christian asked The Holy Spirit to search their own heart and reveal all things that are creating separation from Him?  Please read Psalm 139.  

We are clearly at a critical time in history.  Our nation has been in virtual free-fall from our Lord.

As we consider whether or not seeking God on an individual basis will really change anything, I want to share something personal.  Almost seven years ago, I had a personal crossroad at I time when I believed I was beyond help.  I cried out to The Lord Jesus Christ, and He was there.  The first month after that encounter changed my life (and my eternity) beyond description.  Over the next month, due to tragic circumstances, we have been given the gift of time.  I encourage every Christian to utilize time during the next month to seek an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  You may not even understand what this means.  That is not important.  Most human beings have at some point in their life poured their entire resources into the pursuit of something.  If, over the next month, you completely exert your entire being into finding a deeper relationship with The Lord, you will begin a journey that you will never regret.

We are His people.  We are called by His Name.  He is calling us to seek His Face.  Are you willing to open the door that He is knocking on, and allow Him to enter.  I assure you, there is nothing in this world that compares to dining with Jesus Christ.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

It appears (from the circumstances we see, and the Words from The Lord to me) that we are at a critical time.  I urge every one of you that reads this to pray a simple prayer, and to pass it along to a fellow Christian for prayer.  Please consider getting on your knees and making a fervent commitment to The Lord Jesus that you want to seek Him (seek His Face) and ask Him to help you begin to understand what that truly means.  Then beg of Him to heal this nation-His way not our way.  We have a desperate need for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit on this nation.  The Church in the United States of America is the engine for the Gospel  to the world.  We must operate under the power of Jesus Christ rather than our own power.

Monday, July 27, 2020

I found a writing of Oswald Chambers from a few days ago particularly poweerful.  I want to share his writing.


The Death Side.  In sanctification God has to deal with us on the death side as well as the life side.  Sanctification requires our coming to the place of death, but many of us spend so much time there that we become morbid.  There  is always a tremendous battle before sanctification is realized-something within us pushing with resentment against the demands of Christ.  When the Holy Spirit begins to show us what sanctification means, the struggle starts immediately.  Jesus said, "If anyone comes to Me and does not hate ... his own life ... he cannot be my disciple" (Luke 14:26).

In the process of sanctification, the Spirit of God will strip me down until there is nothing left but myself, and that is the place of death.  Am I willing to be myself and nothing more?  Am I willing to have no friends, no father, no brother, and no self-interest-simply to be ready for death?  That is the condition required for sanctification.  No wonder Jesus said, "I did not come to bring peace but a sword" (Matthew 10:34).  This is where the battle comes, and where so many of us falter.  We refuse to be identified with the death of Jesus Christ on this point.  We say, "But this is so strict.  Surely He does not require that of me."  Our Lord is strict, and He does require that of us.

Am I willing to reduce myself down to simply "me"? Am I determined enough to strip myself of all that my friends think of me, and all that I think of myself?  Am I willing and determined to hand over my simple naked self to God?  Once I am, He will immediately sanctify me completely, and my life will be free from being determined and persistent toward anything except God (see 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24).  

When I pray, "Lord, show me what sanctification means for me," He will show me.  It means being made one with Jesus.  Sanctification is not something Jesus puts in me-it is Himself in me (see 1 Corinthians 1:30).

Monday, December 30, 2019-Solitude December 29

The Lord talked about walking in the light (the truth.)  He pointed out how frequently The Holy Spirit ("The Spirit of Truth") reveals a truth to me.  It is a regular occurrence.  The Lord told me that in every instance of this revelation, we must respond.  We either apply the truth , we reject it, or we ignore it.  He said there are many explanations for why we don't respond correctly- (don't recognize it as truth, don't have enough knowledge of scripture, aren't sensitive to The Spirit's leading, we look at others for reference, we don't like the truth revealed, we don't want to apply it, etc., etc.).

The Lord said every Christian is led down this path.  How we respond to these truths is what defines our journey.  In the American Church, largely what we see is lukewarm commitment, apathy, comfort seeking, generally stagnant faith.  He said this is the reason.  Every revelation of truth provokes a response.  The Spirit regularly reveals truth to God's people, until we respond incorrectly.  The He withdraws until we find our way back into obedience.

Chamber's wrote, "To refuse to be converted puts a stumbling block in the growth of the spiritual life.  There are areas of self-will in our lives where our pride pours contempt on the throne of God and says, 'I won't submit.'  We deify our independence and self-will and call them by the wrong name.  What God sees as stubborn weakness, we call strength.  There are whole areas of our lives that have not been brought into submission, and this can only be done by this continuous conversion.  Slowly but surely we can claim the whole territory for The Spirit of God."

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

For the last couple of months, The Lord has been giving me some things that I have spent a great deal of time meditating upon before sharing.  On the tab to the right labeled, "Solitude Journal Entries July 30-September 22, 2020" I have included all of my solitude journal entries for that time period.  These are writings that convey my most intimate time with The Lord-some of which are personal.  While not unprecedented, I don't typically share all of these in raw form.  I encourage you to read them all, as I firmly believe The Lord has impressed it upon me to share them.  They may be controversial, but I encourage you to keep an open mind, and seek The Spirit devoutly for clarity and guidance.

Please keep in mind that I am not trying to start a movement for people that agree with me.  I am only looking to share the truth that The Lord has shared with me such that every person on the planet has an opportunity to respond to it.

Solitude-September 23, 2020
This morning, The Lord talked to me about something that I believe goes hand in hand with the writings discussed above.

The Lord told me that we are getting ready to experience a shift in the Church.  He told me this is a critical hour.

The Church is going to make a shift toward Jesus.  In the midst of this shift, The Army of God is going to be identified.  In addition, on the other end of the spectrum, others will choose not to shift toward The Lord.  They will remain in their condition, and my even become defiant toward those that move toward Him.  This will create a divide within the establishment that we call the Church.

Chamber's Wrote:
"In our natural life our ambitions change as we grow, but in our Christian life the goal is given at the very beginning, and the beginning and the end are exactly the same, namely, our Lord Himself.  We start with Christ and we end with Him-"till we all come the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ"  (Ephesians 4:13), not simply to our own idea of what the Christian life should be."

Death to Jesus mortal body on the Cross (fleshly body) was the door that opened for us to go up to our own Jerusalem.  If we pick up our cross daily and follow Him, our flesh will also die (our fallen nature), and He will rise in us and we will find ourselves in fellowship with Him.​

Monday, November 30, 2020
Upon reviewing my Journal this morning, I decided to post some of my writings from the last ten days.  There seem to be two major themes:  trust in The Lord, and  the Kingdom of Heaven. At first glance they may not seem to be related, but the reality is there is no way to dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven without a growing trust him in the Lord. 

Solitude-November 20, 2020
“I am going to uncover corruption – not only in the Nation, but in the Church.”

Solitude- November 21, 2020
“My People Want To ‘do things’-be involved in causes; be about things.  This is not what I told them. I said, “pick up your cross and follow me.”
Scripture says, “Share in My sufferings;” “Bare My afflictions.”
“True love (in outward display) is conveyed through sacrifice.  It turns out that simply following Me is the single greatest thing you can do on behalf of others.”

Solitude-November 22, 2020
“Your trust is not built on what you see, but your trust is built on the reality that I am God.  I am God when you understand (what you see) and I am God when you don’t understand.”

Quiet Time
This journey is about trust.  God is God – no matter what we believe. Our trust grows through conflict.
Trust/crisis/conflict/going through fire equals opportunities to trust Him more. God is always sovereign. God is always good. No matter what we see in our world; no matter what we see in our lives.
Many times I find that I don’t understand why and what I learned is that I don’t need to understand.

Solitude-Monday, November 23, 2020
The Lord talked to me about the “cares of the world.” He told me that there are two fundamental issues with our attention to these cares.
First, they will distract us from Him it is inevitable.
Second, the “cares of the world” are in the Hands of God in under His sovereign authority. We have very little control anyway. They just distract us, and lure us into thinking we have some control.
Then the Lord told me that we must interact with the world, but we must do so according to obedience rather than based upon what we see.
God sees the entire picture – with perfect clarity. We see a portion, and with limited clarity. His ways are not our ways. His actions are not our actions. Therefore, obedience to him in a particular situation often contradicts a rational reaction to what we see. Things are simply not as they appear.
An incredible thing is happening at this moment. He is teaching me this application in my personal affairs, as well as our affairs as a nation.
If we are obedient, acting on faith rather than sight, our trust in God will grow! 

Solitude-November 24, 2020
You see, we cannot focus on Jesus and the cares of the world at the same time. We must choose what will hold our focus. If we choose to focus on Jesus, this ability to focus on Him grows. This means we focus less on the cares of the world. We grow in understanding that God sovereignly controls circumstances, and we are simultaneously learning to completely trust in His sovereignty and in His goodness. 

Solitude-November 25, 2020
The Lord said this morning, “I am going to turn the Church upside down such that everything in the Church is about Me, and driven by Me. This is the RECONCILED Church (led by the Army of God/the Remnant). The entirety of the Church is going to shift toward Me. There will be those that don’t shift-causing a separation. Those that don’t shift ARE NOT MINE.

Solitude-November 26, 2020 (Thanksgiving Day)
The Lord said, “Look to Me; look to the Cross.  Let this be your focal point.  The Cross is the focal point of human history; let your focus be there.” 

Solitude-November 27, 2020
The Lord talked to me about allowing myself to be a vessel for His authority here on earth.  He said this is His desire for me, and it is His desire for the entirety of His Church. 

Quiet Time
We are entering a new time for the Church.  “The gates of Hell will not prevail against Her.” 

Solitude-Saturday, November 28, 2020
The Lord said, “the Kingdom of Heaven is where Jesus Christ lives and reigns. This kingdom is entered through the door of destitution. You, personally would not dwell there today if it were not for alcohol.  You are going to teach people this. They may or may not listen, but you will teach them that they are destitute, and in desperate need of Me. You will lead people into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The problem in the American church – above all else – is self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency is the human condition. It prevents people from seeing their need.”

The Lord explained that we have become very good at polishing up the outside – essentially eliminating the behaviors that lead us to recognize our need.  This makes it even harder to see our need. We can clean ourselves up through our own will power, and remain self-sufficient.   it is only through recognition of our destitution in relation to God that the Holy Spirit can begin His work in us; His work of implementing all that Jesus did for us on the Cross.

Saturday, December 21, 2019:  Solitude Journal-December 9

The Lord said, "The spiritual is not natural, and the natural is not spiritual."  

Morality achieved by the natural man is the enemy of spiritual growth.  It can be good by man's standard, but at odds with our best, which is spiritual.  The Lord told me that moral superiority that is a result of the natural man is accompanied by self-righteousness.  True moral superiority (which is never seen as superiority by the one exhibiting this morality)  brought about spiritually is always accompanied by humility.  This is the work of The Holy Spirit.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Oswald Chambers posed a question in his writing today that I want to relay.  Have you seen Jesus?  He points out that there are many of whom are saved, but have not seen Jesus.  There is some irony in the question that if you don't understand how you can "see Jesus," you have not, and if you have "seen Jesus," the question is perfectly clear.  The Lord told us that The Holy Spirit would glorify Him.  The Holy Spirit reveals our Lord to us.

In the midst of this crisis, as we seek His Face, we will see Jesus.  There is no better time to address the question (with absolute honesty)-"Have I seen Jesus?"

Chambers closed with a poem:

        "Oh, could I tell, you surely would believe it!

         Oh, could I only say what I have seen

         How should I tell or how can you receive it

         How till He bringeth you where I have been?"

I could not agree more.

Friday, December 13, 2019

After many weeks of toiling over writings for this website, I believe I finally have a way forward.  I want to share some thoughts for clarity, so hopefully everyone can understand what I am doing.    For the better part of this year, The Lord has shared so much with me that I just have not been able to keep the website up to date.  When I try to decide what to post, I get overwhelmed.  I have decided to approach this dilemma by breaking the writings into two groups. Some of the things He shares seem to stand out as needing to be posted at the time, so I will continue to post those as I have done in the past as expeditiously as possible.  However, most days He shares something that seems as though it would be good to post.  I struggle with time, so when I look back in review, the task is quite daunting.   As stated, the first group will be handled as in the past..  The second group requires a little explanation.  As The Lord teaches me, I take notes as though I am in a classroom.  The notes may be difficult to decipher, and have little grammar or spell editing.  Because The Lord has conveyed to me the necessity to share these thoughts, I am going to include them as a tab at the top in their RAW, unedited format.  I am simply going to transcribe them exactly (for the most part) as I wrote them in the journal.  I want to apologize upfront for the format.  Often they are in shorthand.  Everyone is welcome to try to decipher them, or simply ignore them.  At this point, I simply don't have time to edit them, but I feel led to share them anyway. Part of the urgency here is because I believe we are on the cusp of a move of God that He has been talking with me about for almost six years.  He has conveyed to me that it is imperative that I share the things He shares with me.  I welcome any feedback.

Solitude-Thursday, May 7, 2020

Yesterday, I received revelation that disturbed me a great deal.  In 2016, The Lord made it clear that revolving around the year 2020, His Church was going to receive clear vision of Herself.  He told me that the Church would see Herself the way He sees Her.  I took this as a positive thing in that the Church would be as God desires.  Yesterday, I realized that the initial step that is coming to the Church is actually revelation of what she is today, and this is not a good thing.  

William Booth had a quote that includes the words, "I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without The Holy Ghost."  I came across a variance of this quote some years back and found it an interesting observation.  Today, I realized from The Spirit that it was not an observation, but rather was prophetic.  Today, the Church in America is a Spirit-less Church.  The Spirit further conveyed to me, "this is not a condemnation, but rather an invitation.  In order for the Church to become what she is meant to be (My vision), she must see Herself as she truly is.  Some will accept and repent-many will reject."

In solitude today (May 7), The Lord talked about building our own structures on His foundation.  He told me that it is under The Spirit's direction that we build properly.  If we are out of touch with The Spirit, are we not building our own desires and calling it His?  He told me to combine this thought with what He conveyed to me yesterday, and see this view of the work of today's Church.

The Lord talked about the vision we receive from Him.  If we are not faithful to walk under the direction of The Spirit, the vision tends to lead to self-entitlement or selfishness.

This has been something I have battled along the way.  Expectations relate directly to entitlement.  Then The Lord conveyed another major tendency through our nature which I have also lived through.  We tend to leave the vision behind altogether under the premise of confusion, lack of clarity, etc.  The real problem is impatience, but we typically disguise that.  The Lord told me that I have seen personally the two major detours that His people experience preventing fulfillment of His vision.  He told me to consider the impact on His Church.

In summary, The Lord told me that the idea of a Spirit-less Church seems radical, but it is the reality.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 (Solitude 10/10/2020)
The Lord said there is a difference between being obedient to the Bible according to ones understanding of it, and being obedient to The Holy Spirit.  He said they are two starkly different things.

This is true even though obedience to The Spirit will NEVER contradict the Bible.  What changes when The Spirit guides us is "according to our understanding."  The Spirit reveals truth to those who seek God.  "If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know."  (Reference: John 7:17, Matt. 11:25).  This same theme is reinforced throughout the Old Testament in the simple phrase, "they set their hearts on seeking the Lord."​

Friday, January 8, 2021

The Lord gave me this earlier today, and then urged me to post it without delay.  Something is getting ready to happen-something big.  I'm not sure what it is exactly, or what it will look like.  Some will find it to be a good thing, and some will consider it terrible.  Obviously, this will create an even greater divide than we have at this moment.  I know The Lord wanted me to share this beforehand to help with understanding.  What is getting ready to happen is from the very Hand of God.  Therefore, no matter how it appears to us, it is a good thing that He is doing.  His people must recognize this in order to follow Him into the next phase of our history.  Believing it to be a bad thing AND CONTINUING WITH THIS BELIEF will create greater separation from God.  This is meant to be personal, and it is meant for His people throughout this nation and throughout the world.  Please consider this as a forewarning to remember when these events begin to unfold.  It would seem to me that The Lord was conveying to me this morning that it will be clear to choose to decide whether the events are good for His people, good for the Church, and good for America or whether the events are bad.  This is the dividing line.  From God's perspective, the events  are for the good of His purposes.  I urge all to respond accordingly, and seek His guidance through The Holy Spirit into this next era.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

This morning, it occurred to me that we are seeing the same battle that we saw throughout the Old Testament.  That may sound okay because we struggle with the same nature.  However, within the Church this is completely unacceptable because of the cross.  Jesus died to change our relationshipm with God.  He gave us access through His death, resurrection, and ascension.  The Holy Spirit abides within us because of Jesus death on the cross.

In sharing the Gospel over the years, the Church has reduced it to a formula for eternal life while the fullness of the Gospel truly reveals to us the relationship with God that is available to us and that we are to be engaged in.

We have so lowered the destination of the journey that few even understand the purpose of man-every man and woman is to be in intimate relationship with our Creator-perfect relationship-complete oneness.

​This is why the Church must repent.  We must repent for minimizing the accomplishments of Jesus and packaging the Gospel into something that we can easily "sell."  Man was made for God.  The good news is that because of Jesus Christ and the cross, we can be intimate with Him., and He with us through His Spirit within us.  This is the Gospel that the Church must be presenting to the world.  It is the responsibility and purpose of the American Church  to be using all of her resources toward that end.

Think of it-The created ONE with his Creator.  This is the realm of The Holy spirit-it is The Kingdom of Heaven.

Sunday, December 8, 2019
Where and why has the Church gone so wrong? The question has plagued me throughout this journey. Perhaps the answer lies in the last verse of judges, which I just read today.   Judges 21:25 says, “in those days, Israel had no King; everyone did as he saw fit.” 

This seems true today, yet, we have a King.  We still see largely the same situation in America – both outside and inside the Church. The answer must be that we are not following our King. But, why?  Many in the church today may consider my answer to this question blasphemous. The answer:  because living according to the Bible alone is simply not enough. The Bible is not our King.  Jesus Christ is our King. We can certainly hear from Him through the Bible – which is His intent. But we can also read the Bible and not hear from Him. The difference?  The Holy Spirit. The realm that we must live in for Jesus to truly be our King is the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the kingdom implemented by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “He will testify of Me.”  John told us that Jesus is “The Word.”  He is the embodiment of the character, the attributes, and the righteousness of God, which Scripture explains in written form. If we dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven, The Spirit will teach us about Jesus, and form Him within us. He will use Scripture to do so-this is why He gave it to us. It is not the Living Word on its own.  It is the Holy Spirit that gives it life.

So what is the answer to the question about the Church? Sadly, many do not dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the realm of the Holy Spirit’s implementation of Jesus as King of our lives. The interesting thing is that the Lord warned us of this problem in His summary of perhaps His most prominent teaching.  In Matthew 7:13 Jesus says, “narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

As the enemy has done throughout human history, he has taken that which God has given us for our benefit, and through deception and our own human nature has used it to separate us from God. The Bible, without the Holy Spirit, is simply not enough.

As I finished judges, it occurred to me that in the mess of that era, they had the law. It was not enough.  Jesus told us that our righteousness is to exceed that of the teachers of the law. Because of the Cross, what we have that they didn’t is the Holy Spirit indwelling us. Without Him, the Bible is a book of the law. With Him, it becomes a Living Word that is used to point us toward a King that leads us, because we truly hear His voice, and we follow Him. We no longer do “as we see fit.”

The Lord told me in solitude that this is a very important focus issue for the Church. Without the Holy Spirit, it is impossible for man to focus properly.

He said, “while the Bible truly is the infallible Word of God, man’s interpretation of it is completely fallible.  In the Kingdom of Heaven, everything a person does is under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and it always testifies of Me.” 

Wednesday, July 29,2020-Posted July 31, 2020
This began to stir in me last night, and has just gotten stronger.  For the sake of clarity, I am going to state that which may be obvious.  What we are seeing in our society at this moment is the physical manifestation of a spiritual battle.  I believe the intensity is heightened because of the stage we find ourselves in relating to human history.  We are surely in the end times, approaching the end of this age.

The troubling thing that I see as the Lord is making  me aware relates to the spiritual battle.  He has been talking to me for some time about raising up an army.  This "Army of God" is to be the front-line against the enemy in this battle. However, today I wonder how many Christians even recognize  the battle.  In many cases, Christians have put their heads in the sand, and are trying to go about business as usual.  The truth is, the business we have been about is not the Lord's business, and it is time to abandon business as usual and engage in the battle that rages right before our eyes.  We must see the battle, understand the battle, and recognize that battle lines are clearly being drawn.

Obviously, we cannot understand this realm and what is going on without the leading of The Holy Spirit.  He brings us the clarity that we  need.  We must seek Him.  He fixes our eyes and trains our focus on our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Two things trouble me most as I look at the Church.  Most of those I see fall into one of two categories.  Unfortunately, many are simply on the wrong side (at least on many issues).  I won't discuss potential reasons today, but the list is long.

The other group is simply not engaged at all.  They don't recognize the battle, they ignore the battle, or they don't care about the battle.  This group may be more troubling than the previous group.  Jesus describes them as lukewarm.

In summary, every Christian must recognize the battle and choose a side.  Joshua said "choose for yourself this day whom you will serve."  True Christians will obviously choose the side that Jesus is leading.  However, don't take your own understanding of this for granted.  Without The Holy Spirit, we are led by man's wisdom, which is foolishness to God.  This is true no matter how sound the logic or how rational our decisions may seem.  It is definitely time to get on our knees, but for the sole purpose of seeking our Lord, His direction, and His will-not our own.

Sunday, April 12, 2020


It is time for Him to rise up in each and every one of His people.  Chambers wrote (April 7) "you should also (as the disciples were told) say nothing until The Son of Man has risen in you-until the life of the risen Christ so dominates you that you truly understand what He taught while here on earth."

I pray for this concept to permeate and grip His people.  Over the next four years an army of God will rise up to proclaim The Name of The Lord to the world.  Our Scripture:  John 12:32-"But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself."

A true and pure Christian life-a life in which Jesus Christ has risen to rule within-attracts the world.  This is the agenda for the Church in America over the next four years.  We must truly learn the meaning of seeking The Lord our God with all of our heart.

In the text of the scripture, the word "lifted" has double meaning, for it signifies either to lift up or to get out of the way (Geneva Study Bible).

  This seems to be appropriate for the Church at this time.

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Holy Spirit gave me something a couple of days ago that quite frankly I wanted to sit on for a couple of days before I posted.  Anytime I get something through revelation that I feel is questionable, I like t give it a little time for testing.  The Lord told me to post this, so any additional delay is probably just disobedience.

In essence, God has two people groups: (1) The Jewish people (the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), and (2) The Church (the people that have been grafted in to the Jewish people).  They each have their own land.  Israel is the land-the Promised Land-of the Jewish people (in part).  I believe the United States of America is the land of the Church.  

I believe this is of particular importance in the Church Age, and in the spiritual battle that is becoming more prominent in our physical world.  While Satan is the Prince of this world, God has set these two people groups apart, and has set aside for each a land that is prominent in His plans.  The Israelites had an assigned task (make God's name known to the nations).  The Church has an assigned task (take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and make disciples).  He assigned each a piece of land in order to accomplish the assigned task.  These two people groups are not separate as many would believe, but rather, one is an extension of the other based on understanding of the reality of The Messiah.  The extension (the Church) is to play a role in the redemption of the original people.

This relates to the spiritual battle in that the land assigned to the Church does not belong to Satan.  This is the spiritual battle that we see growing as he is trying to take the land, and quite frankly, the Church for many years has been allowing this to take place.  However, God will not allow this to happen during the Church Age, despite the apathy and conformity the Church exercises to allow open doors to Satan at virtually every turn.  The Army of God that is being birthed and united through this awakening that is just on the horizon will take this land back for Jesus Christ and rededicate America for the purpose of the Gospel.  This army can be referenced in Ezekiel as "dry bones."

The United States of America truly is the last bastion for Judeo-Christian values in the world.  It was, of course, always meant to be so.  It is also a nation established to protect Jewish people, which is why we see the growing two-front attack on the Jewish people (including the nation of Israel), and the Church (including the nation of America).  In reality, we are the same people-we are brothers and sisters.  For clarity, it must be noted that all Christians throughout the world are part of this battle.  It is not Americans that are God's people, but the Church.  The reality is that the American church is being ministered to and protected by the Church throughout the world.

I feel it is important that we understand the battle.  This nation has been given resources unlike any other nation on earth.  These resources have not been given for our comfort or our excess, but rather they have been given for the single purpose of taking the Gospel in all of its fullness to the ends of the earth.  The move of The Spirit that we await will begin with a united effort to accomplish this within our borders-a task that has been sorely neglected.  When I speak of the fullness of the Gospel, I mean discipleship as Jesus taught discipleship.  The suppressed and watered down gospel that has become the norm must be released into its fullness.  The USA is then to be a springboard for the Gospel to the world.  The importance of this message today is that I believe The Lord is assembling this army NOW.  We are to be preparing now, not waiting for The Spirit to move throughout this nation.  Everything He discusses with me and leads me to post is to that end.

We must understand that before we can have any impact on the spiritual battle, we must allow The Holy Spirit to have unhindered reign in our lives in the battle against our own nature.  We must cooperate with The Spirit toward the death of our flesh such that our Lord can use us as He wishes.  "The battle is mine," saithe The Lord.

Wake up His Church



Monday, November 9, 2020

Coupled with my post on November 5, The Lord told me later that He wants to fix this, but He wants the Glory.  It is important that we remember that God does not share His Glory.
Whether we understand it or not, everything we are seeing in our nation is about Jesus Christ, and involves His Church.  It is all part of a spiritual battle in which the enemy is trying to destroy His Church in this country, and The Lord's plans to reconcile His Church to Himself.  The Lord is clearly going about it His own way, and we must remember that "His ways are not our ways."
The other night something that has been troubling me for some time came very clear to me through The Spirit's revelation.  I am not troubled by the divide in this nation.  There has always been divide-not just in America but with mankind.  We can go all the way back to Cain and Abel.  However, what troubles me greatly is that the deep divide we have actually lands right within the Church-perhaps right in the middle.

As I have contemplated this over these past few days, I have been referred to several scriptures on children of darkness vs. children of light.  This seems to be the divide.  I am not addressing salvation-only The Lord knows that dividing line.  However, it is very frightening to consider.  Scripture is clear that children of the light walk in the light, and that light is the guiding of The Lord Himself through the indwelling reign of His Spirit within us.

I became more deeply troubled this morning when The Lord reminded me that very early on He told me, "My people's heart's are far from Me."  This statement may cause me even greater concern than the divide that we see.  It leads me to Scriptures we find in Revelation which always makes me think of Him "spewing them out of My mouth."  I simply urge every Christian on the planet to consider their relationship with Jesus-not casually, but giving deep consideration while asking The Lord to search your heart and shine His light upon you.  Nothing terrifies me more than the thought of perhaps millions of people thinking they have a relationship with Jesus, and finding out "on that day," that He does not know them.

Solitude-Wednesday, May 6, 2020

There is something very significant that we must understand regarding our nature.  There is nothing in our nature that is pleasing to God.  I don't believe most Christians understand and accept this.  The nature we receive from Adam is defiant toward God.  There is nothing in this nature that inclines to seek or follow Him.  Our nature is actually holding us in bondage.

This is why The Holy Spirit is so important in our relationship.  He teaches us to subdue our nature.  He forms a new nature in us through cooperation with Himself.  This is freedom (Gal. 5:1).

Chambers writes, "there is only one true liberty-the liberty of Jesus at work in our conscience enabling us to do what is right."   We must not even be bound to Scripture.  Scripture helps lead us to the One that Scripture reveals (John 5:39-40).

The Lord then talked to me about our will.  He said The Spirit of God never interferes with our will.  He does nothing to subdue our nature.  He simply gives us direction, and we must make a decision that we use our will to subdue our nature.  This is why it is so important that we set our hearts to seek God.  Eventually, The Spirit cleans up  our heart such that He can work within us subconsciously because we have established that it is our will to do God's will.

However, this will be periodically tested.  We will be put in situations through the engineering by God of our circumstances that we will need to prove our heart through the exercise of our will.  These are the "crossroads" that we must pass through on our journey.  (I often refer to these as crises of faith.)  It is through these moments that we prove our intentions, and give The Holy Spirit free reign (sovereignty) within us (if we choose wisely.)